Hong Kong Travel Guide: Symphony of Lights Cruise

Music and Lights, what else could you ask for an amusing night in Hong Kong? It was indeed a magical one, I swear! And it was all made possible to AquaLuna Symphony of Lights Cruise. Woot!

Victoria Harbour is a well known attraction in Hong Kong City because of its spectacular view of the city’s stunning skyline. Perfectly lying in the middle of the mega city, this place provides the perfect, spectacular city view and skyline that everyone will definitely love. You will literally be in awe once you witness it’s panorama view, making you appreciate the beauty of the city more. Of course, who wouldn’t love a city view like this, right?! Moreover, this place is even known for holding world-famed events such as the annual fireworks displays during  second night of their Lunar New Year, and of course their Symphony of Lights, held every night.


About AquaLuna Symphony of Lights Cruise

Symphony of Lights is something that you must not miss during your stay in Hong Kong. Well, aside from getting that jaw-dropping & breathtaking view of the skyline, you can also witness a spectacular lights and sounds show exactly on the skyline you are looking at! How awesome is that?! Yes, you’re getting it right!- There is an actual light and sound show from the skyline itself. As a matter of fact, Symphony of Lights is actually world’s largest permanent light and sound show, as titled by the Guinnes World Records.

Now imagine this: what about leveling up the experience you can have in the Symphony of Lights- wherein you don’t just get to watch the show from a far but you get to cruise along the Victoria Harbour while enjoying the symphony of lights? Yep, that’s possible.

Say hello to…. AquaLuna Symphony of Lights Cruise ❤

Enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong with an experience like no other. In AquaLuna Symphony of Lights Cruise, you’ll get that perfect moment of savoring the show while cruising around Victoria Harbour, complemented by a glass of wine/ juice that will make your experience even better! What’s more is that you’ll not just be cruising in a usual boat, but in a hand-crafted vessel that is specially made using customary method by craftsmen. They are actually “one of the last-remaining red sail Chinese junk boats,” as Aqua Luna claimed. This is definitely a one for the books experience that you wouldn’t miss on your trip in Hong Kong.



How to Book?

*click photo*

Tour details:

  • Inclusions: A one-hour cruise and one complimentary drink
  • Departure times: 19:30 from Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 2 / 19:45 from Central Pier 9
  • Please arrive at the pier 10 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing
  • How To Get There:
    • Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier No.2: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, L6 exit, across the street, Pier 2 is right behind The Cultural Centre on your right (Close to the Clock Tower) – Map
    • Central Pier 9: via Hong Kong or Central MTR stations, follow signs for the ferry piers. You’ll walk along a raised pedestrian walkway. Once you get to the end, turn right and keep walking until you come to Pier 9 (right next to the Observation Wheel) – Map


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