Mati, Davao Oriental Travel Guide: Epic Weekend Getaway

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s the sentiment I got when I stepped into the breathtaking province of Mati, Davao Oriental. The heart-catching long strip of pure, white shores, calming azure waves, fresh air, blue skies, and oh! the perfect awe-inspiring coconut trees are something that will get you off your feet in just a heartbeat! PS: This is a warning. You might get attached with this dreamland, just like I did.

Stuffing with glorious elements that give rise into an exquisite paradise, Mati is definitely a place that is more than worthy to be visited. It’s untouched beauty magnifying its powdery sand, charming sea and scenic landscapes- not to mention their one-for-the books thrilling activities, you will never go wrong with this place. This tropical paradise is indeed a piece of heaven on earth that everyone could fall in love with!

What’s more about this hidden gem is that this place is defined as tranquility. It’s totally away from the crowd, and is definitely not commercialized, making the place oh-so-laidback and peaceful! *god I love that vibe!*







Pre Travel Guide

pink-dotted-linepink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg How to get to Mati, Davao Oriental?

1. Before reaching Mati, one has to fly to Davao City.

There are several platforms to score a cheap flight to Davao City (e.g. Budget Airlines like Cebu Pacific and Travel search sites like Skyscanner.) Here are some tips:

  • Visit their websites regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their ganaps. (You can also use the “See First” thing on their page to get a higher chance of knowing their promos.)

2. From Davao City, you can either ride a Van or a Bus from Ecoland Terminal.

  • Van: Fare- 230-250 PHP ; Travel Time- 3-4 hours ; Schedule: Van Schedule
  • Bus: Fare- 200-220 PHP ; Travel Time- 5-6 hours ; Schedule: Bus Schedule


pink-dotted-linesamuibus_banner_logo_red.png  How to get around?

Getting around Mati is not a hassle. There are several tricycles and habal habals around the place that you can approach anytime whenever you feel exploring the place. [ TIP: If you’re heading to Dahican Beach, and will leave early in the morning the next day, hire a tricycle/ habal habal already to pick you up in the morning, since transportation system from Dahican might be quite hard during the early times in the morning.


77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  Where to stay?

One factor why I fell in love with Mati is the accommodation we stayed in. Talk about an artsy + hippie place to stay during your getaway in this paradise is everything! Every corner is just picturesque and you can’t help it but instagram! It also has this laid-back and friendly vibe which pushes you to explore and relax around and socialize with the locals and fellow tourists!

Details: Dahican Surf Resort

  • Rate: As for us, we availed their Fan Room for 5 pax: 2000PHP
  • How to get here from Mati City Proper? Ride a tricycle and let the driver drop you off in Dahican Surf Resort. Fare is 40-50PHP, one way.
  • Contact: Facebook Page: Dahican Surf Resort ; Contact Number: 09771680125




Things to do / Places to visit

pink-dotted-lineMust Visits:

Dahican Beach

Of course, once you’re in Mati, you wouldn’t miss exploring this wonderland paradise, right?! Mati is primarily known for its recognized Dahican Beach, thus you have no reason to skip this place in your Mati Itinerary.

With its 17-kilometer long shoreline with the perfect white sand and clear emerald water, Dahican Beach is almost (or probably is) one of the best beach in Mindanao. My jaw literally dropped when I witnessed the beauty of this place- sobrang unexplainable yung ganda, bes!

  • What to do: Surf, Skim, Swim, Repeat
  • Activity Fee: Surf Lessons- 400PHP ; Skim Boarding Lessons- 200PHP ; Beach Entrance- FREE
  • How to get there? Dahican Beach is just in front of our accommodation, Dahican Surf Resort





Mindanao Saga Flying Club

One way to complete your experience in Mati is through trying this AWESOME + THRILLING activity! Can you even imagine yourself on top of the breathtaking Mati, and inside a spine-tingling ultralight aircraft? What’s more is that you can even have the chance to maneuver it your own!

Basically, this activity will incredibly let you fly your own ultralight aircraft, with a pilot beside you as a guide. It will lasts for about 15 minutes and will let you sightsee breathtaking views of Dahican Beach, Pujada Bay, Mati City, and the Protected Mangroves Area and Vast Coconut Plantations. I’m telling you, this experience will be one of the best you can have!

  • Activity Fee: 2700 PHP
  • Best time to Fly: Early Morning, as soon as the sun rises
  • How to get there? Ride a tricycle / habal habal and let the driver drop you off at Mindanao Saga Flying Club in Mati National Airport (10-15 minutes away from Dahican Beach) ; Fare: 40PHP/ one way
  • Contact: Facebook Page: Mindanao Saga Flying Club ; Contact Number: 09173070670 , 09399902995





pink-dotted-lineOther Places to Visit:

  • Sleeping Dinosaur: Get to see an overlooking view of a mountain in a shape of a sleeping dinosaur. Isn’t that the cutest?
    • Access: When you’re on your way to Mati from Davao City, you can have a short side-trip to this overviewing deck. Just tell the driver to drop you off to the Sleeping Dinasour.
  • City Attractions:
    • Subangan Museum: Get to know more about Davao Oriental’s heritage and culture through Art Appreciation. This museum is a 2-story building which offers various exhibitions that represent a piece of Davao Oriental.
    • Baywalk: If you want a selfie with the humungous “I LOVE MATI” structure, this place is the perfect one!
    • Davao Oriental Provincial Capitol: This famous landmark is distinguished as the White House of Mati, which tenders the different offices of the provincial government, and also is a place for a chill escape- a park with a playground, and a basketball & tennis courts are what you can find outside the structure.
      • Access: These attractions can be accessed by Habal habal / Tricycles. One way fare is at 40PHP.



Itinerary & Estimated Expenses


Day 1:

  • 5AM: ETD Davao City
  • 8AM: Drop by Sleeping Dinasour
  • 9:30AM: ETA  Mati City
  • 10AM: Proceed to Dahican Surf Resort
  • 10:15AM onwards: Enjoy the Beach (Surf / Skim / Swim / Chill)

Day 2:

  • 7AM: Proceed to Mindanao Saga Flying Club
  • 7:15AM: Try the Activity
  • 8AM: Proceed to Mati City Proper
  • 8:15AM: Explore the City’s Attractions
  • 3PM: ETD Mati City
  • 6PM: ETA Davao City


pink-dotted-lineEstimated Expenses:

  • Van to/from Davao City & Mati City (Roundtrip): 500PHP
  • Tricycle Ride from Mati City to Dahican Surf Resort (Roundtrip): 100PHP
  • Habal Habal Ride/s (40 PHP per way): This is just an Estimate: 120PHP
    • Two way ride from Resort to Mindanao Saga Flying Club
    • One way ride from Mindanao Saga Flying Club to City Proper
  • Activities:
    • Mindanao Saga Flying Club: 2700PHP
    • Surfing Lesson: 400PHP
  • Accommodation: 400PHP (2000PHP / 5 PAX)
  • Food ( Estimated 50PHP/Meal): 300PHP



SIDE TRIP: Have more time in Davao?

If you’re spending a day in Davao City, you might want to try another one-for-the-books + thrilling experience?

WHITE RIVER RAFTING (Base Camp Company)!!!!

This was far the most thrilling and extreme activity I had on waters. It was amazingly epic, I tell you. Every second of the activity was enjoyable! Yep, if you’re an adventure-junky, please do try White River Rafting!

BOOK NOW: Base Camp

  • Activity Fee: 1500PHP (Good for 3-4 hours)
  • Contact: Facebook Page: Base Camp ; Contact Number: 09420047047, 09272756099





Mati, Davao Oriental has to be included in your bucket list. I SWEAR- with dramatic emphasis! This place is surreal!



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