The Circle Hostel, Zambales: So Backpacker-Charming!

Embrace the backpacker-charming life!


Sorry for bursting out. I just can’t contain my feelings on how I really love the place!!! Wait, I know you’ll love it too! Look ~

Diba?! I know most of you are getting thrilled already. So far, this has been the best accommodation I experienced in my travel life. Everything in here is so artsy! I am overpowered by the feeling of wanting to stay here in this place forever!

Welcome to The Circle Hostel, Zambales!

To get huge discount, book your stay H E R E!

With their tagline, #ThereAreNoStrangers, The Circle Hostel is perfect for your weekend filled with art and nature ++ new found friends! Evidently,  this place is a haven perfect for the artsy and adventurous ones- those who prefer to mingle with new people, befriend with the locals and travelers, discover and learn new things , making your circle bigger and more fun -behind the artsy walls of this hostel.

As for us, we did met a few travelers/ backpackers. They shared their stories being backpackers, their experiences on traveling in the Philippines, their struggles and/or achievements, etc. I really learned a lot from them and of course, challenged me to travel and seek new adventures more.


See! Their accommodation is not the usual type of lodging. It’s so unique that I can’t help it but be awed!


I suggest you take the cheapest option: the hammocks!! Level up your camping experience it try something new. Its more adventurous and special – that you just have to experience in your travel life. Kakaibabe!!

Bunk Beds

If you’re not that type of an adventurous soul, you can opt to try their bunk beds which are also unique since you get to share the whole room with your fellow travelers/ backpackers. They have 50 dorm style bunk beds (44 co-ed and 6 in an all-female bunk house).Super saya since you can still chitchat with your newly found friend over the night.


  • Cozy common areas
  • Chill vibe
  • Comfy Hammocks
  • Banana and Bread Breakfast
  • Friendly staff
  • Board Racks
  • Homey Tents

Common Area

This part is what I love the most in this place! AHHHHHHHH!! I’m having sepanx (separation anxiety) to the place while writing this blog!!

Okay, so this area is perfect for the mingling and get-to know-new-friends activity! Its a huge space where a lot of get together can happen! There are actually cozy bean bags and pillows, a hammock, and a duyan that is placed in the area – perfect for just lying down and chilling out, having conversations with the others. There are also board games and musical instruments that are available for use apt for your bonding with your new friends! If you prefer to just be alone, there are also books available for use for your alone time. But dude, mingle nalang kasi!

Cutie Patootie Ukelele
Board Games + Sunka


One thing that’s great about this place is that the beach is super near- just 2-3mnts walk!

You can go their anytime you want. You can try a lot of water activities in their beach. The most common activity is their surfing.

1) Chill

The beach has a perfectly laid back at atmosphere which is ideal for relaxing and chilling.

2) Surfing

LiwLiwa Zambales is known as one of the perfect surfing spots in the Philippines. The waves are just the best! Our experience was super fun and quite challenging since for a beginner like me, the waves are real hard. But don’t worry, LiwLiwa has surfing instructors that can take care of you. In no time, you can be able to surf freely already.


3) Skim Boarding

We tried this!! And it was hard, to be honest. But of course fun, especially when you tend to slide down and laugh your ass off! The rental of boards were I think at 200 pesos per hour. But for us, the Circle Hostel were so kind to offer the board for us for free!! Yeay!

Rate: 200PHP rental of board

4) Aestas Tours

I really find this really unique, since you get to be immersed with the locals, learning their way of living. Below are the details:

  • Rate: 1400-1500PHP
  • More details:

5) Waterfalls

20 minutes away from the hostel.

  • Expenses:
    • Tricycle Rate: 100PHP
    • Guide fee: 100PHP/PAX

6) Island Hopping

7) Mountain Climbing

^ Due to lack of time, since we have to go home by morning, we weren’t able to experience this. Will come back soon, definitely!


There are a lot of mini restaurants near Circle Hostel. There is one in the front and several on its sides. For us, we chose Mommy Phoebe’s Place I highly recommend their restaurant, since their food is the bomb!!! It was SO delicious, believe me! The moment I tasted their tapa (80PHP), I cant help myself but to close my eyes and savor the taste!! (Promise di ako oa hahaha)


How to get there?

  • Option 1:
    • From Pasay / Cubao
      • In Victory Line Terminal, ride a bus bound to Iba, Zambales
        • 325 PHP -regular || 260PHP -student
        • 4-5 hours travel time
      • Drop off San Felipe
      • From there, take a tricycle to The Circle Hostel
        • 30 PHP
        • 10 minutes travel time
  • Option 2:
    • From Cubao/ Pasay/ Dau Pampanga
      • In Victory Line Terminal, ride a bus bound to Olongapo
        • 218 PHP- regular || 175 PHP -students
        • 3-4 hours travel time
      • Drop off Olongapo station (last drop off point)
      • Transfer bus bound to Iba, Zambales
        • 80 PHP- regular || 64 PHP- student
        • 1 hour travel time
      • Drop off San Felipe
      • From there, take a tricycle to The Circle Hostel
        • 30PHP
        • 10 minutes travel time

Upon going home to Manila, you can check out the bus schedules here:


Website: The Circle Hostel – Available in Zambales, La Union & Baler

Because I love you, here’s a discount from us: BOOK H E R E!!


And oh, before you go home, don’t forget to leave your mark. You can paint around the place whatever art you like. They have paint and brushes available, just ask them.

Yeay that’s it! Remember #NoToStrangers, so make sure to smile and say hi to the other travel-minded people in the area. Walang mawawala sayo okay? BE FRIENDLY!

❤️ Credits to @handmadesbynina (ig) for my bikini ✨👙
Xoxo, Colololz


65 thoughts on “The Circle Hostel, Zambales: So Backpacker-Charming!

  1. Thank you so much!!! Galing ako dyan just this weekend and i really did enjoyed it. I’ll be back there again next month.
    Keep on posting yun mga ganito! I hope maka daan kayo mg Baler kasi i was planning to there next year.
    Again maraming salamat nag enjoy ako sa bday ko 🙂


      1. Last na talaga. Haha. Nagbus lang po ba kayo? What time po last trip ng bus and earlier trip? Thanks for the reply! Really love your blog!! 😍💘


  2. hi..colololz.ang astig ng mga travel mo! more power! any way…. baka sa liwa ako mag celeb ng b-day ko sa dec. kasama mga aetas.oks lang ba mag walk in sa circle?hindi kasi ako sanay sa mga booking eh.hehehe tnx.


    1. Hello, awww thanks po!! ❤ Yes gooo, worth it ang pagspend mo ng birthday mo don. The place was so much fun!! Hmmm, I recommend na magbook palang kayo NOW na, since I had a talk to the owner and bookings are massive these days. So be safe bb :*


  3. Hi I am planning to go here by Friday to Sunday and I notice there is no information on the island hoping any ides if how much is the cost? The water falls activity any ideas of the ways to get there and any guide fees? Also regarding the surfing is the surfing instructor fee per hour? I just want to clarify this information so that I can be prepared this coming weekend.

    Thank you for sharing your blog ♥ I am loving it ♪ ♥ ☺


    1. HELLO!! 🙂 Oh sorry for not mentioning! For the waterfalls activity, tricycle rate is at 100PHP and the guide fee is at 100PHP/pax -yan lang yung expense. And for the island hopping, im so sorry we failed to inquire the rates about that 😦


  4. Hi. You caught my eyes for your appealing pictures and scenery. My weekdays buddies having plan to go there. Is it possible if we can carry our own.tent without any charges,? And in overall expenses how much would it be? Thanks


  5. Hi po! So loveee your pictures. How about your things, where did you put it? Dont they have any locker given na public sya? And its a white beaaach right? Thank you!! 🙂


  6. You’re blog entry is lovely. I really want to go on this trip. Is it necessary to book or do they accommodate walk-ins? 🙂 Thank you.


  7. Hi.aside sa circle hostle may iba pa bang pedeng mtulugan if ever na pumnta kme ng puno na..balak kasi namin this weekend kso baka madaming tao.


  8. Ill put this on the list. Grabe. Sobrang thankful ko sayo. Tried pandin lake two weeks ago then this weekend yung bukal. I’m putting this on 1st week of Nov. Yung kahit d n ako magsearch dahil kumpleto na sa blog mo and I trust you kasi nga nagamit ko n ung isa mong travel guide. More poweeeeer. 🙂


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