Hong Kong Travel Guide: Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour

What is it like to be immersed with the locals in Hong Kong, where you don’t just get to discover their history, their culture, and most importantly their food (lol), but also get to be involved with them deeply? Well that’s what happened during our Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour.

Visiting an unfamiliar country is more than just exploring the known attractions, try their famed activities, and just be the usual tourists that just take photos and post them on social media. It’s more than the photos and the likes/ comments. It’s more than the sights. It’s more than the idea of just visiting it. And as for me, it’s basically about the experience. The experience you get when you discover unusual and learn new things. Go deeper as you travel. Don’t be contented on purely seeing attractions but be immersed on the story behind it. Discover the why’s. Discover the real beauty- which is the heart of that attraction.

Thankfully we had Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour, for letting us experience the real beauty of Hong Kong.


About Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour

An excursion in the heart of Kowloon: Yau Ma Tei and Jordan; an immersion to the local Chinese life; a glimpse of their night life; a taste of their traditions; an encounter of the indigenous locals; am experience of the genuine splendor of Hong Kong- that’s what you can expect from this walking tour.

• Visit a century-old fruit market for a blend of hilarious urban tales and exotic fruits
• Enjoy a very local dinner
• Hear stories about the old style Hong Kong restaurant Mido Cafe
• Soak in the lights and sounds at Temple Street market and see the stars in an old-school singing parlour that only lives on in this part of town
• Get the chance to have your fortune told under a banyan tree before we cap off the night with more local food delights.




Visual Tour

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during your Kowloon Walking Tour. It was really amazing!


Trying Chinese’s Local Foods

This is my favorite part of the trip: trying their local street foods!! You wouldn’t believe how yummy their food is! It’s a one for the books experience, indeed.



Exploring Streets of Kowloon

Passing by colorful and interesting streets will make you appreciate Hong Kong more!


Yau Ma Tei Fruit Wholesale Market

Famous for the fruits and vegetables’ cheap price, this place is not your ordinary market. It’s actually marked as a Grade III historic building, since it was built around 1913, and has contributed to Yau Ma Tei’s history. While Yau Ma Tei was once a small community, developing this market has become a big help in fostering the growth of Yau Ma Tei.



There’s nothing like having a scrumptious dinner inside a local restaurant, and of course trying their local food! It was awesome!


Singing Parlour

This is one of the unique experience I’ve got during this tour: going inside an authentic, old-school local entertainment. It was such an amusing time watching local singers, guitarists and drummers flaunting their talent!




Tin Hau Temple

Built to honor Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, this temple serves as a sanctuary for people respecting her especially those whose life and fate is knotted to the sea. Here, you can also spot various fortune tellers that will completely blow your mind if you try one! Yep, you’re free to try them.



Temple Street

Discover the largest one of the busiest yet colorful markets in Hong Kong: The Temple Street. You will surely be startled on how long this market cover! You can even find everything here! What’s more is that, Kowloon Walking Tour includes a tour to a secret spot where you’ll get a good view of this night market.



How to Book?

*click photo*


Tour details:

  • Schedules: Tuesday & Saturday, 7:00pm – 10:30pm
  • Meet Up Point: 7:00pm at Yau Ma Tei MTR Station Exit B (inside the station)
  • What to bring: Comfortable shoes for the walking



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