Luxury at its Finest: Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

Traveling to Macau is a once in a lifetime moment. It’s an opportunity that when you step into this elegant country, you’ll get that feeling of endearment and fondness that you simply want to savor every minute of your stay here. I must say, I undoubtedly felt that feeling when I was in Macau. And for such an exceptional country / destination, you must surely stay in an equally exceptional setting. Thankfully, I got Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 that gave more value of our stay in this country.

Staying in a haven of luxury in the heart of Macau is something you shouldn’t miss during your visit in this sophisticated country. And if I say luxury, I am pertaining to Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 , the best world class hotel in the area! From the north to the south and the east to the west of this luxury hotel, everything was just oozing with comfortable indulgence. Its uniquely designed setting where French art de recevoir, supplemented by Chinese architectures, welcomes you with elegance. You will definitely say yes to this luxurious adventure!





The Hotel

“A world of sophisticated elegance.”  Everything was indeed French-ly luxurious Luxury and Grandeur was my first (and last) impression to Sofitel Macau. The moment we first step into this splendor hotel until our last glimpse of it, opulence dominated us. It was indeed a heaven sent for anyone. From its marvelous ceilings, spectacular wall designs, splendid embellishments, and eminent furniture, to excellent hotel service, delectable international cuisines, and lavish amenities, it will absolutely be a one-of-a-kind, luxurious hotel experience!






Prime Location: Beautifully lying in the heart of Macau, this hotel is easily accessible from the city. Famous attractions are also within easy reach, and so does the ferry terminal and the airport! Not to mention its awe-inspiring overlooking view of the picturesque waterfront.

  • A 10 minute walk from Senado Square
  • A 15 minute walk from the Ruins of St. Paul
  • 1.5KM away from Guia Fortress and A Ma Temple
  • Free 2-way shuttle services from Border Gate and Macau Ferry Terminal are provided.


Best way to book?

Through AccorHotels, the world’s leading hotel operator. Through this platform, you can be able to get discounts and/or special offers. In fact, they are guaranteeing that you can get the cheapest rate from them as they are matching the rates elsewhere and adding an additional 10% discount! What’s more is that you can also get exclusive /private offers that no other than AccorHotels offers.



A Promise of Luxury

Indeed, a superior luxury that exceed standard 5-star expectations! The moment I stepped inside the doors of this lavish hotel, sumptuousness conquered my senses! I felt as if I was a princess. With its golden surroundings, shimmering crystal ceiling, decorative mosaic floor, and of course, accommodating Sofitel ambassadors, with no doubt, I instantly felt embraced with hospitability and royalty. And take note, this 5-star hotel is affordable luxury! I totally got my money’s worth on this.






With the hotel’s 408 rooms, I believe 1 is meant for you. Well, luxury is not just found in the exteriors of the hotel. It also gave justice to their rooms and suites, as the same elegance and sophistication is certainly established inside. The acme here is how their extravagance doesn’t affect the comfort and leisure we personally need from the hotel. Oozing with coziness and classiness, every room is specially equipped with the famous My Bed™ concept, a Sofitel exclusive, plasma screens, a Bose sound system, an espresso machine, and a L’Occitane or Hermès bathroom amenities. Jacuzzis are also available inside the Prestige Suites.

Junior Suites:


Luxury Room:


Prestige Suite:


Superior Room:



Our Room

The ambiance of the room is so comforting that you just want to stay inside and savor every moment with your room. (It was love at first sight, I swear.) Coziness and pure relaxation welcomed us as every corner is just perfectly meant for our own personal staycation! The bed’s tender mattress is so soft that it let us sink right into it! The couch’s convivial trait is just gladdening and is perfectly placed beside the elegant window, where a breathtaking view saluted us! Moreover, its impressing bathroom made up of marble and granite amazed us, as it isn’t just huge, but is astounding, where large overheard showers and a sophisticated bathtub harmonized by the mini television are placed perfectly just in front of it, which makes us more excited for our me time! There’s nothing like being chill and lazy in your own little slice of paradise.





View outside our window



Aside from having the best experience in their cozy rooms, this luxurious hotel has a multitude of amenities that made our stay even better! Ahhhhh this is definitely a perfect staycation!


Restaurants and Bars

World class Cuisines are also offered by this prestige hotel! What’s more is that you have a variety of choices of restaurants and bars you can choose from to fit your standard. As for us, The Mistral Restaurant was meant for us.

Mistral Restaurant

Offering a wide array of international food, this buffet restaurant will definitely have your tummy happy. Our jaw literally dropped as we saw the vast selection of various cuisines that is so appetizing to look at. Not only do they look scrumptious, but they also taste scrumptious! Every moment was so glorious that we can’t contain ourselves as we indulge the food we were eating. Moreover, the ambiance of the place perfect complements our experience. Luxury was still given justice to this place. I’m giving this restaurant a 5 star!





Beside the Mistral Restaurant, there are more restaurant / bars for you to try during your visit. I believe the you will also get the same awesome experience like we had!

  • Rendezvous Bar
  • Privè French Restaurant
  • Le Chinois Cantonese Restaurant


Swimming Pool

Nothing beats dipping in a pool overlooking a picturesque waterfront of Macau’s inner harbor that is beyond breathtaking. This amenity perfectly spells Total R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.






Fitness Centre

Those that are feeling fit and wanted to go to the gym first thing in the morning won’t get disappointed because Sofitel got their back! They’ll even get extra happy ’cause the gym overlooks the pool with the waterfront as its backdrop.




So Spa

It was just the perfect time for me to try their So Spa! My stay here in Sofitel wouldn’t be complete without experiencing their 5-class Spa Services. And believe me when I say that my 60 minute experience in So Spa was the best of all my Spa Experiences I had to date. It was so soothing beyond words. Every touch was a touch of tranquility and luxury. It was pure wonderful.







Our Sofitel experience was one of the best. I must say I got more than my money’s worth, and given this chance, I am encouraging you to try, at least once in your life, the beauty of this luxury hotel. Ahhhh, Sofitel, you’ll be missed ❤



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