Hello, I’m Colleen Vidal

Hello, I’m Colleen Vidal, also known as COLZ on social media.

5”2 in height and 45 Kilos in weight (lol.) I was born in the Philippines but was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia until highschool days- then migrated in the Philippines during college. I took up BS Accountancy and became a Certified Public Accountant afterwards.

And then, TRAVEL CAME. It is when I fell deeply in love with traveling and can’t help myself but pursue this passion of mine. From that time on, I get to explore new places, meet new people, discover new cultures- and oh, post them on social media. You see, my life doesn’t just revolve around with what you see on my news feed, with TRAVELING itself. Some (or most of you) may define me as a “girl who travels” but I am more than JUST that image- without a backstory and without a purpose. I am more than just what you see, as this only represents a “Hello” with a handshake, and a “Describe yourself in X words.”


I am the eldest sister of my 2 siblings

Being the eldest in the family is not easy. I’ve lived my life with the mindset of making my parents proud, and being a good example to both my younger siblings. I was afraid to make mistakes and terrified to dissapoint them, thus I was really very careful with my decisions ever since. Usually, I get blamed for everything because even if I wasn’t the one at fault, “I am older and I should know better.” LOL. But despite the huge responsibility I am carrying, I am totally blessed to be the ate of the family. Dami ko kayang utusan char!

I am a bonafide music lover

Aside from traveling, music is also my true love. My drug. I can’t get through the day without listening to music at least once, as this is my constant, my escape, and my stability. It doesn’t just fill my ears every day, but it fill spaces. It fills my heart. Gigs and Concert Events lately caught my attention. I love the feeling of how a number of people in the same venue, listening to the same song, instantly became connected as if we have the same heartbeat.

I used to play several musical instruments (e.g. drums, bass, piano and guitar) and was part of two music bands way back highschool. Playing the lead guitar was my passion.

 I am a total dog lover 

I own two dogs ( a not so pure chow chow, and a choco liver shih tzu), and I’m trying to hinder myself to owning more lol. In fact, I’m gratefully attached with dogs. There’s something about them that makes my heart race every single time. Simple affection and companionship from them can already make my day complete!

I love kids SO MUCH

Quarantine me with kids, and I will love you to death. Children has this special place in my heart that no one can replace. Iba sila eh. When I look at them, I see light. I see hope. I see joy. They are more than just tiny people with squishy faces and huggable bodies. They are real life gurus of genuine happiness and to living life to the fullest! With them, I feel new  because for them, every day is a new day because tomorrow brings the opportunity to learn, to discover, to challenge oneself, and to grow.

I love to cheer up people even in my darkest days

I just want to be a light. Someone who smiles and brightens a little corner of the world no matter how dark my world is. I want to be that someone who encourages people after heartbreak, who motivates them after purposelessness, who inspires them in their weakness, who loves them after loss. Because even in all the pain of this world, there will always be hope. There will always be light. *PAHUG!*


With all the photos and updates of me traveling around the world, some may think that my life is perfect and is flawless. Well, it isn’t. In fact, like many of yours, my life is messy and full of flaws. It is a big cluster of ugly, messy, beautiful experiences that have lead me to this exact point I’m at today. What you were always seeing online are just my successes. What you don’t see are the dark days before those happy moments. Why would I post a photo of myself crying and whining over my struggles in life while packing my bags to travel? You see, my life has also been a constant flux of good and bad days and it’s okay. We all have our own issues and stories, and it’s really up to us on how to live this life of ours ❤


Behind the #TravelGoals photos and posts of me on this platform, I am a normal Colleen Grace O. Vidal. I am flesh and blood. I experience fear and pain and uncertainty. I have imperfections and scars, imbalances and complexities. I suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve been through MAJOR heartaches- fell head over heels for someone who I thought I would marry; hang onto something for so long and ended up being alone. I’ve also been through a lot of doubts and get to question myself if i’m doing enough to reach my goals. Like you, I also always feel to be stuck in a constant stress zone which affects my joy towards life. Questions like “Is this the ‘me’ I am supposed to be?” “Am I here where I have to be?” have been taking over my thoughts. Yes, I am human and I also have a constant battle with my own self, with my own life.

Behind an online travel blogger, Colz Vidal, is an ordinary girl who has her own roller coaster ride that she deals with every second of her every day. However, despite the ups and downs, the challenges and problems, and the self doubts and anxieties, she will always strive to be better. In fact, she sees these as opportunities to grow, chances to go on a backpacking adventure, openings to new challenges and adventures, and blessings to be happier in the future.

Yes, I can be an ONLINE travel blogger, but I can also be something so much more.


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