Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Preserved Beauty

Experience the 18th century Philippines here in Las Casas!

Let your 1000php take you to the 18th century Philippines? Yes??? πŸ‚πŸŒΈ

Las Casas filipinas de Acuzar definitely is a place that will let you have a taste of our country’s past! It is an open air museum and a heritage site wherein different houses are structured and will definitely give you an authentic historical ambiance!

There are more or less 30 houses found inside the place. Some are replicas, some are painstakingly transferred from their original locations in different parts of the country and carefully reconstructed each brick, tile, window and door towards its former glory (how cool is that). Also, each house has its own unique story of love, lust, and murder during the cataclysmic periods in Philippine history.

Besides the historical houses, the heritage site also offers cultural elements in the place. Inside the most elegant casa, Hotel de Oriente (which is a replica of the oldest hotel in the Philippines that was destroyed during the war), you can find antique tools that were used during the old times. You can also experience wearing traditional costumes and is inclusive of a photographer already. Yun lang, we weren’t able to experience this Hotel de Oriente since the admission fee of this place is different from the basic admission fee of Las Casas. But we were able to peek inside the hotel, sobrang ganda like OA!!!!!!! Wood parquets, wood carvings, wood panelings, wood mosaics and other extraordinary interiors can be found inside, mesmerized at the grandest expression of Filipino craftsmanship. It was jaw-dropping.

Hotel de Oriente

Every corner is aesthetically beautiful!! It is totally a journey to our country’s history. Every step you make gives you a sense of pride for our country’s history, appreciating deeper of how Philippines was before. Nostalgic, romantic, and awe-inspiring.

Heritage Tour

One of the main activities in Las Casas is its Heritage tour. A 1 hour tour, that is led by a professional guide, around the heritage site giving you a glimpse of the way of life of the Filipinos during the Spanish period. I am not really that interested to history especially when I was a student, but this history tour is an exception. Every story, linked to each casa, is very interesting.

The tour guide will also show you some of the antique appliances and furniture used during the Spanish period such as a phonograph, sofa, electric fan, iron, vintage typewriter, radio, projector, etc.

Heritage Tour Schedule


Our tour guide dressed up with our traditional costume


  • Heritage Tour
  • Picture Taking
  • Ride a Balsa in the Umagol River
  • Swimming
    • Either in the beach or the pool, both are worth swimming for!!
    • Pool are exclusive only for overnight guests
  • Biking ( 150php /hour: WORTH IT actually)
  • Watch the sunset!!!!
  • Games (no admission fee || they have an entertainment facility where you can play games like billiards and darts)

How to go there?

  • From Cubao:
  1. Ride a Bus bound to Balanga City in either Bataan bus liner or Genesis liner (I recommend you to leave at 4am to avoid traffic + to maximize the place)
  2. Get off to Balanga Terminal and ride a mini bus to Bagac Town || 35php
  3. From Bagac Town, ride a tricycle to Las Casas
  • You can also join facebook events ranging from 1300-1500 ALL IN (just search Las Casas Bataan in the search bar, then click events)

Possible Expenses:

  • Food: 250 above
    • There are 2 restaurants available inside the resort. Yun lang, mejo pricey.
    • If gusto mo makatipid, you can have a heavy meal before going to the resort.
  • Admission fee: we recommend you to just avail the basic 1000 pesos entrance fee! Sulit na sya πŸ™‚
  • DISCOUNTED ENTRANCE FEE: from 1000 to a cheaper rate, contact Mary Franz de la Cruz (
  • Overnight rates depend on which room you want to avail: please do check out their website:Β



Planning to spend your night in this beauty? Sure! Here’s a gift from me to you! Book with us to avail huge discounts!! YEAY!




Mt Samat, Pilar, Bataan

If you have more time (which I am sure of), you can drop by this place to get to know more of our history.


This place has a huge part of our history, specifically the World War 2. The final days of the battle were held in this place when the defending Allied forces retreated into the mountain. The mountain has turned into a holocaust as several bombings were received. As our soldiers get really tired and sick, they eventually surrendered. That is why there is what you called in our history THE FALL OF BATAAN. Consequently, they were forced to march from Bagac Bataan to Capas Tarlac, where THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH was derived.

92ft memorial cross

After the war has ended, Dambana ng Kagitingan, a shrine, was erected on top of Mt Samat to commemorate our soldiers from the World War 2 who risked their lives and fought for us.

How to go there?

  • From Cubao:
  1. Ride a Bus bound to Balanga City in either Bataan bus liner or Genesis liner
  2. Get off to Balanga Terminal and ride a jeepney bound for Cabog-Cabog and go down at the intersection to Mount Samat at Diwa, Pilar, Bataan.
  3. From there, you may opt to hike or hire a tricycle for a fee of 100pesos


  • Entrance fee: 30 pesos | less student/senior citizen discount
  • Elevator fee (if you want to go up the memorial cross for the museum viewing): 10 pesos

  • 5:30AM: ETD to Bataan (via car)
  • 8:30-10:30AM: Sidetrip to Mt. Samat
  • 11AM: Lunch
  • 12:30PM: Arrival in Las Casas
  • 1:00-2:30PM: Start of Heritage Tour
  • 2:30-6:00PM: Free Time || Explore explore bes
  • 6:00PM: ETD back to Manila

Hope this post inspires you to visit these places! For questions/inquiries, you can leave a comment down below! πŸ’‹

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43 thoughts on “Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Preserved Beauty

  1. Hi Ms. Colleen! Questions lang po πŸ™‚
    What are the inclusions of the basic 1000 entrance fee? Is it inclusive of the tour guide? You also mentioned pools are exclusive for overnight stays, what about the beach po?

    I am following your travel blogs, I love your photos ❀ looking forward to see more of your travel stories! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Colleen! Paano pag pauwi na ng Cubao? Anong sasakyan? Thanks. May malapit ba na terminal ng bus sa La Casas? Hehe sana next time, you’ll include din yung means of transpo pag pauwi na. So we’ll have idea kung paano ang pauwi. Thank you so much. This is indeed very informative!! God bless.


  3. Pak na pak talaga yung door na may mga halaman sa wall. Napaka instagrammable! Matagalko na gusto pumunta sa Las Casas kaso natatakot ako na baka wala masakyan pabalik manila kung day tour lang. Pag napunta ako jan, magkakamiseta de chino talaga ako para feel na feel! lol


  4. Just found your blog and I love your posts. I’m an architecture student and I also blog. I would really love to go to La Casas since I currently found out about it from a conference and not knowing how to get there, this post is really helpful. Hopefully I get to visit this place soon. kudos to you and your blog! πŸ™‚


  5. This is so great and informative! πŸ’›πŸ’›Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ Just wanna ask kung weekdays kayo pumunta? or weekends? πŸ˜€


      1. Oh I see, thank youuuu!!! Finally, we’ll go there on Sunday 😊 Your blog is really a great help. Keep inspiring people ❀


  6. I love it! I’ve been wanting to go here but I didn’t know how I’d make it work exactly. Super informative post! I’ll make sure to take note for when I go there! Thanks for this, Colleen!


  7. Hi Colleen! Just started following your blog after reading your blog posts! Keep posting! β™₯ More travel reviews to come please! πŸ™‚


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