Visit 5 Beaches For Only 1199PHP: Tali Beach, Batangas

Oh bes, why waste your day lounging lazily in your bed doing nothing but scrolling down your facebook page?! It’s summer, and you’re lucky cause you have that opportunity to travel and make the most out of your day!! But I know, I know, it’s such a struggle to push yourself and travel, cause “bes katamad” or “bes walang pera.” But don’t worry, I have a solution. So get up, get dressed, and I’ll take you to somewhere ain’t that nakakatamad and magastos.

Yeay, say hello to DG Travel and Tours ‘s Tali Beach Day Tour! As said in this blog post’s title, this adventure will just be a day long- without hassle, not that tiring, and worth risking for + it’s just 2 hours away Manila, plus it’s so affordable- you’ll get to explore 5 beaches in just 1199 pesos. Woot woot!






samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  How to get there?

google-location-icon-location_black Tali Beach Subdivision, Nasugbu, Batangas

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595 Recommended Tour Agency:

DG Travel and Tours

Tali Beach Resort is a place that is very hard to commute. You may need a private car to reach the place, and a connection inside the resort since it is a private resort. Good thing we have  DG Travel and Tours that has a direct access inside Tali Beach, and offers exclusive day tour packages! Yeay!

How much?

1199 PHP, which includes:

  • RT Van Transfer
  • Day tour around Tali Beach: 5 beaches in one day
  • Entrance Fees
  • Snacks
  • Possible side trip to Tagaytay (given that it’s not traffic)

Red_Phone_Font-Awesome_svg Contact:


Located in the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas, is a beach like no other. Tali Beach is such a paradise that you, yourself, can’t fathom. Well, usually beaches near Manila already have that image of being crowded and/or polluted. But this beach resort is way different than the others. It is definitely not polluted, as it is a private resort that is regularly well maintained, and absolutely not crowded since it is a private resort and only registered members and/or those occupants who rents out the resort houses for a specific number of days.

You might be wondering how is it possible that the resort can be accessed given that it’s private? Well, DG Travel and Tours have direct access to the resort which let them open the resort to their exclusive customers. How awesome is that? You’ll get to have that exclusive opportunity in experiencing the beauty of Tali Beach.

So let me now tour you around the beaches we explored in the beautiful beach resort of Tali Beach:



Considered as one of the widest among the 4 beaches inside the resort, this place is ultimately perfect for those who just want to stay long by the beach, as it has cottages and spots that are just right for beach bumming and chilling. There are also rock formations located at the left side of the beach where you can explore and take photos with. Moreover, there is a snorkeling area where you can feed the fishes and see how colorful they are up close! Such cutie patooties!

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SIDE #1: “Long Beach”

Yes, Sunset Beach has two sides. The beach where the shoreline is located, and the beach where the cliff diving spot is located. Awesome, right? In this side, the beach is pure paradise. The sand is powdery and soft, the water is clear and blue, and the air breeze is cool and comforting. The ambiance is just so relaxing!


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SIDE #2: Cliff Diving

The fun part is in this side! The rock formation is such a beaut. It is a perfect spot where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the perfect view of the sea. Also, the best part here is its cliff diving spots: the 10 feet and the 30 feet. Of course, you have to try both! This is already an opportunity for you to have MORE fun- that is to conquer your fears, and YOLO!


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10 feet cliff diving
30 feet Cliff Diving






If you want more intimacy, and totally be away from the people, Palm Beach is perfect for you! This beach may be small, but what’s good about this place is that crowds in the island are thin to non- existent, thus you can have you’re super duper alone time.

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Optional Beaches:

If you’re still game, you still have two more beaches to explore: Pebble Beach and Marina Beach. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit these two since we lack time 😦 Well will be back, of course! I’ll update this post with the photos of the two beaches once I’m done visiting the place again. Love love!



What’s more fun about DG Travel and Tours Tali Beach Day tour is that you’ll get to have a side trip to a lot of places!! ❤

  • Kaybiang Tunnel



  • Overlooking Spot





  • 4AM: Meet up: MCDO Katipunan (via DG Travel and Tours )
  • 4:30AM: ETD to Tali Beach
  • 6:00AM: Buy Lunch somewhere (own account)
  • 7:20AM: Sidetrip: Kaybiang Tunnel & Overlooking Spot (Photo Ops)
  • 9:00AM: ETA Mountain View Lot: START Tali Beach tour
  • 9:20AM: Sunset Beach
  • 12:00PM: Lunch
  • 1:00PM: Main Beach, Palm Beach, Pebble Beach and Marina Beach
  • 4:00PM: Fix Up
  • 5:00PM ETD To Manila



YOLO- You only live once. Stop wasting your time on doing something that isn’t productive. You only have a life to live, so start maximizing it, especially that it’s summer. You get to have that summer break a lot of people is desiring (like me.) Spend it wisely. TRAVEL! Going to this beach resort is a step of getting out of your comfort zone, utilizing the blessing of your summer break, and finding the joy from traveling. Believe me, everything is worthwhile. Kaya ano na bes? G NA! Yes to adventures!

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Special Thanks To:

Gorj Online Shop for my tropical swimmies & Fievre for my floral round beach towel! They were all perfectly aura-ish!


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