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You only live once, so besh, say yes to adventures!


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About the Blog

Given this opportunity, Colleen’s Happy Socks serves as a bridge for promoting the wonders of this world. It aims to tap every single person viewing this site to get out of their comfort zone, and travel; to always say yes to adventures. We only have one life to live, might as well maximize it right? Let’s get started > >  G!

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She’s Colz Vidal –a girl who is deeply and madly in love with traveling and will constantly do everything for it.  Yes, she’s that girl who knows no limit; who believes that everything is possible- no matter the situation is. She’s a devotee for endless journeys and consumed by boundless wanderlust, who continuously craves to experience, explore and discover the sheer beauty of this ceaseless world.

Her tanned skin, dull hair, and scars are embraced by her reminders and stories from her delightful journeys. These stories are her source of enthusiasm to share her passion with you. Yes, she’s Colleen Vidal, and she can’t wait to show you her world, because she will always and forever have this and she wants you to have it too!

Yes to Adventures?”

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