Visit 14 Attractions in Hong Kong & Macau for only 5200 PHP: iVenture Card

With flabbergasting attractions; breathtaking skylines-like oa, splendid skyscrapers, impressive architecture, notable historical landmarks, amusing activities, complemented by its friendly transportation system, welcoming locals, scrumptious food- with no doubt, Hong Kong and Macau are must-visits countries that will definitely amaze you! With that, let me share to you a secret that is perfect for you #BudgetTrip to Hong Kong and Macau.

2 countries, 14 exciting attractions to try, 3- 5 awesome days, and 1 clever card; your trip to these countries will absolutely be a blast! And what’s more about this is that it will only costs you a price less than the normal. In fact, you’re actually going to save up to 13,000 pesos on touring these attractions. How? Through the “1 clever card” I just mentioned- and that is the iVenture Card.

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Discounted Tickets!!

Yep you heard it right! Through iVenture Card, you can already explore Hong Kong and Macau’s top attractions such as the Ocean Park, Peak Tram, Sky100 Observation Deck, Macau tower, and even a day tour to Macau and Lantau Island! It is also inclusive of exclusive discounts to more attractions like the ultimate happiest place in the world: Disneyland!

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Pre Travel Guide

Where to Book?

In KLOOK, you can score a cheaper rate than the regular price of the iVenture Card, so I highly suggest you book through this platform. *click photo below*


What’s more about KLOOK, is that it involves hassle free transactions wherein:

  • Hassle Free booking (Check their site for proof 😉 )
  • They incorporated instant booking through their site (Stress level = inexistent)
  • You have the advantage of skipping the queues in all the attractions you will avail under Klook. (So yeay, you saved time!)
  •  Paperless e-tickets/ e-vouchers. (You can just show a screenshot of your voucher / ticket to avail the activity)


What attractions are included:


For detailed information, check out: iVenture Hong Kong and Macau Attractions Pass




iVenture Card offers two choices for the length of your trip: it’s either you choose the 5 day access, or the 3 day access. Do take note that the activities included are still the same on both choices- the only difference here is its duration of the card’s validity.

As for us, we only availed the 3 day Itinerary. Here’s how:

*Colors of PINK are the activities availed under iVenture*




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Activity availed: TKW Macau Tour

  • 9 AM: Pick up at either the Macau Hotel or Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. From there, you will visit:
    • The ruins of St. Paul’s section of the old walls
    • Na Tcha Temple
    • Mount Fortress
    • Leal Senado Square
    • A.Ma Temple
    • Nam Van Lake for photos
    • Macau Tower ( Activity availed: Macau Tower Convention Center Entrance)
    • Souvenir Shop
  • 12PM: Lunch (FREE- Hotel Buffet Dinner)
    • Visit Casinos
    • Grand Lisboa
    • Free time in downtown
  • 4PM: Free drop off to Ferry Terminal
    • As for us we requested for a drop off in The Broadway Macau
  • 4PM-5:30PM: Viva La Broadway Show (Activity availed: Viva La Broadway Show)
  • 5:30PM: Avail Broadway Macau Set Meal (Activity availed: Broadway Macau Set Meal)
    • I suggest that you request for a take out instead of dining it in, since time is very limited for us – if you want to maximize the activities under iVenture 🙂
  • 6:30PM: Pier 16 Macau 3D World (Activity availed: Pier 16 Macau 3D World)





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PS: We weren’t able to try the Rickshaw Top Bus tour due to lack of time.



I know a lot of you may seem confused about the iventure card. But basically, this card is something like an ACCESS card to the attractions. It doesn’t include transportation. You get to go to the places on your own with the preferred time you want. This iVenture is not a Tour Package.

  • How to redeem the card? There are several convenient pick up points for you to redeem the actual card. (See: iVenture Card Details)
  • Can we now enter the attractions for free by just presenting the card? Yes. Except for Peak Tram- has a separate ticket that will be given to you with the card. Also take note that reservation is needed for TKW Macau Tour (email:
  • Do click the direct links of each activity above for more guidelines.



  • The activities above are only limited for a specified time. Almost all of them opens at 10AM, and closes at 7PM, making it very complicated for us to fit everything in a 10AM -7PM time slot.
  • The Itinerary above has to be followed strictly, ’cause I really tried my best to put everything in the Itinerary, just so you can try all the activities offered.
  • As you can see, the Itinerary involves a very rush kind of tour, wherein every minute really counts – for you to (almost) avail every activity iVenture Card offers. Thus, make sure to have proper sleep for you to have that ultimate energy!
  • There are no specified time in the Itinerary for your Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner time, so make sure to schedule it properly wherein it won’t affect the time in the Itinerary, since again, every minute counts.
  • Do proper research for each activities, so you will arrive in prepared! (Direct links are also given in the Itinerary, so feel free to click the links for more details)
  • For more information: iVenture Website




How much did you Save?

As said earlier, availing the iVenture Card, will totally save you money- up to 50%! Let’s see if it’s real 😉


Can’t you believe this?! Your supposed-to-be expenses must be 18, 174 pesos / 363.48 USD and yet you only paid for 5218 pesos?! You actually saved 12,956, which is more than what you paid for!! This is insanely amazing, right?! So what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW!!!


Additional Guide:

  • Ferry from HK to Macau (vice versa): Discounted Ferry Tickets
  • Where to stay? Click: Discounted Hotels
  • Transportation Tip: Purchase Octopus Card for hassle-free and convenient commuting.
    • Perfect for:
      • MTR Transportation
      • Shopping (Even in 7-Eleven, Mcdo, etc!)
      • Dining
      • And a lot more!! Sobrang hassle-free promise!!
  • WIFI Service: Purchase Discounted 3G Wifi for easy browsing of google maps, etc.



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125 thoughts on “Visit 14 Attractions in Hong Kong & Macau for only 5200 PHP: iVenture Card

  1. Hi! I just want to ask po kasi medyo na-confuse ako. Yung 4G po ba hindi kasama sa package ‘pag 3 days lang? Wala po kasi savings table and meron sa add’l guide. Thank you in advance!


  2. Goodmorning
    Ms. Cols ask lang po magtravel ako this april sa hk and macau gamit ang iventure card mam yung drop off po ba namen is direct na sa macau parang ang mangyayari is manila to macau or hk parin ang baba namen? Then mag ferry nalang kame pa macau ang plan po kasi namen 1st day is macau


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