Pinto Art Museum: Art at its finest

Bet your 100- 200 pesos for this beauty!

Another instagramable place you can visit near Manila! 🌸 Well it isn’t just picture-worthy but appreciation-worthy as well, as the place is really rich in Art and Culture. Take a lookieee ~

Pinto ArtΒ MuseumΒ is a museum that assembles over 300 modern artworks such as paintings, sculptures, art installations all made by Filipino artists. Truly a showcase of Filipino artistic talent!Β Pinto, which means door in English, serves as a doorway leading to modern and contemporary art.

The place features rugged, Greece-like structures which compliments the refreshing look of the garden surroundings. Definitely a relaxing place to be!

Meditation garden

Entering the museum is like entering into a different world. The serene and astonishing surroundings together with the music continually playing just automatically relax you and comfort you! You just don’t want to leave that place ever.

The Galleries

There are a number of galleries located inside the museum, and each gallery has its own unique aura which motivates you to explore more. These galleries showcase Filipino made artworks, depicting different interesting stories.

The Artworks

These artworks truly is a showcase of our own Kababayan’s talent! They are not just artworks but stories of their (our) lives. Ahhhh, so much pride for our countrymen!

Get inkedΒ by Whang Od’s Descendant:

Yes, you read it right! You don’t have to go far to Kalinga to get inked by Whang Od since her descendant now is situated in Pinto Art and is offering the same tattoo service (mambabatok way) Whang Od is doing. Tattoo fee depends on the design you want to avail; minimum fee is 600 pesos!

Entrance Fee:

100 pesos- student rate (bring ID ha)
200 pesos- regular rate

How to get there?

  • From LRT Santolan station
    -ride a jeep bound to Antipolo Shopwise (23pesos)
    -drop off Antipolo Shopwise
    -from there, ride a tricycle going to Pinto Art (40 pesos/trike)
  • From Cubao
    -ride a jeep bound to Antipolo Shopwise (30pesos)
    -drop off Antipolo Shopwise
    -from there, ride a tricycle going to Pinto Art (40 pesos/trike)

Total Transportation expense: 50 pesos max (if tricycle rate is shared by 2); one way


  • Art Appreciation
  • Picture Taking (every corner is worth photo taking bes)
  • Chill (the place is perfectly relaxing. Sarap makipagdate CHOS)
  • Get a tattoo from the famous Whang Od’s apo (mambabatok way)


  • Address: 1 Sierra Madre St.,, Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal
  • Hours & Days open: 9am-6pm | Tuesdays- Sundays
  • Phone: (02) 697 1015

Side trip:

-if you have time, you can visit these nearby places after your tour in Pinto Art || just take a tricycle goingΒ to these places:

  • Antipolo Church
  • Hinulugang Taktak (no entrance fee)

That’s it! Hope you enjoy the place more than we did! Chao!

44 thoughts on “Pinto Art Museum: Art at its finest

  1. Hi ate!! Im a fan sa mga photos and mga adventures mo ☺Im just curious, nag byahe po ba kayo na ganyan ang ootd or dala nyo yan then change outfit for magandang shoot? Hihi (seems a weird q)


    1. Oh malapit langkasi house namin diyan girl kaya nakaootd nako ng bongga πŸ˜‚ You can commute naman kahit naka maxi skirt. Hihi! Btw you cant change clothes inside the museum :3


    1. Hello! Im really sorry for the late reply 😦 There is actually a cafe inside the place but its a bit pricey. There are also a lot of restaurants in Antipolo Town Proper, which is reachable by trcicyle from Pinto Art! 😊


  2. Gahd I miss Pinto! I was on a date during my first time here. Nalowbat camera ko sa dami ng pedengkunan at ang hirap iblog kasi mamimili ka lang ng shots na maganda kaso andami, Shemay! The best pArt of Pinto (for me ha, baka mabash ako lol) is yung bed sa garden.. White sheets at trees around! Perfection!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes pwede po! Actually its a great place to have a prenup shoot! Here are the rates I researched:

      Photo Shoot Rates:
      Php 7,500: Upper garden, lower garden and Indigenous Art Museum
      Php 15,000: Upper garden, lower garden, Indigenous Art Museum and the new museum wing door

      Inclusive of:
      -5 hours shoot (Php 750 per hour in excess)
      -5 pax (Php 300 per head in excess)
      -Non-airconditioned room for preps (Additional Php 500 for 5 hours for air-conditioned rooms, plus Php 100 per hour in excess)


  3. Ang gaganda po ng shots balak ko din po puntahan lahat ng napuntahan mo. BTW ano po pla gamit nyong camera? at yung filter po sa mga photos po? 😊


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