5 Things To Know About The 4×4 ATV Ride In Mayon Volcano

Experience a 4 x 4 ATV thrilling adventure up to the world’s most perfectly formed volcano!!

Activities during your travels are always fun to try. Of course as you visit the awesome Mayon Volcano, your trip wouldn’t be complete without trying their ATV ride! DUDE, YOU NEED TO ENJOY TO THE MAX. And this activity, is I swear, perfect!

Here’s five things to know about the ATV ride in Mayon Volcano. Hopefully, it motivates you to try it when you visit the place:

1) It’s easy to bargain

This is a secret, you guys! But of course i love you and i want you to spend the least cost possible while seeing more! So yep, it’s easy to bargain provided that your team is at 5 pax and above. Mas madami, mas madaling tumawad. We had our activity at 400 pesos instead of the usual 700! Bongga diba!!

But of course, if you were unable to get the discounted rate, okay lang because I swear the gastos is all worth it. You can’t experience this in Manila or in other places!!! Bes, you’re driving an ATV with the view of the world’s most perfectly formed volcano!

 2) Don’t expect to see the Mayon Volcano completely

Unfortunately, there is a higher possibility that Mayon Volcano won’t completely show up during your visit in the place. Since it is an active Volcano, it creates its own clouds. However, the view is still beautiful, believe me! You will get that feeling of staying in that place forever. Sobrang W O W.

3) It’s easy to drive

It may seem complicated to drive a four wheeler huge motor bike, but it’s not. It’s actually really easy!! Its perfect for everyone, including those who don’t know how to drive a motor bike (like me!) All you have to do is press the “go” button and maintain your hands in the handle in order for you to easily control the maneuver.

Don’t worry, you will be instructed before the activity starts.

4) You’ll get wet

The trail consists of muddy parts . If you’re really into maximizing the activity, you gotta drive fast and be wet! Believe me, it was the best part of the whole activity.

So better bring extra clothes and wear shoes you can sacrifice to be wet.


With no doubt, I can say this activity is one of the best we had! Although, we didn’t fully saw the beauty of Mayon Volcano, everything was still worth it.

Dude we just had our ATV adventure in the most active volcano in the Philippines and one of the most beautiful one in the world!!

TIP: be in front of the group. To get pretty good photo angles since the guide leading the activity (which is in front) is the one assigned on the photo/video ops too!


Option 1: The easier/ hassle free way

Avail Aerod Tours and Services Packages for Bicol. The visit to Mayon Volcano is actually just a side-trip of our whole tour in Catanduanes! So basically, if you avail their service, you won’t just experience Mayon Volcano, but also Catanduanes’ beauty!!

Contact them on facebook for more details: Aerod Transport Services

Option 2: DIY way

If you plan to go to Bicol your own way, here:

1. By Air

  • Airphil Express, Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific Airlines
  • Check out their websites for details and bookings!

2. By Bus

There are several Bus lines from Manila going to Sorsogon, Visayas & Mindano which pass by Legazpi City:

  • PhilTranco
  • Superlines
  • Cagsawa Tours
  • Amihan
  • Isarog Line
  • St Jude Transit
  • Goldline Tours
  • Travel Time: 9-10 hours


1) Bicol Express

Bicol’s pride! Ghad, I’m a Bicol Express lover, and experiencing the best Bicol Express in town is just a dream come true to me!

2) Chili Ice cream

Definitely one for the books! I’ve never tasted any ice cream that is NOT sweet. The photo may seem sweet and friendly, but heck no, its literally CHILLI. I love it!

PS: If you’re not a chili lover, go take their Level 1. It’s a bit friendly for non chili eaters like me!

If you’re aggressive as f, try their Level 2 & 3!


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