Anawangin Cove Travel Guide: Your Ultimate Camping Adventure

Yearning for that ultimate quick escape away from your chaotic busy life, and have that quintessential adventure perfect for your weekend break and just near Manila?

Ehem! This is absolutely – to the highest level- perfect for you!

For those who are in need of an alternative of the usual beaches of Batangas, Anawangin must be in your list! Anawangin Cove is a beach destination just a couple of hours away from Manila. This may be close to Manila, but I’m telling you, you won’t feel it once you’re in the place. Anawangin’s calm and peaceful vibe will let you feel as if you are totally away from the hassle of the city!

And for those who are wanting a legit camping adventure? Of course, Anawangin is a must experience place! It doesn’t just offer a camping adventure, but also has other activities like island hopping, trekking, kayaking, and of course BON FIRE!!!! Legit-ly fun and adventurous!!

Check out our tour with Travel Galore in Anawangin!!! ❤️


Anawangin Cove’s rugged charm utterly made me fell in love the moment I saw its beauty. The majestic landscape of the sea will definitely put you in awe. This beach is teeming with natural resources that makes everything so amazing. This beach may not have white sand unlike the others, but it’s isolated, unspoiled vibe is something to look forward to in visiting the place. This trip will absolutely be an ultimate camping adventure!!

Anawangin Cove is perfect for a chill getaway for families, couples (sobra), & barkadas. Its laid back atmosphere will give you that intimate bonding experience with your travel buddy for that day. So ano, game?

Check out our photos!!!


Anawangin River

Camping Site:

Bonfire during the night

Anawangin Mountain:

You don’t just get to experience the beach life but also the mountain life! YEAHHH. You can do a mini hiking activity in Anawangin Cove. It’s not hard, trust me. It will just be tiring since the trail is steep, but it’s not complicated. Promise, your pagod is worth it once you reach the ultimate peak (it has 3 peaks, btw. Aim for the last peak.)

Capones Island:

Part of our trip is a side tour in Capones Island.

Things to Bring:

Unlike your usual vacation where you tend to spend the night in a comfy accommodation, this experience will be different. Considering the fact that its isolated and unspoiled- meaning it’s not commercialized, you have to take note of these tips:

  1. Bring Tent
    • If you’re availing Travel Galore‘s tour package, they will already provide the tent for you guys!
  2. Bring Raw foods to eat (Better bring extra din)
    • There are no restaurants or calenderia around the place, so yep you have to bring your own food good for your stay in the beach. You have to bring extra in case
    • There is a Public Market near your destination. You can drop by and buy your need to buys before going to Anawangin.
  3. Bring needed Utensils
    • PS: There is also no lutuan in the place, so you have to do it the caveman way- DIY grill. You need charcoal, matches, aluminum foil (if ever), gas, and other essentials for grilling. Better if you bring a portable grill to make your life better.
    • If you’re availing Travel Galore‘s tour package, they will already provide the kalderos and uling!
  4. Bring flashlights, powerbank, etc
    • NO ELECTRICITY, you guys! Well it’s okay, you’re living a legit camping life right??
  5. Bring mattress, pillows, beddings (optional)
    • If you want to a have a comfy night, bring these. It’ll be a bit uncomfortable sleeping in a tent without beddings, but bearable for me!
  6. Bring Trashbags
  7. Bring Toiletries
  8. Bring something fun to do
    • It will be a bit boring in the beach if you don’t have something to do. You can bring game boards, cards, volleyball, music player, etc.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Hotdog & Tuyo grilling
Cooking Rice



  1. We had a hard time taking photos using our camera since it may get wet, so I advice you to bring a waterproof bag for your phone so that you can still take photos anytime!
  2. Also bring a dry bag to keep your things dry
  3. At night, secure EVERYTHING before sleeping. Make sure your belongings are in proper place- safe and dry please!!
    • During our stay, my phone got soaked on water! It rained real hard while we were sleeping, and huhu it leaked inside our tent. So my phone which was in the corner was victimized.
  4. Remember this is a camping experience, so don’t expect this vacation to be a luxurious one! YES TO ADVENTURES diba? Dude, this is one legit adventure beshy!


via Travel Galore‘s tour:


  • 12:00AM Proceed to Zambales
  • 06:00AM Arrival in San Antonio Market
  • Purchase food (seafoods, snacks, water, etc) m
  • 07:00AM Proceed to Capones Lighthouse
  • 07:40AM Explore Capones Island
  • 08:30AM Sightseeing at Camara Island
  • 09:30AM Proceed to Anawangin
  • 10:30AM Swimming Activity
  • 07:00PM Dinner


  • 05:00AM Wake-up call
  • 05:30AM Trek to Hilltop
  • 07:00AM Breakfast
  • 07:30 AM Free time for own leisure
  • 01:00PM Transfers from Anawangin to Pundakit
  • 02:00PM Departure from Pundakit to Manila
  • 03:00PM Free drop by at Royal Subic Bay/Duty Free
  • 04:00PM Departure to Manila
  • 07:00PM Arrival in Manila


How to get there?

 Option 1: The easiest & hassle free way: TRAVEL GALORE TOURS

For just 1200, we already had a package tour with Travel Galore which includes EVERYTHING (transportation, tent rental, kitchen utilities, entrance fees, as in lahat- except for the food.) Its pretty cheap already since dude, it’s a 2 days-1 night tour for just 1200 pesos. SULIT.


1200PHP Package includes:

  • 2 days, 1 night Anawangin Cove x Capones Island x Camara Island tour
  • Tent Accommodation
  • Transportation back and forth
  • Permits, Environmental & Entrance fees
  • Boat Transfers


  • Facebook Page: Travel Galore
  • Contact: 09469462541
  • Email:

Option 2: DIY way

  • From Caloocan / Pasay / Cubao
    • Ride a Victory Liner bus bound to Iba, Zambales
    • Drop off San Antonio Public Market
      • Make sure to shop in the public market first for your food on your trip
      • As for us we just bought hotdogs and tuyo for our ulam and rice. We also bought sticks for grilling, soy sauce & calamansi for the dip- all for just 180 PHP (good for two). –But it’s a bit kulang for us so buy more!
    • Ride a tricyle to Pundaquit: 30PHP/ PAX
    • From Pundaquit, rent a boat to Anawangin


DIY Expenses

If you’re doing a DIY tour to Anawangin, here’s the basic expenses you will incur:

  • Transportation: 600PHP back and forth
  • Entrance Fee: 100-150PHP
  • Boat rental:
    • Camara Island: P700.00
      Capones Island: P800.00
      Anwangin Cove: P900.00
      Camara and to Capones: P900.00
      Camara and to Capones and to Anawangin: P1,500.00
      Nagsasa Cove or Silanguin Cove: P1,500.00
  • Tent rental: 400PHP (good for two pax)

How about Camping in Anawangin Cove? Yes?

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  1. Hi just want to know good for how many people yung group dun sa boat po and pwede kaya yung joiner sa boat? Thank you so much


  2. Hello po ask ko lang po if may contact kayo sa anawangin and kung yung boat rentals po is for group? ang ilan po ang sakop nun thanks and more power po .. 🙂


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