Casa Santa, Antipolo: A House Filled With Santa Clause Collections

Countdown to Christmas starts now! 25 days till the happiest day of the year! Yeay for Christmas day!!

Yeay for the twinkling colorful christmas lights, the super artsy decorations, the jolly Christmas songs, the happy carols, the gifts (ehem), everything!! You can’t help yourself but wish for Christmas to happen everyday.

However, due to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget that Christmas is nearly coming. We focus on our daily jobs, our priorities in life, our problems, hence the Christmas spirit in ourselves is not there.

Hmmmm.. In that case, why dont you relax yourself for a while and start developing that Christmas spirit within you? Check out this cutie patootie house near Manila that will surely let you feel the spirit of Christmas!!

Casa Santa is one of the famous Christmas attraction near Manila. It is approximately just 30 minutes away from Manila and is really easy to commute. It is the most expensive collection of Santa Claus in the world which houses thousands of Santas bought internaltionally and locally. Definitely a must visit during the Christmas season!!


Casa Santa, Antipolo City

  • Rate: 180PHP /pax
  • Facebook Account: HERE
  • Phone: +6325843199

Opens during:

  • Weekdays except Wednesdays (5 minimum PAX to avail their 180PHP rate; if less than 5 PAX, you have to pay for the kulang)
  • Weekends (NO Minimum PAX)
  • Time: 8:30AM -5:00PM (weekdays) ; 2PM – 4PM (weekends)


From Cubao/ LRT Santolan:

  • Ride a Jeep/ FX to Antipolo Simbahan or Antipolo Shopwise: 20-30PHP (jeep) || 40-60PHP (FX)
  • Drop off at last stop
  • Ride a tricycle going to Casa Santa (If they are not familiar with the place, just tell them you’re going to Jardin de Miramar): 40PHP /4PAX

Hope you have fun in this place! I wish you  a Merry Christmas, bff!

Xoxo, Colololz

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