Travel for a day for 500PHP (Calling all Millennials!)

Batugan mode: OFF, Travel Mode: ON. These are really easy to visit, no reason for you to be a batugan!

Most of us are already on Christmas break already- edi kayo na huhu. And admit it, batugan mode again in your house, eh? Here’s what, besh you only live once + you only get a couple of days for that Christmas break, so why don’t you maximize it?? Actually you’re lucky enough already since you get to have days to make walwal, while I’m in my office, working my ass off. SO BEH, MAGTRAVEL KA FOR ME!!!

So here, let me suggest to you some of the places you can visit in one day. It is absolutely NOT HASSLE, and requires a budget below 500 pesos. Oh ano na, you don’t have ANY REASON for you not to travel.

Ballpit MNL x Jumpyard

Budget: 550PHP

Yep, you can visit these places in one day! And bes, manila lang to, ano bers.

You need the inner child in you to be able to visit these places. Dude, you’ll get to play with balls, and jump in trampolines! How fun is that!!

CHECK: Ballpit MNL x Jumpyard Photos


Mt. Pamitinan x Wawa Dam

Budget: 300PHP (inclusive of transportation and guide fee)

How about hiking to one of the instagrammable peaks in Montalban, Rizal and swimming in a man made waterfalls? Yes?

READ MORE:Mt Pamitinan & Wawa Dam Travel Guide


Pinto Art

Entrance fee: 100PHP- 200PHP

Stroll around the most instagrammable museum near Manila. You are as if in a Santorini, Greece atmosphere which is really perfect for photo ops. You can also get a mambabatok way tattoo from one of Whang Od’s descendants!

READ MORE: Pinto Art Museum: Art at its finest

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Pandin Lake

Entrance Fee: 360-400PHP

Those who prefer a chill getaway, this place is absolutely perfect! Get to experience rafting and swimming in an El Nido-like jaw dropping backdrop!

READ MORE: Pandin Lake & Yambo Lake: PHP400 worth El Nido-like experience:

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Laresio Lakeside Resort

Entrance fee: 450PHP

Up for an extreme getaway adventure? Experience cliff dives & breathtaking slides in this place!! Your day will absolutely be one heck of a fun and extreme one!

READ MORE: Laresio Lakeside Resort :Rain Rain Getaway

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The Yard

No Entrance Fee; Expense on food only

Food trip!!!! Yes yes?

CHECK: The Yard Photos


Merry Christmas, you guys!!

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