Tokyo Travel Guide: A 15,700 PHP Itinerary

Without a doubt, Tokyo, Japan is as unique as nowhere in the world! No place on earth compares how magical this city is! With its incomparable natural wonders, impressive rich culture, unique civilization, jaw-dropping architectures, friendly and hospitable people, advanced technologies, and oh their high-tech toilets, you will never go wrong with Tokyo. I was literally speechless when I encountered this world-class-city- and if you would ask me, I wouldn’t miss going back to this city for the world.

Sprawling and dynamic as it can be, Tokyo will fascinate you with everything. With an eclectic mix of traditional and modern living, Tokyo is a city that will surprise you with anything. From traditional and cultural attractions to quirky and contemporary ones, this city got ’em all! Not to mention their advanced/techy way of living where their toilets are automatically operated, and their restaurants are accommodated by robots, this city will surely leave you speechless. And if you add the Japanese Spirit this city has, where people are all friendly, accommodating and incredibly respectful, Tokyo is more than perfect.

Yes, I love Tokyo so much that I wouldn’t mind going back to this city very soon. I am serious. You know this is true love since personally speaking, I’m not a city girl. I don’t like the city vibes- the busy streets, the sound of the racing cars, the disorderliness of the occupied people, and the like. But experiencing Tokyo is different. I fell in love with this city in a heartbeat with no specific reason. There’s something about Tokyo that quickly took my heart away. It’s strange, but I just really love Tokyo. And I bet you will too!






Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

There are several platforms to score a cheap flight to Tokyo (e.g. Budget Airlines like Cebu Pacific and Jetstar, Travel search sites like Skyscanner.) Here are some tips:

  • Visit their websites regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their ganaps. (You can also use the “See First” thing on their page to get a higher chance of knowing their promos.)

stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg Do we need Japan Visa?

For Philippine Passport Holders, we are required to apply a Single OR Multiple Entry Visa in order for us to enter Japan. Personally speaking, applying for a Japan Visa is quite easy- all you have to do is submit all the requirements in an effective and efficient manner, and you’re good to go!

Read more: Visa/ Consular Services: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  How to get around?

One amazing thing about Tokyo City is it’s well-developed transportation system. They got the world’s best public transportation, and I couldn’t agree more. Every spot in this city is easily accessible. In fact, the train’s JR Yamanote Line passes to all the city’s spots.

  • Best Way to get around: Train and Subway
    • Easy and Convenient
    • More Expensive than riding a Bus, though.
    • Note: Just be familiar with their Stations. See: Tokyo Metro Guide
    • Tips for using the train on a budget BELOW
  • Cheaper alternative: Bus
    • Not recommended for newbies
    • Access Google Maps for Bus Options
  • The most convenient but most Expensive: Taxis
    • Taxi fares are very expensive! It usually starts at a base fare of 410 JPY.

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  Where to stay?

As a budget traveler, I always make it to the point that the accommodation I am checking in is budget-friendly and is close as possible to a public transportation. Gratefully, I found a perfect one!

  • Name: Bunka Hostel, Tokyo
  • Budget: Around 1500PHP / night
  • Access: 500 meters away Asakusa Station

untitled  Travel Checklist:


Helpful Tips

untitled Essentials:
  • Rent a 4g Wifi to stay connected:
    1. Hyperdia: This will help you throughout your Train and Subway adventure in Tokyo as it will provide you the route and the timetable of the railways.
    2. Google Maps: This has been my ultimate travel buddy during my trip in Tokyo. I consider this as my “how to get there-buddy,” as it provides me with routes and walking trails towards my destination.
    3. Google Translate App: This will totally help you communicate with the locals.
  • Purchase an unlimited Transportation Pass
    1. JR Pass: if you’re traveling to more than one city in Japan (aside from Tokyo,) this is a great deal!!
    2. Tokyo Subway Ticket: chances are you’ll be riding a lot of public transportation to get around, so this unlimited pass will surely save you money, as it grants unlimited access to all subway lines.

untitled Money Saving Tips:
  • Buy your meal in a convenient store
    • Family Mart, 7 Eleven and other convenient stores in Tokyo has cheap set meals (averaging at 300-500 JPY) that you can purchase,
    • Save: Around 300 JPY
  • Always bring your passport with you as there are stores that offer TAX FREE items to tourists /foreigners.
  • Sleep in manga or internet cafes
    • This is definitely a budget saver! These cafes are not your regular internet cafes as they don’t just offer a PC station to rent but a spacious cubicle (with a comfortable chair or bed to sleep with!) Some of these even offers showers, charging stations, and the like.
    • Save: Around 2000 JPY
  • Work for your room
    • There are also hostels like Khao San Chain that offers free accommodation in exchange for your service (e.g. receptionist, cleaners, etc.)
    • Save: Around 4000 JPY/ night


Places to Visit

Without a doubt, Tokyo is splurging with attractions that will definitely take your feet off the ground! And take note, most of them are free! (Yeay!) With all these amazing attractions, one has to condense them into the best ones given the limited budget and limited time we have. So, here you go!


Shibuya Crossing / Shibuya City



Shibuya’s sprawling scramble intersection itself is something that is already beyond amazing. Imagine an intersection with around 2500 people cross on every change of the rush-hour traffic signal- insanely beautiful, isn’t it?!

Shibuya itself is also known as one of the famous shopping and entertainment districts in the city. You might as well maximize your stay in this city and shop till you drop!

  • Read More: Tokyo Travel Guide: Shibuya Crossing
  • Tip: Get an overlooking view from the Starbucks Cafe (right across Shibuya Station!)
  • Access: In front of Shibuya Station
  • Possible Expenses: 420 JPY (Starbucks Drink)


Hachiko Statue


Just beside Shibuya Station and at the corner of the busy Shibuya crossing lies the memorial of Japan’s most famous dog, Hachiko. This statue doesn’t just serve as a popular tourist destination for over 50 years, but also an inspiration for everyone of us as this dog portrays what true love and loyalty really is.





Harajuku is known as the center of Japanese youth and culture as this street is filled with Youth-oriented cafes, boutiques, and stores. From the entrance of the street itself, you will already feel the fun vibe the neon colors of the establishments are bringing. And as you continue to explore around, crazy eye-popping Youth styles will catch your attention- from kawaii (cute) styles to the outré ones, and everything in between. If you want to spot quirky and stylish fashion in different levels that you won’t find anywhere outside Japan, Harajuku is the place.

  • Read More: Tokyo Travel Guide: Harajuku
  • Access: In front of Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line) ;  Short walk from Meijijingu-mae Station (Chiyoda & Fukutoshin Subway Lines)
  • Possible Expenses: Shopping Expenses, probably.





Shinjuku is a large diverse district and is home to most of Tokyo’s highest buildings. From large scale stores and department stores to high-end hotels and diverse restaurants, from offices and universities to entertainment hubs, this place has everything! In fact, plainly seeing the city itself is already enough for you to be startled. It city’s beauty is like no other!

  • Read More: Tokyo Travel Guide: Shinjuku
  • Tip: To get a FREE overlooking view of the city, drop by the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Who knows, you might spot the mighty Mt. Fuji from afar!
  • Access: Shinjuku Station (served by a dozen of Railway Lines)
  • Possible Expenses:  Shopping Expenses, probably.

pink-dotted-lineRobot Restaurant



If you want a unique and fun experience in Tokyo, this place has to be in your list! This is not your usual restaurant where Japanese food and drinks will be served in your table, but what this restaurant offers are dancing robots, twinkling neon lights, energetic flashy dancers, and the most awesome 90 minute show of your life! This is, without a doubt, one-for-the-books experience!

  • Read More: Guide to be posted soon
  • Discounted Tickets: Robot Restaurant Tickets
  • Show Schedule: 4:00pm, 5:55pm, 7:50pm, 9:45pm
  • Tip: Arrive early before the show starts for you to enjoy their glittery restaurant upstairs.
  • Access: 5 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station, 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchome Station
  • Possible Expense: Entrance Fee- 2525 PHP (Klook )





For any gadget fans, Akihabara is the perfect haven for you! This place is filled with discounted / cheap electronic shops that will surely let you fall head over heels with its electric charm. For non gadget fans, let the lively surroundings of this techy town allure you!

  • Read More: Tokyo Travel Guide: Akihabara
  • Tip: To maximize your experience in this district, try Go-Karting around Akihabara wearing a cutie costume: Street Go Karting Experience
  • Access: Akihabara Station (JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, JR Sobu Line, Tsukuba Express and Hibiya Subway Line) ;  Suehirocho Station (Ginza Subway Line)
  • Possible Expenses: Shopping Expenses, probably


Meiji Shrine



Tokyo really has this perfect two faces- one that is modern and is filled with the city’s marvel and one that is tranquil and serene, and each of them are breathtaking in their own way. Meiji Shrine stands on the latter face. Once you enter the Torii Gate (on the photo below,) your surroundings will totally change in an eyeblink! The nature will embrace you and will take you away from the city vibe you are feeling. Awe-inspiring indeed.

  • Read more: Tokyo Travel Guide: Meiji Shrine
  • Tip: Best during the Spring/ Autumn Season
  • Access: 10 minutes walk from Harajuku Station ( JR Yamanote Line,) Meiji-jingu-mae Station (Chiyoda Subway Line) or Kita-sando Station (Fukutoshin Line of  Tokyo metro.)
  • Possible Expenses: None


Ueno Park



As serene as Meiji Shrine, Ueno Park is something you have to visit especially during the unique seasons of Japan: Spring and Autumn! Imagine a jungle with trees blossoming and flowers popping, supplemented by the mild weather- isn’t that the perfect thing?!

What’s more about this park is it isn’t just filled with the usual park attributes (trees and flowers) but has several attractions that can be explored as well. This park is a 300 acres filled with museums, temples and shrines, a zoo, and even Japan’s top schools. Here, you can find the famous Ueno Zoo,  Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum and many more!

  • Read more: Tokyo Travel Guide: Ueno Park
  • Access: Just next the Ueno Station ( JR Yamanote Line)
  • Possible Expenses: Park Entrance- Free ; Temples and Shrines Entrance- Free ; Tokyo National Museum – 620 JPY ; National Science Museum- 620 JPY ; Ueno Zoo- 600 JPY



Tokyo Disneyland



You wouldn’t miss visiting the happiest place on Earth during your stay in Tokyo, would you? Surround your day with magical attractions, thrilling rides and oh disney characters as you embark into an amazing Disney experience! Get to meet the awesome Mickey and watch fun shows that will let your heart skip a beat. Ahhhh, this place definitely gave justice to what they were known for: the happiest place in the world!

  • Read More: Tokyo Disneyland Guide to be posted soon
  • Discounted Tickets: Tokyo Disneyland Tickets
  • Tip: Arrive at least 30 minutes – 1hour earlier before the park opens to maximize the place and avoid big crowds
  • Access: Nearest Train Station: Maihama Station
  • Possible Expense: Entrance Fee- 3367 PHP ( Klook) ; Food- 950 JPY Average


Tokyo DisneySea



You should not leave Tokyo without experiencing their unique Tokyo Disneysea (with dramatic emphasis!) If you’re into trying something that’s authentically unique in Japan, you have to go visit Tokyo DisneySea! This park is the only Disneysea in whole wide world, and yes, it’s totally one of a kind. Thus, you shouldn’t miss this for the world, I SWEAR.

  • Read More: Tokyo DisneySea Guide to be posted soon
  • Discounted Tickets: Tokyo DisneySea Tickets
  • Tip: Arrive at least 30 minutes – 1hour earlier before the park opens to maximize the place and avoid big crowds
  • Access: Nearest Train Station: Maihama Station
  • Possible Expense: Entrance Fee- 3367 PHP ( Klook) ; Food- 950 JPY Average


3 Days/ 2 Nights Itinerary

Day 1:
  • 5:10 -10:25AM: Flight to Tokyo, Japan
  • 12:00PM: Arrival in Hostel
  • 12:30PM: Off to Shinjuku District
    • Ride a train to Shinjuku Station
    • Explore the city
  • 3:00PM: Off to Robot Restaurant
    • From Shinjuku, walk at least 5 minutes to Robot Restaurant
    • Show ends at 5:30PM
  • 6:00PM: Off to Shibuya
    • Ride a train to Shibuya Station
    • Explore around
    • Have your Dinner
Day 2:
  • 8:00AM: Off to Ueno Park
    • Ride a train to Ueno Station
    • You can see Ueno Park right beside the station already
    • Explore the park, museums and Ueno Zoo
  • 12:00PM: Off to Meiji Shrine
    • Ride a train from Ueno Station to Harajuku Station
    • From the station, walk at least 10 minutes to the Park
    • Explore the Park
  • 2:00PM: Off to explore Harajuku District
    • From the park, you may walk around Harajuku and explore the district
    • Have your late lunch
  • 5:00PM: Off to explore Akihibara District
    • Ride a train from Harajuku Station to Akihibara Station
    • Explore around
    • Eat Dinner
Day 3:
  • 6:00AM: Off to Tokyo Disney Park
    • Ride a train to Maihama Station
    • From Maihama Station, Tokyo Disneyland is already just a walk away
    • But if you want to access Tokyo DisneySea: Ride their Disney Resort Monorail to Tokyo DisneySea Station from Maihama Station
  • 8:00AM: Start of a wonderful Disney Adventure!
    • PS: Both parks can be visited in one day, if you want.



IN PHP ( JPY x 1.84)

2 Days Subway Ticket

608 PHP

3 Days 4g Wifi

702 PHP

Tokyo Skyliner (Narita Airport to Tokyo City – and vice versa)

2058 PHP

2 Nights Accommodation:

3000 PHP

3 Days Food

3500 PHP

Tokyo Disneyland/ DisneySea Tickets

3367 PHP

Robot Restaurant Ticket

2500 PHP

T O T A L 15735 PHP

If you would ask me, my expenses are more than worth it comparing it to the experience and memories Tokyo gave me! This city is everything. 15,735 Pesos is just money and can be earned again from our day jobs, but the memories I earned from Tokyo is priceless. If I’ve given another chance, I’ll be back in this amazing city all over again.


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  1. Many people said traveling to Japan is so expensive but you prove them wrong. Wish I could go to Japan soon and witness its beauty with my own eyes. Nice one colololz. 🙂 Waiting for your post from your Singapore escapade.


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