Volunteer and Build a House in Gawad Kalinga

A Home is more than just four walls and a roof. It is more than just a place where you sleep every night, a place where you spend your day watching TV, a place where you cook your dishes and eat afterwards, etc. It is more than just a place where you reside. Yes, “Home is where your heart is”. It is where you build your precious memories and experience that helped you to be who you are right now. It serves as your solid rock foundation of your perspectives in life. It is where hope can be built, security can be established and memories can be made.

Now, imagine the people living in an unstable house, where there is no proper roof, and /or the walls are not well built and secure. How will their life be? This is actually the reality of most communities here in the Philippines.

Thankfully, we have Gawad Kalinga who aims to help communities by providing houses and making their lives better.

To know more about Gawad Kalinga, check out their website: GAWAD KALINGA WEBSITE

They actually are accepting volunteers. So why not? As impossible it may seem, I believe that we, as we help each other, are the key to fighting poverty in our country. If we could just have the heart, hope and faith as we work together, there is no doubt, our goal can be achieved. Kaya ano, G?

Click HERE to Volunteer.

Our Experience

I, together with some of the international travel bloggers, have decided to choose Gawad Kalinga-House Build as part of our Pre-bex tour in TBEX. We had no idea what to expect, but we feel a bit excited already.

We were greeted first by the people working in GK, and they were so welcoming and friendly! They gave us a free shirt, a free waist bag, a pair of gloves and an ID. Bongga!

First agenda for the activity is touring around the community. We were given the chance to explore some parts of the community and made us observe the underdeveloped houses around the place, which made us want to start building houses already!

Once the tour is done, we were asked to start our job: to build houses. We were given the task of digging using the shovel.

The task may seem easy, but no way! You have to have the strength from your arms, legs and hips!! And for our part, it was more challenging since the soil we were digging was mud! So we were having a hard time to dig, and the mud was really heavy! There was actually a time where we stopped using the shovel, and just dig the mud using our hands! It was fun (and messy!!)

It was one heck of an experience! It was really tiring but fulfilling at the end of the day. It just feels so good that you know you contributed something, even just a small part, for the community. Moreover, this experience is an eye-opener for us. It reminded us how blessed we are having a secured home, and a happy community. It also challenged us to reach out to the communities who needs help and offer our services to improve their lives.

Why don’t you try it too?

Now that it’s almost Christmas time, don’t you want to share your blessings by volunteering and offering your service on building their homes?

If yes, visit Gawad Kalinga, and register!

5 thoughts on “Volunteer and Build a House in Gawad Kalinga

  1. Hi Colleen, it’s fantastic that you volunteered for this tour. You’re right, sometimes we take things for granted but in actual fact, we should be more grateful for what we have, and help others who are scraping by with very little. Great post, thanks for sharing!


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