Scuba Diving in Ligpo Island, Bauan Batangas

You have to check out this item in your bucket list… NOW! Easy-weezy lang to!

Ever since I started traveling, Scuba Diving has always been part of my bucket list. I’ve been dreaming to experience this activity for years already. However, my fearful soul won’t let me try it. Well it’s because I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO SWIM. I enrolled to several swimming lessons though, but lol I still can’t swim on waters.

So yeah, I was afraid to go deep under the sea.

THANKFULLY (caps lock para intense), there’s this group on facebook who offers intro dive to everyone, including those who 101% can’t swim.

Check out Scuba Buddies PH, my scuba diving-life saver!!

Having discovered this group, I immediately signed up! Of course my fearful soul is still there trying to hold me back. But I still fight against that feeling and took the risk. You only live once, so better not waste it!

Everything was just worth it. That moment was perfectly amazing. It was just as if I am totally in a different world. I was so adrift that all I can think about is the aesthetic view on each corner. It was so beautiful!! There were a number of diverse fishes of all sizes and colors. There were vibrant and colorful corals! I feel like I’m in the movie Nemo. Ah, everything was just incredible.

Lookie ~

Is it hard?

Nah! It was actually easy which I never expected. All you have to do is to breath using your mouth-properly. Then, that’s it! The rest will be taken care of your personal Master scuba diver. It also doesn’t require swimming skills since the master scuba diver will swim for you! Oh dibaaaaa sobrang dali pramis!!


  • 2500PHP- Early booking (one week before the activity)
  • 3000PHP- Late booking
  •  Package includes:
    • Transportation (from Manila to Batangas to Manila)
    • Resort entrance
    • Complete scuba gears
    • Dive master fee
    • Lunch
    • Certificate!
    • Sidetrip to Dambana ng Pagkabuhay, Taal Basilica and Ancestral Houses



  • Facebook Page: Scuba Buddies PH
  • Contact: 09366771186
  • Resort place: Seasports Park and Dive Resort, San Luis, Batangas


  • Don’t Panic. Just relax because it is 101% safe!
  • Bring the following:
    • Plastic bag or containers where you can put your trashes found underwater
    • Sunblock lotion
    • Clothes good for 1 day
    • Rashguard/Drifit (if there’s one, t-shirt would do) and for under garments; trunks/boardshorts for the boys and leggings for the girls.
    • Personal hygiene
    • Extra snacks
    • Extra money
    • Underwater camera (they have one din!)
    • Snorkeling gears (if you plan to snorkel after the activity)


The resort:

After your scuba diving activity, you can just chill in the resort and enjoy the view!

Side trip:

..but wait there’s more!

Aside from having an awesome experience in the underworld, you can also witness a magnificent view of the Balayan Bay and a bit of Mt Maculot! This is Dambana ng Pagkabuhay.

Another place you can visit while on your way home is the Taal Basilica. This is actually the biggest church in Asia.

Yeay! So I hope this post is enough to pursue you on trying this activity. I swear, this is worth it. Definitely an experience of a lifetime!

Xoxo, Colololz

2 thoughts on “Scuba Diving in Ligpo Island, Bauan Batangas

  1. awesome! it’s indeed very “simple”, never hold your breath in that’s the number 1 rule. I did it in 2013 and I went for the PADI certificate right away xD my dad and I got it in 4 days. the most important thing gs you’ll learn is how to check your gear before diving and other important life saving stuff for the rest it’s indeed breathing and chilling with the underwater world 🙂 it feels like you’re in a totally different world, you hear nothing but silence underwater.


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