Hundred Islands Travel Guide

Check off 124 islands on your 7107 island bucket list in just one day!

Philippines consists of incredibly 7107 islands, and if you ever wonder, why don’t you tick off a hundred of them on the list? Is that even possible?!

Well, let me tell you this:

You can actually tour around these islands in just 8 hours, for just 1500 pesos (fee shared by your group)! Why don’t you level up your beach trip to going on an island hopping adventure in Hundred Islands?!


Located in the city of Alaminos, in the province of Pangasinan is a protected national park, around 16.76 square kilometers, called Hundred Islands. This park consists of 124 islands during low tide, and 123 during high tide. (Woaw!) The main islands were Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Children’s Island and Marcos Island. There are also islands who have unique names and/or structures like the Devil’s Island, Virgin Island, the Turtle Island, and the Crocodile Island.


The whole tour was really amazing. The feel of the warm sun + the smell of the fresh air + the island hopping experience +the breathtaking view of the islands of Alaminos, I would never ask for more!! Everything was really perfect.

Yes to Hundred Islands? Definitely!

Here’s another Travel Guide for you guys!


Hundred Islands National Park offers a lot of activities including island hopping, and other water activities. So get your swimsuits prepared and be ready to explore A LOT of islands.


From Manila:

  1. There are several bus terminals you can choose from that are bound to Alaminos, Pangasinan.
  • From Cubao: ride a Victory Liner bus
  • From Pasay: ride a Five Star bus
    • Bus Fare: Around 400 pesos
    • Travel time: 5-6 hours

2. Once you arrive in Alaminos City, ride a tricycle going to Lucaf Wharf

  • Fare: 60 pesos / tricycle
  • Travel time: 5 minutes

3. From Lucaf Wharf, walk going to the tourism office

From Bolinao:
If you had a 2D 1N tour in Pangasinan, and your coming from Bolinao, you can:

  1. Ride a Tricycle going to the terminal
    • Fare: 250php/ 4 pax
    • Travel time: 30 minutes
  2. Ride a bus / fx going to Alaminos
    • Fare: 45-50php)
    • Travel time: 45 mnts
  3. Once you arrive in Alaminos City, ride a tricycle going to Lucaf Wharf
  4. From Lucaf Wharf, walk going to the tourism office

See: Travel Guide to Bolinao, Pangasinan


Well as for us, we didn’t spent the night in Hundred Islands. But if you opt to rent an accommodation overnight after your tiring but fun activity, here are some options I got:

Discounted Accommodations in Alaminos

Book with them to get discounts! Yep, booking beforehand is better than doing a walk in!

How to tour around Hundred Islands?

Easy! Just proceed to the tourism office in Lucaf Wharf, and they will provide you the details you need.

Hundred Islands National Park offers a lot of fun activities, and here are some of it:

  1. Island hopping (1400/ boat)
    • 5 pax per boat
    • Includes:
      • Tour Guide fee
      • Swimming
      • Cliff Jumping
  2. Hike to the peak of Governor’s Island
  3. Snorkeling (250 /rent of gear)
  4. Kayaking (250/2 pax)
  5. Helmet Diving (400/pax)
  6. Banana Boat (250/pax)
  7. Zipline
    • 500+ meters: 250PHP
    • 200+ meters: 100PHP
  8. Rappelling (50/pax)
  9. Wall Climbing (50/pax)

and a lot more!!

Photos of the Activities:

Island Hopping
Cliff Jumping
Helmet Diving

A peek of the Main Islands

1. Governor’s Island

From this island, you can be able to witness a 360 view of the Hundred Islands. You just have to hike for around 5-10 minutes. Its quite easy since you are just going up the stairs, but tiring since the stairs are so elevated.

There is also a small cave in the island. Nothing special though. Just a have a photo of it and you’re good to go!

Also, there is a bridge that connects Governor’s Island to the nearby island. And guess what? It’s floating!!!! Looky ~

This is also the place where you can go helmet diving nearby! AHHHHH THE EXPERIENCE IS ABSOLUTELY ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Imagine a person who definitely don’t know how to swim, and yet has already experienced the underworld, wherein she get to bond with the fishes- get to hold and feed them! So surreal! A must try!!!

2. Quezon Island

This is the place where you can go snorkeling, where you can view giant clams and colorful corals served as homes to various cutie patootie fishes!

Just pray that the weather will cooperate and not rain. Since it rained earlier when we went there, the water were not very clear, which unable you to maximize the activity.

3. Marcos Island

Love this island!! Well because it is a place were you can cliff jump inside a cave called, Imelda Cave. I love cliff jumping!! No worries, its actually just a mini jump, so you better try it out!

4. Children’s Island

Literally an island perfect for kids!(Too bad we weren’t able to visit it since we were caught up swimming and cliff jumping hahaha!)


Their bite-sized longganisa sausages poked with just toothpick! Such a cutie!

So basically, that’s it! Hope this guide helps you like oa! So get your bags packed and go visit this place!!! You only live once, so maximize it!

Xoxo, Colololz

30 thoughts on “Hundred Islands Travel Guide

  1. Hello! 2D and 1 Night kasi kami. Pano po yung itenirary niyo nung Hundred Island? Saan niyo po iniwan yung gamit niyo? 🙂 Salamat!


  2. Hi anong oras kayo nag start mag tour? and what time po natapos? sa pag rent po ng boat is that for whole day n po b?


  3. Hello po Ms. Coleen I like ur blog ! Napa ka detail sana makapunta po kami sa mga napuntahan nyo po. Gbu and more travel ^^


  4. Hello, just want to ask if you know how much would be the estimated budget for Bolinao+Hundred Island if we are only 2 travelling. 😊
    Btw, thank you for sharing your travel. 😊 keep it up.


  5. whats the best for you? bolinao or hundred islands? i just wanna coz kasi plan din namin pumunta dyan kaso limited lang ung time. but after your tour in this 2 mga what time kayo naka uwi ng manila? tnx


  6. Hi! Diba galing po kayo ng Bolinao? Anong oras po kayo umalis ng bolinao? Anong oras po nag umpisa at natapos yung day tour niyo sa hundred islands? 🙂 Thank you! 💖😚

    (btw i love your blogs po) 😫😱💖


    1. Hi Patricia! Kinabukasan kami umalis. We actually left the place a bit late. mga 10am. I suggest you leave the place around mga 8am 🙂 Para mamaximize ang hundred islands 🙂


      1. Paano kapag magpapalit na ng damit or maliligo kapag tapos na yung hundred island tour? Saan po? 🙂 Meron po ba mga private bathrooms or kahit na palitan ng mga damit sa mga island na pinuntahan niyo?


  7. Grabe, Rainy season na pero summer-ish pa din body mo teh! The Island hopping seems fun pero di talaga ako beach person. I guess dun sa loob ng Imelda cave pwede pa while wearing stilletos! LOLS!


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