Our Unique Weekend Getaway: Casa Antonio Glamping, Batangas

Traveling with my babies/ my dogs is one of my goals as a traveler / fur-parent. There’s nothing like having that quality vacation time with your fur babies outside the city, and embracing the beach life. Gratefully, I discovered that perfect weekend for us.

Believe me when I say I was jumping out of joy when I discovered this mini beach resort that are pet-friendly and budget-friendly at the same time! With no doubt, I booked my schedule and invited the whole family- and of course my fur babies! Thus, we packed our bags, prepared their yummy dog foods, and we’re off to Casa Antonio in Batangas!








The Resort

Hours away from Manila lolls an unusual beach destination that is ideal for an unusual family vacation that you’ll totally love. Yep you heard it right! It’s gonna be an unusual weekend for you and your family ++ your fur babies.

Casa Antonio isn’t as grand as the other resorts in Batangas, but it has its special talent to be proud of: it’s simplicity and it’s pure peacefulness. The place was totally embraced with tranquility. Crowds are few to non existent. The beach was entirely away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was perfectly isolated from everything. Thus, you get to bond more with your family, and get to enjoy the place (almost) all by yourselves.






The Beach

Everyone loves the beach! I do, too! And guess what, my fur babies too! Ahhh, I just love seeing them enjoying the warm sun, the fresh gentle wind and the coolness of the waters. They absolutely enjoyed the beach!

Do take note that the beach isn’t that marvelous as you may expect. It isn’t that clear. The sand isn’t that pure and white. It has corals and rocks everywhere. And during the afternoon, where the sun is scorching hot, the water may be warm. However, it didn’t stopped us from appreciating and enjoying the beauty of the sea. We still got blissful moments by the beach and we are contented with that 🙂







Accommodation: Glamping Tent

Mhan the tent was so huge! And compared to the tents I experienced during my camping trips before, this glamping tent really has a difference! Aside from being huge, there are mattress, pillows and blankets inside- which will make our night (and even my fur babies’ night) oh-so-comfy!







The Service

What I like the most about Casa Antonio, is their friendly and accommodating service. If I could give them a score, 9/10 is perfect for them! Well, aside from being accommodating, they have this extra care for their customers to the point that they can sacrifice their comfort & security for the safety of their guests. Yep, we were in the middle of a heavy rain during the night when the staffs ran into us and assisted us on everything. They were all soaked up because of the rain! But they still continued to shelter us for protection. Kudos for all the staffs in Casa Antonio!





Of course, chilling and relaxing by the beach aren’t enough for our family. We had to try fun activities to supplement our stay in the resort! Check these out:








SUP/ Paddle Boarding



Even my fur-babies enjoyed the activities. They were so cute!!






Casa Antonio has various of packages to choose from. May you be a solo traveler, or a family/ barkada traveler, dude, they got ’em all for yah!


How to get there?

We didn’t had a hard time traveling to Casa Antonio. It was all hassle-free!

Via Public Transportation:

From Coastal Mall

  • From Coastal Mall Grand Terminal, ride a bus bound to Calatagan
    • Travel Time: 3-4 hrs
    • Fare: 180 PHP
  • Drop off Calatagan Market
  • Hire a tricycle to take you to Sta. Ana, Calatagan
    • Fare: 200 PHP

From MRT Taft Station

  • Near Kabayan Hotel, ride a van bound to Calatagan
    • Travel Time: 3-4 hrs
    • Fare: 200 PHP
  • Drop off Calatagan Market
  • Hire a tricycle to take you to Sta. Ana, Calatagan
    • Fare: 200 PHP

Via Private Transportation:

  • Waze: Key in Playa Calatagan or Stilts Resort in Waze. The resort is a few blocks after these resorts

More info: https://goo.gl/H5m5Xg







  • Facebook Page: Casa Antonio
  • Contact Number: Smart- 092049755730 || Globe- 09568102000


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