A Tranquil Weekend Staycation: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Do you know that feeling that you have that strong urge to breathe, to bask in the sun, to appreciate the beautifulness of nature, and just be grateful about life? Well I felt that intensely. And thankfully, we discovered Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and tucked inside the tranquility of the province of Rizal. This resort is everything you need for a quintessential staycation.

Without a doubt, Rizal is a paradise of picturesque and breathtaking destinations that offers off the beaten adventures for everyone- you get to hike mountains, ride ATVs, do watersports, everything! But if you’re totally looking for that perfect staycation, away from everything: well, this place is perfect for you: Mount Purro Nature Reserve.






The Resort

Mount Purro Nature Reserve was everything I expected it to be- and more! The peacefulness of the place is beyond words. And if I could give an example of pure tranquility, without a doubt, Mount Purro Nature Reserve is that perfect one!





Every corner of this place is so soothing. The ambiance is perfect where it is swarming with rich, lush greenery, the breathtaking view of the mountains is so stunning that it will totally leave you speechless, the air is so refreshingly cool which really supplements the relaxing atmosphere of the place, the staff are so welcoming and the villas are just the right ones you need during your relaxing stay- no aircons, no brick walls, and simply bamboo cottages. You’ll definitely get yourself immersed with the flawless beauty of nature in no time!

What’s more is that this resort is rich in character, where it operates with a heartening purpose: “Love. Country. Family. Nature. God.” 

Our primary motivation for engaging in this type of business is our love for the environment. Through the years, we have planted thousands of trees in a 1,000+ hectare area in the hills and slopes of Mount Purro. If rehabilitated correctly, the Marikina Watershed can truly curb a lot of the damage done by destructive typhoons. Our hope is that we serve as an inspiration to other like-minded individuals, so that they too can help bring back the forest to its former glory.

General Miguel Malvar, the founder of Mount Purro, has dedicated his life to being caretakers of the forests- saving trees and building new ones and reviving our dear Mother Earth. How inspiring is that? No wonder how this place is blessed with nature and love.





Our Room

Placed perfectly in the middle of the forest, our cottage is just the right one for us to be immersed with the beautiful nature. The interiors are simple, with just a mirror hanging on the wall- no frames and no designs at all. The bed has usual pillows and blankets. There’s no aircon, just the ceiling fan. And oh, there’s no wifi. You have to connect yourself with the people you’re with and with the wildlife. This is totally a unique staycation!






Outdoor Pool

This is definitely my favorite part of our stay! There’s nothing perfect than having a dip in their pool surrounded by their lush, comforting forest. It was indeed a tranquil me time.






The Dining Experience

There’s nothing like having a scrumptious meal in a serene backdrop wherein you will get that relaxing and romantic feels as every corner is perfectly designed in line with its garden theme complimented by the sweet cool breeze, sound of the nature, and hmmmmm, the smell of sweet pancakes! Our dining experience is unexplainably momentous.




The restaurant’s ambiance just perfectly complements the theme of the whole resort. It’s very laidback- the decorations and the design is pretty simple. Well, basically it’s enough for a unique nature-dining experience!





Their meals are delicious beyond words! Well it is made with love by Mount Purro’s supermon, Loli of Loli’s Kitchen! The food is not only scrumptious but healthy as well.




samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Along Aurora Boulevard/Marcos highway, you can take a Jeep going to COGEO

  • From COGEO, take another Jeep that says PAENAAN. Tell the driver you would be going down at KANTO VETERANS

  • From KANTO VETERANS, ride 2 tricycles to Mount Purro Nature Reserve in Barangay Calawis. (130 pesos for the 2 trikes)

Via Private Transportation

  • You can search “Mount Purro Nature Reserve” on Waze



untitled Contact:

  • Official Website: Mount Purro Nature Reserve
  • Address: Purok 5, Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City, Philippines
  • Tel: 09985612815
  • E-mail: sales.mountpurronaturereserve@gmail.com




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