Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: A 1300PHP Itinerary

Exploring the beauty of Ho Chi Minh city is something you have to include in your bucket list. Yep, if you’re dreaming to be in Europe but you still don’t have the ability to, then Ho Chi Minh city is perfect for you.

Sizzling with beauty, Ho Cho Minh city is a city that will totally get your feet off the ground! The structures were aesthetically beautiful. Gothic French architectures are everywhere in the city which are so pleasing to the eyes. What’s more interesting in this city is that roads aren’t filled with cars… but motorbikes! Hundreds of motorbikes cross the highways and it is so amusing to watch them.

But what if you become part of these marvelous group of motorbikes, exploring the whole city? Yep that’s possible! Check THIS out!

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Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg How to get to Ho Chi Minh, Cambodia?
  • By Plane: There are several airlines that offer flights to/from Ho Chi Minh (Check: Skyscanner for flight comparisons)
  • Taking he Indochina Backpacking Trip: There are buses available from Siem Reap that transports directly to the city.
stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg  Do we need Visa for this country?

For Philippine Passport holders, we don’t have to apply for any visa to Vietnam. Yeay!

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  Where to stay?

Accommodations in Ho Cho Minh are pretty cheap, in fact you can even score a hostel for only 150 PHP a day! Check out these direct links for Accommodation Choices:

> >Ho Chi Minh Accommodation

money-bag-256.png  How to get Vietnam Dong?

I highly suggest to avoid exchanging your money in airports or hotels because of high transaction charges. You can exchange your money a day before your trip in Authorized Money Changers, which is more favorable



Ho Chi Minh Guide

untitled  Where to Book?

In KLOOK, you can book a Motorbike City tour for a price for less. *click photo below*


Book your tickets here: H E R E

map-512 Inclusive of:
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Motorbike tour
  • Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off




What’s special in this tour is that it isn’t that usual Package tour that you hop on a bus or A van and the Tourist Guide will just show you around the places. In this KLOOK Tour, you don’t just tour around the place, but you get to be one of the locals through riding their traditional transportation system: the motorbikes! Isn’t that fun and exciting? You’ll get to explore Ho Chi Minh city in a local perspective, and that’s something that you shouldn’t miss while you visit HCM!



Thich Quang Duc statue


This place is not just an ordinary statue, but a notable one. The person behind this statue is one of the most significant person and hero of Vietnam, who burned himself to death in Ho Chi Minh city as a protest against the persecution of Buddhists. Thus, this place is a grand tribute to this Buddhist monk who sacrificed his own life for his love to the people.


Reunification Palace



The iconic Reunification Palace is something that has to be visited during your trip in the city. Aside from its aesthetic structure and its significance as a workplace and home of the president, this place also has a huge part of Vietnam’s history. It serves as a commemoration of Vietnam’s past- where it has survived two ghastly wars against the French and the Americans, and has marked the end of these wars.


Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica



A Romanesque inspired structure that is just breathtaking, Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely more than worth it to be visited! Its beautiful architecture that will let you feel as if you’re in Europe is something to look forward to. And guess what, every pieces of this architecture is imported directly from France- which is just perfect to really feel the Europe vibe around.



Saigon Central Post Office



Just right across Notre Dame Cathedral lies an aesthetically beautiful Post Office that will surely gratify your eyes as much as Notre Dame did. Saigon Post Office is that perfect supplement of your Europe-like experience in the city! It also features French-inspired architecture, and also is a big part of Vietnamese’s history- as it functions as the only communication system with the world during the war.


Opera House


Another French inspired architecture which is magnificently standing in the middle of the city. Saigon’ Opera House houses outstanding theatrical performances that will surely get your feet off the ground!


War Remnants Museum



A perfect way to reminisce Vietnam’s interesting history is to visit the War Remnants Museum and get to learn several stories during the Vietnam war. This museum consists of several themed galleries containing numerous exhibits and artworks that narrates stories of Vietnam’s war-torn past that will move you in an unexpected way! Believe me, I was shookt.


Jade Emperor Pagoda



A small Taoist temple which is quite interesting since you can go inside to observe how Chinese worship and offer prayers to their God. Moreover, did you know that Barack Obama visited this temple last 2016? I bet this temple has this special thing that a prestigious man like Obama offered his time to pay this temple a visit.



Other Places to Visit:

Staying in Ho Chi Minh for more than a day? Check out the other places / activities you can try to make your stay more memorable!


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