Rizal Roadtrip: A 1,500 PHP Itinerary

Imagine the beautiful, the surreal, the “wow I can’t believe this place exists!” – that’s what you get when you have that perfect road trip around Rizal province.

It was a month filled with deadlines, so much pressures, and unexplainable stress. We wanted a time off. We wanted air to breathe- away from our responsibilities, away from everything. We wanted a new environment. We wanted an experience that is fulfilling. We wanted to reward ourselves. We wanted to travel.

But considering our time and our budget, we just can’t.

However, one sunny day. We discovered Reserve Car Rentals. And this is indeed a blessing!





About Reserve Car Rentals


Reserve Car Rentals is a car rental company that is based in Manila. It offers an easy online booking service to ensure your Manila car hire is hassle free. Whether a self drive service, or a need a chauffeur driver or simply a hotel transfer is required, they can get what you need honestly and reliably.

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What we chose:

We are 5 in the group, and as adviced by the Rental Company, Toyota Vios Base is perfect for us! It can fit to a maximum of 5 PAX and it only costs for a rental fee of 1,500 PHP for 24 Hours! WHAT THE HECK!? ❤

Thus, the whole trip only costs us 300 PHP individually. How awesome is that?!




Discovering Reserve Car Rentals made us all excited to travel and have that perfect roadtrip. We happily chose Rizal Province as our travel destination as it is rich with breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing attractions!


Treasure Mountain, Tanay, Rizal

Nothing beats a jaw-dropping view, the feel of fresh air, the touch of the warm sun, and your true friends beside you- there is nothing more awesome that that! Treasure Mountain is something you guys have to tick off in your roadtrip getaway. It’s easily accessible by car, and getting there is absolutely not time consuming as you don’t have to hike to reach the summit. Easy Peasy!




Calinawan Cave, Tanay, Rizal

Calinawan Cave, is a 5 layer cave which requires a 45-60mnts walk to cover the 1st 2 layers. The other layers are not accessible due to the rainy season. The cave is a total darkness, thus flashlights are needed to be able to explore inside! The view inside the cave is something that you can behold. What’s more is that this cave has interesting stories which relates to our history.

pink-dotted-lineDaranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

How about a break from an adventure and cool off from the fresh waters of Daranak Falls? Daranak Falls is a few blocks away from Calinawan Cave! We’ve been here for the nth time already, and for the nth time, this place amazes us! The place features a mini cliff dive spot, around 13 feet I guess. Ready to take the leap of faith? You betcha!


Pillila Windmills, Pillila, Rizal

No need to travel far to Ilocos Norte to see the Bangui Windmills, since we have one just a couple of hours away from Manila! (Fact: both the windmills in Ilocos and Pililla are under the same company.)


Parola Light House, Tanay, Rizal

Just a couple of minutes away from Daranak lies a hidden beauty inside Tanay proper, Parola! It wasn’t that tall but it has its unique beauty as to compare to other lighthouses. We heard that you can climb this spiral staircase to witness a 360-degree view of Tanay and Laguna de Bay. However when we were there, there was no one operating and the door of the staircase was lock 😦 The view around the place is so relaxing! You can also experience a quick tour in this place using boats for just 20 pesos!




I think the 300 PHP budget is more than worth it from the experience we had during our road trip getaway! Not only did we witness stunning landscapes and gained a one for the books experience, but earned unforgettable memories with friends that we think we deserve. Yes to adventures?


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