Yellowbird Kitchen x Cafe: A Merry Little Kitchen

Have a merry meal in this Christmas-y cafe x kitchen just a few minutes away from the city proper of Antipolo!

Ahhhh, days left before Christmas comes!!! Aren’t you excited?! Well I am. That’s why I keep on searching places that can intensify my Christmas spirit more because ghad, i so love Christmas day!!

So yep, if you’re that kind of person who values food secondarily to the interior (like me), I have a place to share to you!

Woot woot! Every corner is so Christmas-y! I can’t stress enough how I love the colorful floors, the instagrammable wall, the cutie patootie tables, the greens and the woods, everything looks amazing! This place is so perfect for your barkada chill out moment while feeling the Christmas vibe.

Yellowbird Cafe x Kitchen is a cozy garden inspired, Christmas themed cafe which was just newly opened this year. It is hidden in the upper part of Antipolo, inside a subdivision which makes the place so peaceful and away from all the crowd and noise the city brings.

Everything is just colored with green, red and brown. It made the surroundings really look happy! Everything is just perfectly blended together. And guess what? The restaurant is still on the process of extending their place. They already have 2 floors and now is developing their Al fresco area which will be transformed into a bakery/cafe area. How great is that?!


As for the food, if I would rate it 1 to 10, 10 as the highest, I will give it a grade of 6.

The lemon chicken we ordered was amazing! Its sweetness and sourness just goes together perfectly giving you that nakakakilig feeling as you savor the food. The buttered gravy was yummy as well! It was a perfect compliment of the lemon chicken.

Aside from the lemon chicken, we also tried their pork steak. Um, i didn’t find this food okay, since it was a bit overcooked which made the taste bitter-y. Moreover, the texture of the steak was tough which made the cutting quite hard. I was really craving for a steak that time, and I was so disappointed when I tried their steak. Huhu cravings not satisfied 😦 The gravy, too, tastes weird, parang panis? I’m not sure. But what I did is I asked for another gravy, the buttered one. So yep I don’t (personally) recommend you to order this. There are a lot of food choices naman!

Don’t worry the price of the food is not expensive. Its just reasonable and won’t definitely hurt your wallet.

CHECK MENU: will update this once I got a copy of their menu

How to get there?

  • From Antipolo
    • Ride tricycle to Mission Hills Subdivision: 50PHP/ Trike
    • Drop off Yellow Bird Cafe- just beside the main gate of the subdivision
  • From Manila
    • Ride a jeep from LRT Santolan/ Cubao bound to Antipolo Shopwise/ Simbahan: 20-30PHP
    • Drop off last stop
    • Ride tricycle to Mission Hills Subdivision: 50PHP/ Trike
    • Drop off Yellow Bird Cafe- just beside the main gate of the subdivision

Overall, i would rate our experience a 8/10. The ambiance was really amazing + the lemon chicken food! The staff were also friendly! So yep, I will be back soon once this place is fully developed! ✨


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