Instagrammable Cafe ALERT: Gingerbread House, Cavite

Are you like Hansel and Gretel where you deeply love Gingerbread houses?! Now, we can make your gingerbread dreams happen!!! Ask me how 💛

Dreamingly hidden in the heart of Alfonso Cavite, lies a super duper cutie patootie Gingerbread house that will definitely tickle your little heart and trigger the kid in you! Toys, yummy sweet treats, cute Christmas decorations, teddies, and more, will welcome you. Beware, you might not leave this place- as it is really tempting to stay here forever. Ang cute talaga bes pramis!!!!


Pathyway to the Gingerbread House: 

Small wooden notepad hanging by the sides of the pathway, where wishes and dreams were written will welcome you, making your heart all giddy up and just wanted to see more of this place. By the end of the pathway, a wishing well is located. Yep you can toss a coin to the well or write in the wooden notepad for a wish that you want to send to the heavens!


The Gingerbread House 

TENENG!!! Bes, pakalmahin mo puso mo. I know, it’s such a cutie right?! You have all the time to take photos, make titig, and play around the place! ❤


The Cafe: 

Inside The Gingerbread House lies a cafe that offers sweet pastries, all day breakfasts, pastas, cold drinks and shakes and even chocolates and anything you can think of!

You can also spot a big teddy that deserves a warm hug from a kid at heart like you. Kaya, go! Hug that big bebe teddy bewr ❤ You can also spot toys that you can play at the upper part of the cafe.


Candy Village: 

You wouldn’t want to miss a more fun part of this place, would you?! Let the photos tickle your kid heart in you! ✨


How to get there? 

  •  Ride a bus to Alfonso or Batangas
  •  Drop off you at Brgy. Upal
  •  From there, ride a tricycle to the Gongerbread House: 60PHP / trike
  • Contact: 09228945171

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