That Perfect Staycation In Aquascape, Caliraya Lake

Dreaming to have that perfect MAJOR staycation? Aquascape (by Cottages and Many More) is perfect for you!

There’s nothing better than being indulged in the wellness of nature; being away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Imagine yourself being in a paradise far far away (not really)  from the busy city of Manila: surrounded by the lush forests jutted out over the emerald green lake and complimented by the cool atmosphere. Now, imagine yourself in a floating suite, literally floating in the middle of the lake. -Yep, this is definitely a place for your staycation, as you wind down and forget about your hectic and fast-pace life in the city.

I was really craving for a major staycation since I started backpacking some of the provinces in the Philippines for a month. I really needed that  vacation away from the crowd, the noisy streets, the polluted air, everything! I wanted something relaxing. Then Aquascape came..

Ahhhhh, this place is a perfect blessing for me! It was like a dream come true when I entered the resort. The ambiance, the serene atmosphere, the quiet surroundings, the picturesque backdrop, the feel of fresh air, the floating suite experience (!!!), it was everything I needed for my staycation.

PS: It’s really easy to commute, so it’s super accessible!! The rate per room is also reasonable comparing it to its unique experience.

Situated in the serene backdrop of Caliraya Lake in Laguna, Aquascape is the perfect jumpoint for your personal relaxing retreat. It features a variety of accommodations you can choose from (+ fun activities you can try). Aquascape will definitely place you in the perfect position to unwind and forget about the world.

“BRB WORLD. And hello Heaven.” -this was my feeling during my stay in the resort. It was as if I was totally away from everything in this world. And all I have is my floating suite (literally floating on waters) and the breathtaking landscape which serves as my view outside my suite. It was all perfect. I wanted to stay here forever.

Floating Suite

This was the best accommodation I had so far. The experience was so unique!! This is actually a new addition to their existing cottage line. It’s better, bigger and more spacious -twice the size of their first floating cottage, and more luxurious.

We were the first ones who tried this, and we were so honored! Who wouldn’t want to stay in a floating house in the middle of the lake- like the ones in Maldives?! Ang bongga diba!! You can even witness the magnificent sunset and sunrise of Caliraya Lake outside your floating suite. IT WAS PURE BLISS.

The interior of the floating suite is so cute! It has 2 beautiful beds, 1 extra mattress, a comfy couch, 6 seater dining table, TV & Audio system, a kitchenette, a nice private bathroom and guess what? They also have laser and party lights which can either be romantic or fun for your night!

What’s great about this is that they use solar power, which makes the lights and appliances work even while floating on the lake.


  • 10,000PHP
    • (good for 6 PAX, which makes it 1667PHP per person. NOT BAD)
  • Inclusive of an overnight stay (Check in time: 2PM; Check out time: 12PM)
  • Free use of Kayak (valued at P300/hr when rented)
  • 1 hour lake cruise with our driver (Do take note that after the Lake Cruise you can request for a longer stay in some parts of the lake)


Unlike other luxurious resorts, Aquascape has its own talent to be proud of. The resort is not that huge as the others, but dude where can you find a floating house like this near Manila? DITO LANG! Aside from its floating houses, there are amenities you can use around the place for free.

Fish Spa


Aside from the main highlight of the resort, it also offers various fun activities you can try!

  • Jetski – ₱4,000/hr for 2 pax max
  • High-speed tubes- inflatable rides that are dragged by the jetski – ₱1000 for 15 mins (most rides are 2-3 seaters but if you’re a group, you can change the people who are riding for as long as it’s 15 mins)
  • Speed boat –  ₱1200 for 15 mins for 4pax
  • Kayak –  ₱300/hr for 2 pax
  • Electric motor boat/Electric Kayak – ₱600/hr for 2 pax
  • ATV – ₱600 for 15 mins for 2 pax
  • Buggy Car – ₱600 for 15 mins for 2 pax

Other Cottages:

Floating Cottage

Another floating house!! This is a smaller version of the floating suite. But still is nice as the bigger one. It also features the same amenities, the same relaxation and comfort. The only difference is its size and price and the free use of Kayak (for the Floating Suite).


  • 5,000PHP
    • (good for 4 PAX, which makes it 1250 per person. NOT BAD)
  • Inclusive of an overnight stay (12PM-2PM)
  • 1 hour lake cruise with our driver (Do take note that after the Lake Cruise you can request for a longer stay in some parts of the lake)

Land Based Cottages:

Click individual photos for a more detailed view. 

How to get there?

  • By Private Transportation: You can search ECO SADDLE on Waze, which will accurately lead you to the right way (3-4 hours drive)
  • By Public Transportation:
    • From Buendia/ Cubao, ride a bus bound to Sta Cruz Laguna
    • Drop off Sta Cruz, Laguna :160PHP
    • From there, ride a jeep to Lumot, Caliraya
    • Drop off at Mt. Carmel: 30PHP
  • Aquascape also over Private Van for rent
    • 6000PHP Back and forth
    • Inclusive of Gas and Driver’s Fee


(credit: Tripzilla)

  1. Aquascape is not a commercialized resort. It is more famous as a camping site so there are no restaurants or establishments inside or near the area.
  2. It’s recommended that you bring your own food and drinks (no corkage fee), utensils and charcoal if you wish to use their grilling area.
  3. Bring your first-aid kit with medicine for allergies, headaches and fever, just in case.
  4. Bring toiletries, too (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, etc.)
  5. The weather is relatively cool all year round, like that of Tagaytay, so prepare jackets or thick clothes.
  6. There’s only one air-conditioned room. You won’t need AC anyway because of the cool weather, especially at night.
  7. When doing the water sports activities, it’s advised that you wear a rash guard or tight swimwear to protect your skin and to avoid wardrobe malfunction.
  8. When camping or exploring the area, always follow the Leave No Trace Principle

Also Take Note:

  1. There is an additional P80/person per night entrance fee charged by the local barangay of eco-saddle.
  2.  Please bring your pre-cooked/pre-marinated food, rice cooker, super kalan/electric stove, ice, cooler, cooking and charcoal supplies for the duration of your stay. We have a common grilling and dining area you can use free of charge. There are also basic utensils and cookware inside the floating cottage. – NO CORKAGE FEE
  3. Standard check-in time is at 2pm and check-out is at 12 nn (Look for our caretaker Ms Salve Alcantara 09773786951)
  4. The resort is PET FRIENDLY, you guys!! ❤️


For reservations / inquiries:

Hope you guys have a great timemore than we did!

Special thanks to Gorj Girls for my off shoulder bikini and to Sunday Floats for my Swan Floatie ✨

Xoxo, Colololz

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