Tibiao, Antique Travel Guide: 500 PHP Itinerary

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?

Dude, your 500 pesos is totally worth the spend if you’re in Antique!! Yep, for a total cost of 500 pesos, you can already tour around the place and experience the beauty of the province.

Here’s how:

How to get to Tibiao, Antique:

Tibiao is located in the province of Antique in the Western Visayas region. As of now, there are no direct flights to Antique from Manila, however there are various easy ways to get here via plane.

Step 1: Book a Flight to Kalibo/ Caticlan/ Iloilo

    • Flights available:
    • From Kalibo Airport, ride a tricycle going to Kalibo Bus Terminal
      • Fee: Around 50PHP per ride
    • From Kalibo Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Pandan Terminal.
      •  Fee: 70PHP
      • Travel time: 1-1.5 hours
    • From Pandan Terminal, ride a bus to Antique, drop off Brgy Importante
      • Fee: Bus: 70-75PHP
      • Travel time: 1 hour
    • ps: flights to this place is more expensive
    • Flights available:
    • From Caticlan Aiport, proceed to the bus terminal across Jetty Port
    • Ride a bus going to San Jose, Antique, then drop off Brgy Importante
    • Flights available:
    • From Iloilo airport, ride an Airport Van to Molo Terminal
      • Fee: 50PHP
    • From Molo Terminal, ride a van or jeep to Antique, drop off Brgy Importante
      • Fee: 110PHP
      • Travel time:
        • Bus: 5-6 hours
        • Van: 3 hours

STEP 2: From Tibiao drop off point, ride a Habal habal going to your accommodation

PS: During the ride we already visited the places mentioned below. So keep reading!

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Where to stay in Tibiao, Antique

There are roughly a few choices in the area for an overnight stay. There are no luxury hotels, just inns or bahay kubos– which, for me, is better. Yes to adventures!

We stayed in La Escapo Lodge, which costs 250PHP each per night, and got it for 200PHP because of Ate Rona’s good bargaining skills with FREE BREAKFAST.

It was worth it. We have the whole kubo all by ourselves. We didn’t need air-condition since the weather is already cool during the night.

Contact: 0946 743 2347 / 0977 470 8784

How to tour around Tibiao, Antique

PS: There are a lot of places to visit in Tibiao. The places below are only LIMITED for a HALF DAY TOUR– and at a cheapest possible budget. So if you have limited time, and wanted to explore Antique the fastest way possible. This guide will be very helpful for you!

So game?

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  • HOW TO TOUR AROUND THE PLACES? -So as I was mentioning earlier, from the drop off point, you will be riding a habal habal going to any place you want in Tibiao. As for us, we hired one habal habal good for TWO PAX.
  • HOW MUCH IS THE WHOLE TOUR? – We got it for only 75 pesos PER RIDE.
    • Inclusive of:
      • Tour to 3 places: Tibiao Hanging Bridge, Tibiao River, and Bugtong Bato Falls. Last drop off is at Bugtong Bato Falls. Then from Bugtong Bato Falls, the distance to Kawa Hot Bath Experience is a 5 minute walk away lang.
      • Also include a drop off to your accommodation so you’ll get to leave your things first before proceeding to the falls.
    • Make sure to inform the driver that you will have a side trip too Tibiao Hanging Bridge and Tibiao River.
  • REMEMBER: Before entering Tibiao, there is a registration fee of 50 PHP to be collected near the gate – the habal habal driver will take you there. Please do take note that you will be using the receipt of the 50PHP once you’ll visit the Bugtong Bato Falls. So don’t lose it!

Places to visit:

Tibiao Hanging Bridge

No Entrance Fee

Witness a scenic view of the Tibiao River up from this Hanging Bridge. You can also have a mini photo session ’cause admit it, hanging bridges has a thing being so instagram worthy!

Tibiao River

No Entrance Fee

Hold your breath as you experience the bedazzling rock formations rested in the serene, cool, crystal clear Tibiao River. Yep, it is absolutely breathtaking!!

Bugtong Bato Falls

Guide Fee: 150PHP / group

Before indulging yourself in a relaxing Kawa Hot Bath Experience, challenge yourself first in a mini 30 minutes trekking and witness the majestic seven-tiered waterfalls, Bugtong Bato Falls. I swear, it’ll be worth it.

Kawa Hot Bath Experience

Activity Fee: 200PHP- 250PHP

This exotic Kawa Hot Bath definitely is the highlight of our tour!! I never thought it was this relaxing. Imagine yourself being wallowed in a human-sized bathing cauldrons immersed with fragrant leaves, flowers and herbs that perfectly creates that wonderful citrus scent, befittingly steamed that is just right for your body. I know, it’s surreal.

PS: The Kawa Hot Bath Experience is UNLIMITED- provided that there is no customer next to you!


  • PS: This excludes your airfare, food, and the transportation expense from the airport to Tibiao.
  • Tibiao Habal habal ride: 75 PHP / ride: 38 PHP EACH PAX
  • Registration fee: 50PHP
  • Guide fee: Bugtong Bato Falls: 150PHP/ Guide: 38pPHP EACH PAX for a group of 4
  • Kawa Hot Bath: 200PHP
  • Overnight Accommodation: 200PHP

SUPER CHEAP RIGHT?! So what are you waiting for? SAY YES TO ADVENTURES!

Special Thanks to:

  • Gorj Online Shop for my pangaura- bikini! I’ve been wearing it the whole day during our habal habal ride/ trekking/ commuting/ etc and dude I never felt uncomfy ❣

Xoxo, Colololz

12 thoughts on “Tibiao, Antique Travel Guide: 500 PHP Itinerary

  1. Good pm mam.. Ask ko lang kung kakayanin ba ng time na mag tibiao hanging bridge, tibiao river, bugtong bato falls and kawa bath kung and dating namin sa brgy. importante is 3pm?


  2. Hello! I love how informative your blog is, I just have a question, is there any private transport or taxis to get to tibiao? I’m hoping to do a quick trip there but I would like to get back to my hotel in Boracay before it gets dark.
    Hope to hear from you,


    1. Unfortunately, there are no taxis nor private transportation available in the area, unless you book one in advance (may need to research about this.) What I can suggest is a van that will take you to Kalibo faster than riding a bus. Some vans also offers private service, so better yet ask them too!


  3. Medyo nakakatakot yung itsura ng kawa; it evokes images of a mangkukulam whipping up a batch of gayuma to sell. XD But it looks like a Filipino version of the Japanese onsen (hot spring) experience, which makes it more interesting. 😉


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