A Step To A Better Skin: Kamiseta Skin

*Bes gumugurang ka na!!* These 4 words Kiel told me are the words that led me to realize how important my skin is. Yes, I am that person who actually don’t really care about taking care of my skin until I realize that I’m getting panget with all the particles and species my skin is generating. *lol*

I’ve been traveling and exploring different parts of the world and that means I get to meet a lot of enemies that damage my skin. Sun burns are normal for me and  road dusts are usual companions of my skin. I also eat different kinds of food (depends on what that country offers,) and my sleeping pattern is a mess- which are one of the major causes of skin damage.  You see, I care about how I look, but I failed to take care of my skin (panget ko na tuloy lol.)

Then, one day, I realized I have to visit the derma clinic for consultations and probably avail a treatment. Bes, magpapaganda tayo, okay!? 

And tada! I discovered this derma clinic which fits my needs and oh!, my style. Say hello to Kamiseta Skin (with dramatic entrance)!!






About Kamiseta Skin

Kamiseta Skin is a newly opened Skin and Laser clinic conveniently located in the heart of Pasig City. This newest beauty haven will definitely take your heart away as it offers all your beauty treatment needs. What’s more is that, they don’t just serve you with the usual dermatology treatments but offers advanced and comprehensive skin care solutions that will put your beauty up to the next level! So ano na mga bes, g?






untitled Contact:




My Experience

It’s been forever since I last visited a derma clinic. Gratefully, my realizations brought me to visit Kamiseta Skin. This clinic is not your usual derma clinic, i’m telling you! I must say, my experience with this clinic is beyond worth it. Here’s why:


Aesthetic *instagrammable* clinic

Told yah, this clinic totally fits my style! From the north to the south, and from the east to the west, every corner of this clinic is so instagrammable! I was in awe and my jaw literally dropped the moment I entered the clinic. Glam and Elegance will totally conquer your senses as this wonderland is filled with posh and stylish decorations you’ll totally love- like oa! Cozy, glamourous chairs are placed everywhere! Chandeliers are within our reach, which are perfect supplements of the posh vibe this place offers. Fascinating floral prints are in every corner, which makes the ambiance oh-so-vibrant! Isn’t this the prettiest dermatology clinic?!

Personally speaking, the ambiance of the place- whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel or a clinic, is a very crucial thing for my overall experience. I always make sure the place is appealing to the eyes and have this cozy vibe that makes my experience relaxing. Well, the ambiance of the place is definitely a factor to your one-for-the-books dermatology clinic experience, right?







Affordable Luxury

As elegant as this clinic seems, and as luxurious the vibe is, you wouldn’t believe how affordable their service is! From a budget-friendly price, you’ll already can avail their beauty treatments. You’ll totally get your money’s worth here!

And if you think about it, money is just money. I mean instead of spending it on other things that easily pass, why not invest it on experiences and on taking care of yourself. It’s one way to earn happiness that are able to stay forever.

PS: Tune in on their Facebook Page: Kamiseta Skin for updated promos and discounts!




Hands-on Service

If I would treat myself on a pamper-day, of course, I would want to be treated in the best way possible. Kamiseta Skin didn’t failed me on this. The moment I entered their clinic, I already felt their hospitability and care. Aside from being relaxed by their cozy ambiance, the staff were very accommodating. They make sure that they will cater my needs to make my experience a special one!

What’s more is that, I love how they are confident with what perfect treatment you need. I honestly visited Kamiseta Skin with no definite plans- all I know that my skin has to be treated and I have to visit a derma clinic, that’s it. But when I visited the clinic and consulted their dermatologists, I was amazed on how they know what you need for your skin, and they make sure the treatment will be properly executed!



Oh by the way, I availed their revlite treatment, perfect to remove sun tans, sun freckles, acne spots, or any scars your skin has (even a tatoo!)


Hello Colleen V2.0

After my visit in Kamiseta Skin, I felt more confident and maganda. My sun tans were treated, as well as my acne spots! I’ll definitely be back, and this time, I want my kili-kili to be treated naman.


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