Bolinao Travel Guide: A 1400 PHP Itinerary

Your perfect weekend getaway!! Pack your bags at gumora na bes!

Itching for a new adventure and yet you don’t know which place to go? Well, let me solve that problem!

Suggesting this hidden jewel in the north, Bolinao! Aside from the fact that it is really easy to commute to this place, it’s also not that sikat so there’s a higher possibility that you can own the place by yourself! Kaya ano na bes, go discover this unspoiled beauty before everyone does!

TARA!! Here’s a budget friendly travel guide made just for you 

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What to expect?

Bolinao is a hidden gem located in the northernmost tip of western Pangasinan. It features astonishing lighthouse, serene white sand beaches, jaw dropping sunsets and magical caves -perfect for your weekend getaway!

How to get there?
(Via commute)

There are several bus terminals you can choose from that are bound to Bolinao, Pangasinan. You can contact them beforehand for their schedules of their trip. Looky ~

Victory Liner, Cubao Q.C
Phone #: (02) 727-4534, 727-4688, 410-8986

FiveStar Bus Line Pasay City
Phone #: (02) 851-6613, 851-6614, 851-6659, 833-4772

Dagupan Bus Line, Cubao Q.C
Phone#: (02) 727-2330

  • Bus Fare: 450-460PHP: aircon bus | 300-350PHP: non aircon bus ( you can use your student discount if you wany for a 20% off fare: 375PHP )
  • Travel time: 5-6 Hours (Check Itirenary on the bottom part of this post)

Once you arrive in Bolinao, you can already hire a tricycle driver (see details below) or walk to Adora’s Restaurant to have your breakfast muna! It’s a 24 hours restaurant so dont worry its open!

How to tour around Bolinao?

Like ive said in the previous paragraph, you can hire a tricycle for your one whole day tour in Bolinao!


Just approach any tricycle driver you can see in your sight and tell them that you want to tour around Bolinao!

  • Tour fee: 800-1000PHP/ trike good for 5PAX already | includes transportation only (excludes entrance fees) |

We got Kuya Bert as our kuya tricycle tour guide driver! He’s really nice and helpful! He’s so maalaga as if he treats us as his own children!

Kuya Tricycle Tour Guide (Bert): 09480653615

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There are two options that you can do after your tour.

  • Option 1: End of Bolinao Tour, Go Home
  • Option 2: Spend the night in Bolinao and transfer to Hundred Islands the next day

So, if you’re planning to spend your night in Bolinao, there are several resorts available just along Patar Beach (if you want a beach vibe of a night), you can just ask your tricycle driver about this!

As for us, we stayed in Kuya Benjie’s Cottages!


  • 800 pesos per cottage, which can already accomodate 5 persons.
    • Includes:
      • Electricity
      • Mattress
      • No aircons tho. But the fresh air from the sea is already enough to keep you cool over the night.
  • 500 pesos per tent which can accomodate 4 persons. Perfect for those who wants a camping vibe!

Contact number: Benjie’s Kubo (Accomodation): 09108366257 / 09213393975

More chioces of accommodations?

Discounted Accommodations in Bolinao

Book with them to get discounts!!

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What to see/do in Bolinao?

1. St James Church

Also called Bolinao church, this church was built during the 15th century using pulverized coral stones and held together by egg yolks! How cool is that!

(c) wikipedia

2. Balingasay River

This river is known as one of the cleanest river in the Philippines, and if kuya tour guide is not mistaken, cleanest in Luzon!

I heard that you can cruise around this river. Just ask your tourguide for details! 😊

3. Rock View Formation

The gorgeous view extends to about 20 kilometers of rocky formations. You can also witness a paronamic view of the West Philippine Sea!

  • Entrance fee: 70 pesos

4. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao, according to our tour guide, is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines, as it is about 100 feet high. This lighthouse is used to guide seafarers to signal that they already passed Pangasinan peninsula.

Unlike before, the lighthouse can’t be entered already. However you still can get a great view of the South China Sea from this place!

  • Entrance fee: none

5. Enchanted Cave

6. Cindy’s Cave

7. Wonderful Cave

We haven’t visited this place since unfortunately there were no electricity that time so the places were not operational 😦 But I heard enchanted cave is the best among the three!

  • Entrance fee for Enchanted Cave: 150php (50 pesos refundable of you’re not going to swim)

Tip: Don’t visit all these 3 caves. You can opt to visit just one of the three.

7. Bolinao Falls 1

For thrill seekers, this place is a must visit for you guys! It offers a 30feet cliff jump from above the falls! How cool is that! You can also go near to the falls and have a back massage. Make sure you know how to swim since the water is deep. However life jackets / salbabidas can be rented for 50 pesos!

  • Entrance fee: 50PHP
  • Life vest rental: 50PHP

8. Bolinao Falls 2

If your nerves wont let you jump on a 30ft falls, you can opt to try this mini cliff jump in the second falls! Please do try at least once to maximize your experience in Bolinao!! It ain’t that scary naman!

This place is also a perfect place to chill and just relax as cottages are offered with the falls as your view.

  • Entrance fee: 50PHP
  • Cottage fee: 80PHP (i think) | to be shares by your group
  • Life vest rental: 50PHP

9. Tara Falls

There is another falls that you can visit just near the 2 falls mentioned above. But we opt to skip this since we want more time in Patar Beach instead.

  • Entrance fee: 50PHP


10: Patar Beach

(specifically in Benjie’s Kubo, our accomodation for the night)

The best destination we visited in Bolinao (personally!) Blessed with its ravishing golden sand, and its crystal clear water, with a breathtaking view of the West Philippine Sea, Patar Beach definitely is one unique destination you should visit!

If you want stay overnight in Bolinao, make sure to catch the its majestic sunset!!

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  • 1:00am: ETD to Bolinao
  • 6:00am: ETA Bolinao Town Proper
  • 6:00-7:ooam: Breakfast at Adora’s (walking distance from Bus terminal)
  • 7:00am -5:00pm: Bolinao Tour (by order)
    • St James Church
    • Rock view Formation
    • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
    • Enchanted Cave / Cindy’s Cave / Wonderful Cave (skipped)
    • Bolinao Falls 1
    • Bolinao Falls 2
    • Tara Falls (skipped)
  • 5:00pm: ETA Patar Beach
  • Waited for the sunset. You can either go home after this, or spend your night in Patar Beach


  • Transportation: 375PHP one way = 750PHP two way
  • Entrance fee: 320PHP
  • Tour guide fee: 800PHP / 5 pax = 160PHP
  • Accommodation:  800PHP/ 5pax= 160PHP
    • TOTAL: 1390PHP or less


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After our Bolinao tour, what now?

  • Go back to Manila
  • Proceed to Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan

Well what we did is we proceed to Hundred Islands the day after! To know more about our Hundred Islands tour, here: Hundred Islands getaway: check 100 Islands in your Island Bucket list

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For questions and inquiries, please leave a comment below! ❤

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25 thoughts on “Bolinao Travel Guide: A 1400 PHP Itinerary

  1. hi ms colleen thank you sa information.. regrding bolinao…just wanna ask if kua bert the tour guide is really nice.


  2. Hi Colleen, I just saw your blog site and I love it already♥♥♥ I just wanna ask if lahat ng places na toh napuntahan nyo in just one day? Thank you.


  3. hi colleen, thank you for a very informative blog about your travel, question lang sana regarding all the activities, isang araw lang ba to since you mentioned the next day you went to hundred islands?

    Yung blog mo po ba about hundred islands isang araw lang din un lahat? salamat in advance


  4. Hi, ask ko lang yung dun sa patar beach, kung hindi na magrerent ng cottage or tent, may iba pa bang babayaran? Or pwede na magtayo ng sariling tent malapit sa beach? Tska wala po bang jeep na pwedeng sakyan papunta sa destinations, need talaga ng tric? Hehe. Sorry daming tanong. Salamat.


    1. Hi Caszie!! ❣ Yep Patar Beach is a public beach so of ever wala kayong iavail na cortage/tent, no need to pay for anything. You can pitch your own tents as well!

      Im not sure of jeeps, usually tricycle kasi bnakikita ko 😊


  5. Wow! Very adventurous I wish I had a friend like you, You were so amazing ate colleen!! So much love for your blogs! Godbless po thank you for sharing your travel experience ❤️


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