Catanduanes Travel Guide: Discover Binurong Point

I know most of you are craving for a Batanes getaway. But we all have that one common problem: its too costly. Huhu 😦

But how about a cheaper alternative? Yes?

As majestic as Batanes is, Binurong Point, is a new attraction located in the island of Catanduanes that was just opened 9 months ago. Oh diba, it’s not yet sikat so its perfect for you to discover it yourself!


In order for you to reach the peak, you have to trek for 45mnts – 1hour. The trail is not that hard, and I bet you can survive it! As for us, it was a bit challenging since it was muddy, but still, manageable! Dont forget to bring water and cap since its hot in the peak.

Tada!!! Ahhhhhh the beauty of this place is UNEXPLAINABLE -like oa! I couldnt find the right words to describe the majestic view we were seeing that time. Truly, God has an amazing creation!

How to get there?

Option 1 – the easiest and hassle free way

Aerod Transport and Services offers cheap rates for a 3 days/2 nights tour to Catanduanes and Binurong Point is one of the places to visit in their trip.

Contact them at:

  • Globe: 0936-695-2602
  • Sun: 0922-889-6127
  • 0925-888-6405

Option 2: By Plane bound to Virac

Option 3: By Land & Water

1. Ride a bus bound to:

  • either to Virac, Catanduanes
  • or to Tabaco City, Albay
  • Travel time: 10-12HRS

2. From the seaport of Tabaco, hop on either at MV Calixta 2, 4 and 5 or MV Eugene Elson to reach the island of Catanduanes via San Andres or Virac seaport.

3. Ride a tricycle to Binurong Point (You can also ride tricycles going from one place to another)

Other Attractions:

There are a lot of places to visit to Catanduanes! (Will blog about this within the week)

Here are some:

1. Twin Rock Beach

2. Bato Church

3. Carorian Wonders

4. Puraran Beach


For discounted rates of accommodations, read: Accommodations in Catanduanes

Hope you discover Catanduanes before everyone does!

Xoxo, Colololz

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