Ocean Park Guide: An Adventure For The Thrill Seekers!

Is Disneyland the happiest place on Earth?! I don’t think so… ‘Cause personally, we also have the Ocean Park!! *jumps out of joy* This place is a dream come true for us theme park lovers / animal lovers/ adventure seekers! And guess what, this dream of going to this amusing place is just a one throw away from you! (Yep, tune in for more details on this blog)

Thrillingly lying in the heart of the Pearl of the Orient / the great Hong Kong, Ocean Park is a place that everyone has to visit to maximize the country. Duhhh, this is the most enjoyable activity you can get on visiting Hong Kong. Skipping Ocean Park, is like skipping a huge part of your Hong Kong trip – and that’s so sad.  So, are you guys ready for an adventure in this Extraordinary wonderland? Yes to adventures!

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Pre Travel Guide

Before anything else, I am happily and proudly sharing you a secret that we just discovered before going to Hong Kong:


Isn’t this amazing? Who wouldn’t love a DISCOUNT from Klook?! Yeay!! *tears in joy* Here in KLOOK, you can already experience the fun Ocean Park can bring you, and it’s at a cost for less. What’s more is that it doesn’t just offer discounted tickets but also has this advantage from the others wherein you can skip long lines from the entrance- just walk past the long queues for tickets, and you’re good to go! It’s incredible, right?!

Book your tickets here: H E R E.

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  How to go to Ocean Park?
map-512 Plan your Itinerary

Ocean Park is a huge park that a day isn’t enough for you to try everything- no matter how much you want to. There’s so much rides, activities, and sights to try to!! Now, my suggestion is you plan ahead on what rides you will prioritize and strategize your way of maximizing the place. Thus, here’s the map that will surely be a helping guide for your planning.

*click photo for a detailed view*


ocean-app-icon For more info: Visit The Ocean Park Official Website


Ocean Park Travel Video

Join us as we embark our embark a fun and thrilling adventure in Ocean Park through this video:




Ocean Park Attractions

Told yah, Ocean Park has a lot of attractions to try!! And everything were amazingly worth it! Check them out here:




Our Experience

Alright, I’m so excited to share this part to the world. Basically, our experience in the Ocean Park is unexplainably incredible!!!! IT WAS FREAKING + RIDICULOUSLY FUN! Even this article can’t put into words how happy I am from this. Well, to somewhat elucidate our experience, let me tour your around the places we visited/ tried.

PS: We weren’t able to try everything *sad* but I can still say that every thing we tried was all worth it that makes our trip to the Ocean Park an EPIC ADVENTURE. So yep, below are just the ones we tried:






Aqua City

As seen in the map, Ocean Park is divided into 8 groups with different themes. The first group we tried, which is the nearest from the entrance is the Aqua City. You can instantly spot the The Giant Aquarium where tons of different kind of fishes and sea creatures can be discovered, as well as the Aqua City Lagoon where the dancing fountain is located. One of the In-Park’s Transportation, The Ocean Express, is also located in this area. This in-park Transportation can bring you from the Aqua City, all the way to the Thrill Mountain (another group) in just 5 minutes – instead of walking for several more minutes.

The Giant Aquarium

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Aqua City Lagoon


The Ocean Express

Do take note that this station is in the borderline between Aqua City and Rainforest.

(c) Ocean Park Website





Thrill Mountain

From Aqua City, we, then proceeded to the Thrill Mountain via their In-Park’s Transportation- The Ocean Express. In this area, you can experience those rides that will (almost) literally pull your heart off ’cause their thrilling as f.

Hair Raiser

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Whirly Bird


Bumper Blaster


Games Zone

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Polar Adventure

Next stop, The Polar Adventure, which is just by the side of the Thrill Mountain. Obviously, this part is something that relates to activities that can either let you experience the cold- like the Artic Fox Den, South Pole Spectacular, and North Pole Spectacular, or something related to it like the Arctic Blast.

South Pole Spectacular


North Pole Spectacular


Arctic Blast







Our next destination was the Rainforest, which is near the Polar Adventure, and next to the Thrill Mountain. Here you can experience as if you are literally in the Rainforest. We explored their Expedition Trail where we saw unique rainforest creatures and really felt the forest vibe inside. You can also experience the rapids in rivers in this man-made river, The Rapids. Though, ready yourselves cause there is a really huge possibility that you can get wet! FUN RIGHT?!

Expedition Trail


The Rapids






Adventure Land

Passing by Marine World, we headed first to the Adventure Land and making the Marine World our last stop. This area might be small, but it has fun rides to try to!

Mine Train


Raging River

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Marine World

Up next is the Marine World, which will be our last stop. Ahhhh, this area is so colorful, and i’m loving it! Aside from the colors, I also fell inlove with some of their attractions! Also, don’t forget to watch their regular shows in their Ocean Theatre, and get to witness dancing seals and dolphins- such cutie patooties!

Also take note that the cable car, which serves as one of the in-park transportations, is located in this area. From Marine World, you can be able to fly up back to the Main Entrance Area, the Aqua City- skipping long minutes + tiring walk!

Shark Mystique


Ocean Park Tower

*overlooking view from the tower- photos below*

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The Dragon


Crazy Galleon


The Abyss


Flying Swing



Ocean Theatre


 Cable Car





Who wouldn’t love Ocean Park, right?! Thanking God for letting us experience the fun this park can bring us! Also, to KLOOK for making it more possible for us to visit this place because of their cheaper tickets! So what are you guys waiting for?

Book your tickets now!!!

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