The Cocoon Boutique Hotel: A Truly GREEN Staycation

We all need a break; a break from every responsibility we all have, a break from the stress and pressure life gives us; a break from our daily grind; a break from everything. Yep, deadlines everywhere, the hassle commute, all these office drama, not to mention all the work you have to accomplish within the limited time you have- all these are just nerve-wracking! Definitely, we need to breathe.

When we desire to have that break, we usually think of “getting away from everything” literally; plane flights and hotels booked, itinerary carefully planned, and all these travel essentials that are just too time consuming to organize. Thus we rather stick with our hustle and bustle daily life.

But isn’t it a great idea to spend a weekend of ultimate relaxation and comfort- a weekend staycation, I guess? That’s what I did. Imagine spending your weekend lying down all day, relishing the plush, fluffy bed and pillows and feel the comfort of your own bed. Surreal. I told you, we really need to detach ourselves from the stress life gives. Hence, I met The Cocoon Boutique Hotel.




The Hotel

The The Cocoon Hotel is absolutely a sweet escape. Nope, it is not an escape by the beach, or a serene encounter by a breathtaking landscape. But it’s almost like it.

Here in the The Cocoon Hotel, you’ll absolutely feel as if you’re totally distant from the busyness of the city. It is as if you are in a seamless paradise- but not too far from the city. Here is where you can find tranquil luxury in the middle of the urban.




“Where luxury is responsible.” The Cocoon Hotel prides itself as the first and only boutique hotel in the country that is a truly eco—friendly one. It was awarded by the Trip Advisor the Certificate of Excellence Award last 2017, and is currently pursuing LEED-EB (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which will confirm its sustainability through policies and practices. Yes, the hotel’s main purpose is to provide their guests the staycation they never had without compromising the eco-system and environment.

What does it offers? As their tagline goes- Cocoon Boutique Hotel is “Classic Yet Stylishly Modern. Tranquil yet steps from vibrant environment. Environmentally Responsible, yet Luxuriously Carefree. World-class yet TRULY FILIPINO.” The Cocoon Hotel is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel that offers elegant, stylish and intimate facilities, that of a five-star quality. Yet, no matter how luxurious their facilities are, there’s this homey vibe that will wrap you around during your stay. It has this special touch that only you and your connection to its atmosphere will understand.

Where is this located? 61 Scout Rallos St., cor Scout Tobias St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila. It is sustainably lying in the heart of Quezon City; a few steps away from Timog Avenue and a few blocks away from Tomas Morato Avenue which are popular entertainment places in Quezon City.



Main Features:


The hotel lobby is quite spacious considering that The Cocoon Hotel is just a small one. It has a high ceiling which gives you that uplifting feeling the moment you get inside the hotel. Reclaimed wood and natural, renewable materials are used all over. Aesthetic decorations are placed everywhere like the wooden grand piano, canvass paintings and indoor plants, perfectly designed which gives you that tropical atmosphere with a touch of classic Filipino design.

Plush and stylish couches are placed in two areas of the lobby for comfortable seating for the guests. The Check In process were very well organized and timely. It was done before we even realized it. Moreover, the staff were very accommodating and friendly, as they treat every guest with royalty and respect. Kudos to every one!





The food is amazing. It was rich in flavor and are presented very well. Their servings are big which will indeed make your tummy satisfied after the meal. I had all my meals set up just inside my room. Yes, they do room service and they can personally send your food right into your door step!




A stay worth remembering for – that was the first impression that popped in my mind the moment I entered my room. It was huge and dreamy. The vibe was very comforting and it was oozing with indulgence. Every corner is just pleasing to the eyes; art walls from scrap wood pieces are placed on the walls; large windows are used for natural lighting; the desk and floor are built with reclaimed wood; the bed, the couch, the desks are placed perfectly on their own locations. What’s more is that this room has everything you need. I was beyond amazed that I can find everything essential for my staycation inside this boutique hotel’s room; Iron, Brush, Hair Dryer, Bedroom Slippers, Weighing Scale and everything!




This is the best thing during my visit. The huge, fluffy, tender mattress which let me sink right into it. It’s big that it can literally fit 3-4 normal sized adult or probably 5- 6 ones with the size of mine. I absolutely felt that I will have that ultimate comfy sleep experience on that night- and I just couldn’t wait! The mattress is made with 600 thread-count made, 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen, topped with soft and smooth comforters and pillows, which will give you an incredible sleeping quality!

What’s more is that a mounted 42 inch Smart Android TV is placed perfectly in the middle of the wall and in front of the bed which makes it an idyllic moment for a movie marathon while sipping a cup of coffee. What more could you ask for in a staycation but a good movie and a warm drink ❤




Beside the bed is the living area. It’s a small one which is actually already enough for a room for two! The area is furnished with a sofa and a center table. Like the bed, the cushiness of the sofa is as soft as a sponge, not to mention the pillows that makes it more fluffier! Wall arts are placed on the sides which are supplementary to the coziness the vibe brings.




The Bathroom is paradise. It was luxuriously massive! It has a separate deep soak bath tub (my favorite) with an overview of the room and the TV set, as well as a rain shower both with hot and cold water. The rain shower has an option between an overhead one or the handheld shower wand. Awesome! It also consists of a double sink with water saving faucets with aerators and a toilet bowl with a bidet installed. The bathroom uses a dual piping system, separating the grey and potable water. Talk about being responsible.

From the toiletries to vanity kits, everything is well-provided. The toiletries are made with natural ingredients like plasticized cornstarch material and is packaged using stone paper and soy ink. Towels are 100% Egyptian Cotton which are very smooth and silky.





The hotel’s roof deck consists of the pool, a ballroom, an organic roof garden, and a coffee shop. The pool isn’t that big, and is just 4 ft. deep. It has a hydro massage and with over 60 light shows which makes it dreamy during the night. The ballroom offers events services which can fit up to 200 pax and can be divided into 2 function rooms. If you’re into hosting a special event, this place will be perfect for you. Their coffee shop are well decorated with a touch of Filipino modern designs. They serve both Filipino foods and International.

Moreover, if you’re up to an incredible sunrise / sunset watching, their roof deck is the perfect place!




The hotel also offers spa services. In fact, checked-in guests are entitled to a free 15 minutes spa service to make their experience more memorable. As for me, I also availed another 60 minute massage as I was really craving for a deep relaxation during the night. The experience was amazing. It relieved me from the stress and muscle pain I earned from work and travel. It was indeed a very rejuvenating massage experience.



The hotel wouldn’t be complete without their mini fitness center dedicated for the fitness of their guests. It is quite small, but has the basic cardio equipment enough for a quick work out!


How to Book?

  • Address:#61 Scout Tobias corner Scout Rallos Streets, Bgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103, Philippines
  • Website: The Cocoon Hotel
  • Telephone: (+632) 998 3117
  • Mobile: (+63) 925 789 9907 | (+63) 925 789 9908
  • Email:




Well if you’re craving for a staycation just in the metro, or probably you want a staycation that is one of a kind, The Cocoon Hotel is perfect for you! Aside from being accessible and one of a kind, it’s also very affordable, and you really get your money’s worth with how excellent their service is! So ano, g na!

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