Thailand Travel Guide: A 7,800 PHP Itinerary

Here’s to priceless adventures filled with wonder, beauty and new memories! Here’s to amazing experiences that are worthy to be kept forever. Here’s to escapades that will take your heart away in an instant– simply by just witnessing breathtaking landscapes, experiencing the most thrilling activities, interacting with the heartening locals , trying scrumptious food, and straightforwardly experiencing Thailand.

Yes, Thailand is just everything. From jaw-dropping sceneries to startling cityscapes, astonishing cultures to savoring cuisines, fun & exciting activities to soothing amusements, from everything to anything, Thailand has them all. And what’s more about this adventurous country is that it costs less than you expect. This amazing country or the so-called “land of smiles” is the perfect gateway to Southeast Asia, offering a wide variety of experiences about doing, seeing, and learning anything you can think of.  And oh, it will not cost you a lot!



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 Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

There are a lot of flights going to Thailand. It depends where exactly you are going. As for us, we aim to be in Bangkok, thus we need a flight going to this city. Several platforms (e.g. Budget Airlines like Cebu Pacific and Jetstar, Travel search sites like Skyscanner.) are available to score a cheap flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Here are some tips:

  • Visit their websites regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their ganaps. (You can also use the “See First” thing on their page to get a higher chance of knowing their promos.)

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  Thailand Itinerary?

Our trip to Thailand was unforgettably one for the books as we didn’t just explored its main city, Bangkok. But rather did a multi-city adventure, crossing three destinations in one trip! This Adventure starts on a flight from Manila to Bangkok, and ends in the same city- due to the limited flights available for Thailand – Philippines.


 stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg Do we need Thailand Visa?

For Philippine Passport Holders, we are VISA-EXEMPTED up to 30 days if entering via international airport and up to 15 days if entering through a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country (Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.)

Read More: Thailand Visa Application

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  Where to stay?

Accommodations in these countries are pretty cheap, in fact you can even score a hostel for only 150 PHP a day! Check out these direct links for Accommodation Choices:

untitled  Travel Checklist:


Helpful Tips

untitled Tips:

  • Rent a 4g Wifi to stay connected:
    • High speed 4G internet on a portable WiFi device where up to 10 people can connect.
    • Google Maps: This has been my ultimate travel buddy during my trip in Tokyo. I consider this as my “how to get there-buddy,” as it provides me with routes and walking trails towards my destination.
    • Google Translate App: This will totally help you communicate with the locals.
  • Always bring your passport with you
    • For safety purposes as well as for you to also be ready to present it whenever a Police Officer or a Government Official demands it.


untitled Money Saving Tips:

  • Stay in Hostels / Guesthouses
    • Hostels in Thailand can get really (like oa-ly) cheap- for as low as 150 PHP per night! Not only will you save a lot of money, but there’s also a high chance for you to meet new friends! (Scroll up for Direct Links of Accommodations!)
  • Haggle to the max!
    • Haggling is very common in the country of Thailand, especially in Bangkok City. A lot of you may think that this is quite embarrassing, but hey, vendors actually enjoy playing bargains with customers.
    • Most probably, vendors may give you a higher/ inflated price if they see you as a tourists. Thus, this is the perfect time to haggle!
  • Eat like a local
    • Avoid western foods as it is quite expensive comparing it to Thailand’s local food- probably tripling its price. Instead, be open to explore local foods and find out how its price is way less than what you expect! And oh, their food is scrumptious, I tell you!
  • Use Public Transportation
    •  Navigating around the city may seem chaotic and complicated. But when you get the hold of it, it’s going to be simple and easy for you. What I primarily suggest is for you to familiarize the train system in Bangkok City, and don’t be afraid to ask the locals for directions (inside and outside the city.)
    • Recommended Transportation: Bangkok- Train/ Subways , Pattaya- Jeepneys , Chiang Mai- Rót daang (Red Trucks.)


untitled Things to Avoid:

  • SCAMS (on streets, tourist spots, etc.)
    • Never trust a stranger easily. Expect strangers to randomly approach you and offer their help and/or give you information that will lead you to be ripped-off. (Read more: 21 Most Common Scams in Thailand)
  • Wearing Revealing Clothes (e.g. Tank Tops, Shorts) when visiting Temples.
    • This is also a sign of respect for the locals and their religion.
  • Sketchy Street Foods
    • Local food may seem appetizing especially those on the sides of the street. Well, I have to agree, most of them are really yummy! But you also have to be careful as it may harm your health. Thus, go for the less-sketchy ones.
  • Taxi Scams
    • There’s a high chance that taxi drivers will charge you a higher price than the usual one seeing that you are a tourist. Hence, demand a “taxi meter” rate instead.
  • Tuk- Tuks when Unnecessary
    • Tuk tuk rides might look inviting. But as much as possible, avoid them since there is also a high chance that they will charge you a foreigner rate!


4 Days/ 3 Nights Itinerary


DAY 1- BANGKOK, Thailand





Places to Visit
  • 7AM- 1PM: Floating Market (Optional)
  • 1PM: Drop off Grand Palace
  • 1PM- 3PM: Golden Palace (Optional)
  • 3PM- 5PM: Wat Pho
  • NIGHT: You can go to Night Markets, watch Muay Thai, try their authentic Thai Massage, etc!
How to get to these places?
  • To Wat Pho & Golden Palace: Ride the MRT to Saphan Taksin Station. Go out Exit No. 2. Beware of Tour Agencies that overprice boat fees- just simply proceed directly to Chao Phraya Express Boat. Ride it for only 20 BAHT, and drop off Ta Chang Pier (No.9.) Both temples are just a walk away from there.
  • To the Floating Market: Half Day Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour

PS: Preferred not to visit the Golden Palace and the Floating Market due to the jam-packed crowd.

  • MRT Fare (RT to Saphan Taksin Station): 120 PHP (80 BAHT)
  • Boat Fare (RT to Ta Chang Pier): 120 PHP (80 BAHT)
  • Food: 180 PHP (120 BAHT)
  • Entrance Fee- Wat Pho: 150 PHP (100 BAHT)
  • Accommodation: 275PHP (Hide Bangkok Hostel)
  • T O T A L: 845 PHP



DAY 2- PATTAYA, Thailand

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Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  • From Bangkok, ride a bus to Pattaya in Ekkamai Bus Station (Near BTS Ekkamai), Drop Off Pattaya Bus Station (Travel Time: 2 hours)
  • Ride a White Jeep near the highway, and tell the driver to drop you off at Cartoon Network Pattaya (Travel Time: 45 mnts)
  • OPTIONAL: If you’re planning to avail the Flyboard Pattaya, make this first in your itinerary. Request for a pick up (included in the package) in Pattaya Bus Station.
    • From Flyboard Pattaya to Cartoon Network Park: Ask the driver who picked you up earlier to drop you off to CNA.

DURING THE NIGHT: Transfer from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

  • From Pattaya, return to Bangkok Hostel and pack up things
  • Proceed to Mo Chit MRT
  • Ride a Motorbike to the Mo Chit Bus Station
  • Take the OVERNIGHT BUS to Chiang Mai (Travel time: 9 hours)
    • Walk ins are allowed
    • Book online for sure slots: Book Here
  • RT Bus Fare: 324 PHP  (216 BAHT)
  • RT Jeep Fare: 60 PHP (40 BAHT)
  • Cartoon Network Amazone Fare: 1338 PHP
  • Food: 171 PHP (114 BAHT)
  • No Accommodation: Spend the night in an Overnight Bus
  • MRT Fare: 71 PHP (47 BAHT)
  • Motorbike: 90 PHP (60 BAHT)
  • Overnight Bus Fare: 726 PHP (484 BAHT)
  • T O T A L: 2780 PHP



DAY 3- CHIANG MAI, Thailand


Places to Visit
How to get to these places?
  • From Chiang Mai Bus Station, ride a Red Jeep going to your accommodation
  •  Pickup from hotel / accommodation is already included in the package
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary  (Afternoon Visit): 2100 PHP (1400 BAHT)
  • Red Jeep Fare: 60 PHP (40 BAHT)
  • Accommodation: 251 PHP (9 Hostel)
  • Food: 180 (120 BAHT)
    • Dinner included in the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Package
  • T O T A L:  2591 PHP



DAY 4- CHIANG MAI, Thailand


Places to Visit
  • Motorbike Tour around the city
    • There are A LOT of temples around the city. As in almost every corner has one! So your day won’t definitely be boring- you got a lot of temples to visit!
How to get to these places?


AT NIGHT: Go back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai

  • Ride an overnight bus back to Bangkok
    • Travel time: 9 hrs
  • Motorbike Rental: 525 PHP (350 BAHT) / 2 PAX = 263 PHP
  • Gas: 45 PHP (30 BAHT)
  • Food: 300 PHP (200 BAHT)
  • Bus to Bangkok: 720 PHP (480 BAHT)
  • T O T A L:1590 PHP



  • Day 1: 845 PHP
  • Day 2: 2780 PHP
  • Day 3: 2591 PHP
  • Day 4: 1590 PHP
  • T O T A L: 7806 PHP

Told yah! For only 7,800 PHP, you get to experience A LOT that are beyond your expectations! This trip is more than worth it, I swear.


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