Inflatable Island, The Happiest Island in Town!

Jump, play, slide, chill, and just purely enjoy! This island is absolutely your ultimate getaway haven this summer! You don’t want to miss the fun this place will bring you, right? SO G NA!! 

This 3,400 sqm-Inflatable Island is definitely the key for your adventurous, fun-filled summer! It will give you that experience that no island can offer! Well, of course, where can you find an island that is literally inflated above waters?! -ONLY IN THE INFLATABLE ISLAND!!! 






Before anything else, here’s a glimpse of our fun adventure in this happiest island, INFLATABLE ISLAND!!! 


Pre-Travel Guide:

samuibus_banner_logo_red How to get to Inflatable Island?


google-location-icon-location_blackAddress: Purok 6, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales

OPTION 1: Via Travel Galore’s Ultimate Tour Package

Of course, I’d choose Travel Galore over and over…. and over again! Yep, Travel Galore is the reason behind the possibility of us getting to the Inflatable Island.

(click photos below)


  • Facebook Page: Travel Galore
  • Landline: (077) 6771477
  • Mobile Number:
    • Globe: 09164837063, 09776499912, 09773741526
    • Smart: 09469462541, 09212434958, 09506852902
    • Sun: 09224813492, 09225267347
  • Email:


  • From Cubao, ride a Victory Liner Bus bound to Olongapo
    • Fare Fee: (200-250PHP One Way)
    • Travel Time: (3-4 Hrs)
  • From Olongapo, ride a blue jeep and drop off Inflatable Island / Samba Blue Water Resort
  • You can also, ride a bus bound to Iba, Zambales from Cubao, and drop off Inflatable Island
luggage_icon_suitcase_trolley_bag_handle_travel_baggage-512 What to bring:

Aside from bringing yourself, your extra clothes, and the usual to bring stuff, here are some additional things I suggest you to bring:

  • Beach Towels (See: Quality Made Beach Towerls Here!)
    • Well, aside from playing in the Water Activities area, you’ll definitely chill by the Bali Lounge area, and beach towels are a must since the sand is a bit hot to sit on.
  • Rash Guard and/or swimming leggings (See: Fashionable Rash Guards Here!)
    • You’ll be playing around under the sun for hours, and you would’t want to have sun burn, right?
  • Cards / Board Games/ Etc for Socialization
  • Underwater Camera

About Inflatable Island


Considered as the biggest floating island in Asia, Inflatable Island is an island, in a size of 8 basketball courts, which is literally inflated and floating on waters, and has so much one for the books activities that you can try! It has swings, trampolines, monkey bars, slides and wiggle bridges, fun walkway ladders, crazy ramps and even a rock climb iceberg. They also have this insanely fun 10 meter High Tarzan swing and a 9 Meter  Human Launcher! You’ll definitely get a superb, fun, experience in this island. SOBRANG SAYA, BES! You’ll never get bored -well in fact, you’ll get tired of all the fun activities and obstacles you can try! Everything was absolutely worth it.

PS: Don’t forget to say YES TO ADVENTURES- forget your fears and just do it (Applicable to every challenge and obstacles in the island!)


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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

pink-dotted-lineTickets and Time Slots


For those doing the DIY way (not availing Travel Galore‘s tour package) I highly advised that you book your slot online already via Book HEREsince it’s 100 PHP cheaper, and you’ll get to choose your time slot. Do take note that walk ins are only limited to 250 persons, so yep, there’s also a risk of you not having a slot in the place.

What ticket pass is best? Personally, the Splash Pass is already enough for me to enjoy the whole place. Sulit na siya, promise. 2 hours in the playing area is actually tiring already. Though the limited time won’t let you try all the activities, but believe me, you might not try them all too since it’s really tiring talaga… but superbly fun!!! I also suggest to choose the 4PM time slot to avoid the sun!

Inclusions in the ticket pass? All ticket passes are inclusive of an exclusive pass in the Bali Lounge Area and the Samba Beach Area. And yep, you can stay as long as you want! Take note that the access in the Bali Lounge Area may be unlimited, but tables are limited- so it’s a first come, first serve basis. (TIPID TIP: No need to avail additional cabanas by the way.)

Are kids allowed? Yep, i’ve seen a couple of kids playing in the island as well. Though do take not that there is a height requirement (3 ft minimum) and a chaperone (1:1 kid-adult ratio) is a must.

pink-dotted-lineBali Lounge Area

Aside from having super enjoyable inflatable island, they also have this instagram-worthy bali-like area where you can just chill and enjoy the view of the island. Colorful umbrellas and comfy bean bags are placed all over the lounge area, which will make your beach bumming experience up to the next level!


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Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset


Beach Area

Of course we went all the way from Manila to Subic to not just chill lazily on comfy couches- we’re here for the beach! And yeay for Inflatable Island’s All-Day access Samba Beach! Yep, we have an access to this beach the whooooole day!!

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Unique Eats and Drinks!

Several food and drink stalls are available in the area! You won’t get hungry nor thirsty given these various selection of food and drinks!! Yeay!

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset




Meet the Squad:

Representing the RKC Cluster of SGV’s Advisory Service line. It may be the company’s busy season, and that our lives are expected to revolve around office works and such, but no matter how busy we are, we still make it to the point to relish God’s gift of life. And thankfully, we maximized our opportunity to enjoy life through Travel Galore‘s awesome tour service. It was really one heck of a freaking weekend! We can’t wait to have an another adventure with the gang!

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Special Thanks to:

Plop Supply – for my instagram-worthy + with quality banana couch. Dude, this banana couch doesn’t deflate easily unlike those pipichuging banana couches!

Gorj Online Shop – for my cutie patootie swimmies that fit perfectly with the colors of the place!


Lilith PH -for my pendant & Pick Season for my colorful hair turban: perfect compliments for my bikini outfit!!! ❤

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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5 thoughts on “Inflatable Island, The Happiest Island in Town!

  1. Dahil sa blog mo, makakapunta na kami sa inflatable island by commute. So hard searching the net kasi about transpo going there kasi puro car directions ang results, buti sana kung lahat ng tao sa pinas have cars. Great job lady, keep it up 🚣


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