Indochina Travel Guide: A 7 day + 11,000PHP Itinerary

Wondering how you could explore 5 foreign destinations, earn a total of 6 passport stamps, visit numerous temples, experience off the beaten path adventures, eat exotic foods, meet new friends and locals, and just have that YOLO time of your life in 7 epic days all for a budget of 11,000 PHP?!

That’s possible, my friend. I must say, this trip is the cheapest (considering the number of days and the experiences) and the most amazing one I had (so far!) I wouldn’t exchange the memories and fun times I got with anything! I just had the best experience ever, and I want you to experience this too!





Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Indochina Route:


We started our Indochina Adventure in Bangkok Thailand, and ended it in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. There are several airlines that offer flights to/from Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh (Check: Skyscanner for flight comparisons)

As for us, we had our RT fare at 3800 PHP!

stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg  Do we need Visa for these countries?

For Philippine Passport holders, we don’t have to apply for any visa to these countries. Yeay!

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  Where to stay?

Accommodations in these countries are pretty cheap, in fact you can even score a hostel for only 150 PHP a day! Check out these direct links for Accommodation Choices:

PS: Carefully read the Guide below since not all countries we visited needs an accommodation to stay. There are nights that we weren’t in an accommodation, but in a Overnight Bus trip.

6884234-Yellow-warning-triangle-sign-with-exclamation-mark-isolated-on-whte-background--Stock-Photo.jpg Note:

This is a SUGGESTED itinerary and budget assuming that you’re conscious with your funds, wherein you will be traveling in a cheap way: stay in a hostel, eat in cheap restaurants, use local transportation, etc. You’re actual expenses may vary depending on how you manage your funds.




DAY 1- BANGKOK, Thailand


Places to Visit
  • Wat Pho
  • Golden Palace
  • Floating Market (if there’s still time)
How to get to these places?
  • Ride the MRT to Saphan Taksin Station. Go out Exit No. 2. Beware of Tour Agencies that overprice boat fees- just simply proceed directly to Chao Phraya Express Boat. Ride it for only 20 BAHT, and drop off Ta Chang Pier (No.9.)
  • How to get around / proceed to hotel: We made use of their MRT Train which is the most convenient way for me. I usually avoid tuktuk/ taxis since most of them overprice their fares knowing that you are a tourist.
  • PS: We weren’t able to visit the Golden Palace since its so expensive and a lot of my friends told me that it’s not going to be worth it because the temple’s filled with crowds.
  • PS: We also weren’t able to visit the Floating Market since we were tired already from our flight and we somewhat lack time too.
  • MRT Fare (RT): 104 PHP (80 BAHT)
  • Boat Fare (RT): 104 PHP (80 BAHT)
  • Food: 156 PHP (120 BAHT)
  • Entrance Fee- Wat Pho: 130 PHP (100 BAHT)
  • Accommodation: 275PHP (Hide Bangkok Hostel)
  • T O T A L: 769 PHP


DAY 2- PATTAYA, Thailand

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Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  • From Bangkok, ride a bus to Pattaya in Ekkamai Bus Station (Near BTS Ekkamai), Drop Off Pattaya Bus Station (Travel Time: 2 hours)
  • Ride a White Jeep near the highway, and tell the driver to drop you off at Cartoon Network Pattaya (Travel Time: 45 mnts)

NEXT STEP: Transfer from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

  • From Pattaya, return to Bangkok Hotel and pack up things
  • Proceed to Mo Chit MRT
  • Ride a Motorbike to the Mo Chit Bus Station
  • Take the OVERNIGHT BUS to Chiang Mai (Travel time: 9 hours)
    • Walk ins are allowed
    • Book online for sure slots: Book Here
  • RT Bus Fare: 280 PHP  (216 BAHT)
  • RT Jeep Fare: 52 PHP (40 BAHT)
  • Cartoon Network Amazone Fare: 1338 PHP
  • Food: 148 PHP (114 BAHT)
  • No Accommodation: Spend the night in an Overnight Bus
  • MRT Fare: 61PHP (47 BAHT)
  • Motorbike: 78 PHP (60 BAHT)
  • Overnight Bus Fare: 629 PHP (484 BAHT)
  • T O T A L: 2586 PHP



DAY 3- CHIANG MAI, Thailand


Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  • From Chiang Mai Bus Station, ride a Red Jeep going to your accommodation
  •  Pickup from hotel / accommodation is already included in the package
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary  (Afternoon Visit): 1680 PHP (1400 BAHT)
  • Red Jeep Fare: 52 PHP (40 BAHT)
  • Accommodation: 251 PHP (9 Hostel)
  • Food: 156 PHP (120 BAHT)
    • Dinner included in the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Package
  • T O T A L: 2137 PHP



DAY 4- CHIANG MAI, Thailand


Places to Visit
  • Motorbike Tour around the city
    • There are A LOT of temples around the city. As in almost every corner has one! So your day won’t definitely be boring- you got a lot of temples to visit!
How to get to these places?


NEXT STEP: Transfer from Bangkok to Siem Reap

  • Ride an overnight bus back to Bangkok
    • Travel time: 9 hrs
    • NOTE: Make sure you have to arrive Bangkok earlier than 7AM, since bus bound to Siem Reap only has two schedules: 7AM and 9AM.
  • From Bangkok, ride a bus bound DIRECTLY to Siem Reap (Travel Time: 7 hrs)
  • Motorbike Rental: 455 PHP (350 BAHT) / 2 PAX = 227 PHP
  • Gas: 39 PHP (30 BAHT)
  • Food: 260 PHP (200 BAHT)
  • Bus to Bangkok: 624 PHP (480 BAHT)
  • Bus to Siem Reap: 975 PHP (750 BAHT)
  • No Accommodation: Spend the night in an Overnight Bus
  • T O T A L: 2125 PHP



DAY 5-  SIEM REAP, Cambodia

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Places to Visit
  • Pub Street
How to get to these places?
  • From Siem Reap bus terminal, ride a tuktuk to accommodation
  • How to get around / proceed to hotel: Via Tuktuk. Usual fare is 1USD.
  • Tuktuk: 43 PHP (1 USD)
  • Food:
    • Bangkok: 84 PHP (60 BAHT)
    • Siem Reap: 64.5 PHP (1.5 USD)
  • Accommodation: 150PHP (Siem Reap Pub Hostel)
  • T O T A L: 342 PHP



DAY 6- SIEM REAP,Cambodia


Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  •  Book a tuktuk for a whole day tour around Angkor Wat Park Tour. I highly suggest you choose the mini tour, since it covers most of the recognized ones.

NEXT STEP: Transfer from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh

  • Book a bus  for your overnight trip to Ho Chi Minh. You can ride a tuktuk for 1 USD if it’s far from you.
  • PS: If you want a cheaper bus rate, book DIRECTLY to bus companies instead of agencies. We availed Virak Buntham Express.
  • Tuktuk tour: 559 PHP (13 USD) / 2 PAX= 280 PHP
  • Angkor Wat Entrance Fee: 1591 PHP (37 USD)
  • Food: 215 PHP (5 USD)
  • Bus to HCM: 731 PHP (17 USD)
  • No Accommodation: Spend the night in an Overnight Bus
  • T O T A L: 2817 PHP



DAY 7- HO CHI MINH, Vietnam


Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  • Just learn to read the map, and you’re good to go!
  • Food: 250 PHP (110,000 VND)
  • T O T A L: 250PHP



Day 1: Bangkok 769 PHP
Day 2: Pattaya 2586 PHP
Day 3: Chiang Mai 2137 PHP
Day 4: Chiang Mai 2125 PHP
Day 5: Siem Reap 342 PHP
Day 6: Siem Reap 2817 PHP
Day 7: Ho Chi Minh 250 PHP
T O T A L 11, 026 PHP

Told yah! For only 11,000 PHP, you get to experience A LOT that are beyond your expectations! This trip is more than worth it, I swear.



Well, dude, you just have to take this trip. We live in a beautiful world – maximize it. Explore it. Appreciate it. Coming from a person (me) who have traveled to 5 foreign destinations, discovered off the beaten path places, witnessed magical sunrises and sunsets, breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring hidden gems, experienced unique cultures- I am deeply, sincerely, oa-ly, encouring you to go- and say yes to this adventure!

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  1. Hi! Just wondering how your trip at Virak Buntham went? I just saw bad reviews about the bus company and was curious if you had the same experience too. Thanks!


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