Siargao Travel Guide: A 3800 PHP Itinerary

I want to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I want to climb every coconut trees and see how breathtaking the island is from above. I want to run to random places and be lost and get sunburned. I want to say hello to every person I pass by and know their stories behind their smiles. I want to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars. And so I go.

I explore, I discover. I swim, I jump. I drive, I walk. I want to soak up all the adventures this island can bring, and it’s never ending. Siargao Island is never ending.


Hi Siargao, My True Love

Siargao Island is surreal. I never really imagined myself to be this attached to an island; to be this deeply inlove with a paradise. The adventure, the authenticity, the atmosphere, the connection, everything is just beyond amazing. My heart and my soul was captivated by the rush of excitement and joy every single day of my stay in Siargao brings. I was drenched with wanderlust the whole time, and I couldn’t desire more but to explore the unending beauty of Siargao. I get to navigate new and random places and discover new things that made my trip one for the books! In fact, unlike other provinces in the Philippines (or the other tourist destinations in the world,) Siargao doesn’t need tourist attractions to make you feel satisfied for your trip. It is the atmosphere and genuineness of the island that will your trip more than worthy. So hey, embrace the spontaneity this island offers, and be open to be lost.







Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

I have to admit, flights to Siargao can be very limited, making it a bit complicated for you to access this island. Thankfully, Cebu Pacific Airlines is here, offering flexible flights  from Manila to Siargao! Yep, they already have direct flights from our city to this paradise, which happens 6 times weekly. Aside from the direct flights from Manila to Siargao, you can also access the island through Cebu Pacific Airlines’ flights from Cebu, which happens twice daily.

1200px-Cebu_Pacific_Logo-2016Click here to BOOK

If you’re still unconvinced on booking your flight via Cebu Pacific Airlines, let me provide you reasons why this airline is the best one for your Siargao trip!

  • Ultimate Convenience– direct flights to Siargao doesn’t always happen to most local airlines. But as for Cebu Pacific Airlines, it is definitely possible. Ang hassle ng connecting flights, you know.
  • Lowest Year-Round FareCebu Pacific Airlines offers one of the cheapest (or probably the only cheapest one) flights from Manila / Cebu to Siargao.
  • Limited Flights Available- Yep, the direct flights from Manila will happen only until October 27, 2018! So what are you waiting for? Book the flight and just go.


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get around?

Getting around Siargao is never a hassle. There are several means of transportation around the island that will let you get from Point A to Point B. What’s awesome about these transportation is that it will not cost you a lot, and at the same time will give you that probinsya or island life vibe while riding the vehicle!

  • Rent A Motorbike: 300PHP- 350PHP/ day (Good for 2 PAX)
    • Contact: 09186639985
    • Mention my name, she might give you a discount!
  • Rent A Car: 1500 PHP/ Day (Note: Self Drive)
  • Hire a Habal Habal: 800PHP – 1,000PHP/day
  • Rent A Tricycle: 800PHP – 1,000PHP/day

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png Where to stay?

I highly suggest you to book an accommodation in General Luna, where the beach is located, and where everything is sited. There are plenty of accommodations available around General Luna: from hostels to high-end ones, from accommodations with a beach in front, or those nearby the main road, anything!

As a budget traveler, I chose one of the cheapest accommodation I found: Villa Solaria – the hostel where Erich Gonzaga stayed in the Siargao movie.

  • Name of Hostel: Villa Solaria
  • Rate: 350 PHP / night / bunk bed
  • Access: 6-10 minutes away Cloud 9
  • Expectations: Don’t expect that this hostel is a classy one. The ambiance is very reasonable comparing it to its cheap price.
    • Pros: Cheap ; Has a cool common area where you can mingle with the other travelers
    • Cons: No Aircon (gets a bit hot during the summer); Shared Bathroom (clean naman!)


burger-food-logo-5B8B17C290-seeklogo_com Where to eat?

  • Local Carenderias
    • There’s a lot of local carenderias around General Luna that serves lutong bahay food at a very cheap rate- ranges from 40PHP – 60PHP. These is where I usually eat actually. Aside from its very budget-friendly rate, their food are yummy as well!
  • Kermit Siargao Restaurant
    • Kermit offers Italian cuisines like pastas and pizzas. Well, what makes them distinctive is their buy 1 take 1 cocktails and their DIY pizzas. They are actually known to have the best pizza in the whole town of General Luna.
    • Must Try: Kermit Pizza
  • Mama’s Grill
    • Mama’s Grill is one of the most famous and cheap restaurant in Siargao. In fact, the place usually gets too crowded during peak hours (dinner time,) because everyone wants to try their dishes! They offer the most authentic grilled BBQs at an affordable price.
    • Must Try: Grilled Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ
  • Shaka
    • You can’t say no to Healthy Smoothie Bowls- especially if they’re too colorful for life!
    • Must-Try: Bom Dia

untitled  Important Notes:

  • There are limited ATM Machines in the town, thus I highly suggest that you already bring enough cash-on-hand with you to avoid the hassle of withdrawing if funds ran out.
  • Take note of the tides of the waves. It really does matter- especially if you’re surfing or you’re visiting the Magpupungko pools. You can download the application Magic Seaweed on your appstore, or visit their website to check the tides forecast.
  • Night Life: Siargao definitely has A-W-E-S-O-M-E night experiences everyday! Every night has different pasabogs, and parties are actually scheduled per bar. You must not miss this experience in Siargao, I tell you!


4D/ 3N Itinerary

Siargao is all about spontaneity. Kaya kuha ko sa’yoditch the itinerary. Just go with the flow. Siargao has so much to offer- so much more than visiting the “instagrammable” places, or the popular attractions! This island is more than what you see in the photos of this blog, it’s more than just a famous place to spend your summer, and most especially, it’s more than being just a tourist destination. Let yourself be lost in this island- I think that’s probably going to be the best experience for your one-for-the-books trip in Siargao!

But, of course, if you’re into following an organized Itinerary, here’s a suggestion:




Arrival in Sayak Airport, Siargao

How to go to General Luna from Sayak Airport:
  • Ride a van (parked outside the airport) and tell the driver to drop you off your accommodation
  • Fixed rate is at 300 PHP.

Roadtrip around Siargao Island



This day is really dedicated to nothing– no planned itineraries, no places to visit, definitely no blueprint to follow. We will just embrace the freedom the island offers! So we rented motorbikes and drive randomly around the area.  And guess what, Siargao didn’t failed us. We discovered numerous breathtaking spots, and the photos above can’t actually justify how awe-inspiring the places are!

Chasing Sunsets


I wouldn’t end our first day in Siargao without witnessing the sunset. The most popular spot for sunset watching is a few walks away from Cloud 9. The sunset is beyond amazing. I was really speechless the whole time.

DAY 1 Expenses:

  • Airport Van: 300 PHP
  • Motorbike Rental: 300 PHP / 2 PAX= 150 PHP
  • Motorbike Gas: 40 PHP / 2 PAX = 20 PHP
  • Food: 120 PHP (2 Meals)
  • T O T A L: 590 PHP



pink-dotted-lineDAY 2:

Tri-Island Hopping: Daku Island, Guyam Island, Naked Island



A good way to start your journey in Siargao is try one of the most popular activities in the island: Island Hopping! This involves exploring the famous Tri-islands of Siargao- Guyam Island, Daku Island and Naked Island. These three are total paradises- each with its unique beauty that will allure you: Daku Island as the biggest (my favorite), Guyam Island with its rare teardrop shape, and Naked Island with its naked surroundings (an island without anything other than sand.) But what keeps them even is their emerald glass-like waters, cream-colored soft sand and the picturesque number of coconut trees all around! What a good start of a Siargao adventure!

Ways to do Island Hopping:
  • Book a Tour:
    • To enjoy a hassle free Island Hopping experience, you may book a tour package from Explore Siargao. They offer private tours to the three islands mentioned above for a rate of 1,300 PHP/ PAX. This already includes lunch (yummy seafoods!) entrance fees, and other necessary fees.
  • DIY tour
    • Rent a boat for 1,200 PHP, which is already good for 5 persons. So basically, if you have a group of 5 that will share the whole boat, you will only pay 240 PHP for the whole island hopping experience. Pretty cheap right? However, this does not include lunch. But you can purchase fresh seafood from the dock before you go island hopping, and let it be cooked in Daku for a fee.
    • Boat Rental Contact: 09121912220

Bucas Grande & Sohoton Cove


If you’re into enjoying more islands outside Siargao, explore the islands of Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove! Marvel breathtaking islets that are covered in lush vegetation, reconnoiter hush caves and be friends with stingless jelly fishes!

Personal Recommendation: If you have limited budget in your Siargao Tour, you can skip this tour and just focus on the near ones. Since availing this trip is a bit costly comparing it to the other tours around the island. However, if you really want to maximize Siargao’s beauty, don’t fret to explore Bucas Grande & Sohoton Cave- they are breathtaking.

Ways to visit Bucas Grande & Sohoton Cove:
  • Book a Tour
    • In contrast with the DIY way, booking a tour requires one full day. You can book a package tour from Island Vacations which already includes a whole day tour around Sohoton Cove and its nearby attractions/
  • DIY Tour
    • You may add Bucas Grande & Sohoton Cove in your day trip itinerary with the Tri-Island mentioned above. With the same boat rental contact, you can have the whole boat for 4,000 PHP good for 5 PAX, which already includes the Tri-Islands, Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove.
  • Entrance- 50 PHP
  • Environmental Fee- 50 PHP
  • Small pupboat to the coves: 500 PHP / 5 Pax
  • Paddler boat to jellyfish sanctuary: 100 PHP

DAY 2 Expense (disregarding Sohoton Cove & Bucas Grande Tour):

  • Boat Rental: 1200 PHP /5 = 240 PHP
  • Food: 180 PHP (3 meals from Carenderia)
  • Habal habal to/from pick up point: 40 PHP (RT)
  • TOTAL: 460 PHP




DAY 3:

Magpupungko Rock Pools


Sophisticated Rock Formations and Turquoise clear blue waters is what awaits you in your Magpupungko Rock Pools adventure. This exquisite gem of Siargao offers Mother Nature’s own swimming pool that you can dive into to witness corals, flora, and fauna that makes the underworld oh-so-beautiful. These pools are surreal, I’m telling you.

Do take note that the time of visit in this place is very crucial. As you can see, these are tidal pools which are only exposed during the low tide, and disappears during the high tide. Thus, you have to catch the low tide times of the pools to make the most out of Magpupungko. (Click Magic Seaweed to check updates)

Moreover, nearby the tidal pools is a vast beachside with cream, powdery sand and azure sea with glorious waves. There is also a buko spot adjacent to the beach that you can try!

How to get there?
  • Magpupungko Rock Formations is 45 minutes away via motorbike. You can waze it or use google maps for directions.
  • If you don’t know how to drive a motorbike, you can rent a habal habal to take you to Magpupungko Rock Formations for a fee of 350 PHP.
  • Magpupungko Rock Formations has an entrance fee of 50 PHP, and a parking fee of 20PHP.

Sugba Lagoon (with Kahuwagan Island as sidetrip)



Another must-visit destination in Siargao if you’re up to serene and laidback atmosphere is Sugba Lagoon. This wonderland is a hidden, remote island that is home to sundry mangroves and lush flora with an area of more than 4200 hectares. Imagine how huge this paradise is! What’s more is that you have your mini playground in the said lagoon with various activities available to be tried! They have this mini jumping board that you can use to jump your hearts out, paddle boards and kayaks for you to explore the corners of the lagoon and a bamboo raft for your chilling moment!

How to get there?
  • Rent a boat from Del Carmen for 1500 PHP, good for 5 PAX. This is an hour ride from the point of origin and will pass by to a number of mangrove forests which are so pleasing to the eyes.
  • You may also request the boatman to do a sidetrip in Kahuwagan Island before you proceed to Sugba Lagoon.
  • Entrance Fee: 50PHP (Local); 100PHP (Foreigner)
  • Table Rental: 50PHP
  • Activities:
    • Kayak: 200 PHP / Hour
    • Stand Up Paddle Board: 200 PHP / Hour
    • Bamboo Raft: 100 PHP/ Hour

DAY 3 Expenses:

  • Motorbike Rental: 300 PHP / 2 PAX= 150 PHP
  • Motorbike Gas: 40 PHP / 2 PAX = 20 PHP
  • Parking Fee: 20 PHP / 2 PAX= 10 PHP
  • Entrance Fees:
    • Magpupungko: 50 PHP
    • Sugba Lagoon: 50 PHP
  • Sugba Lagoon Boat Rental: 1500 PHP / 5 PAX = 300 PHP
  • Sugba Lagoon Table Rental: 50 PHP / 5 PAX = 10 PHP
  • Food: 200 PHP ( 3 meals from carenderia)
  • T O T A L: 790 PHP



pink-dotted-lineDAY 4:

Cloud 9



You wouldn’t leave Siargao without trying to surf right?! Well, what better place to try surfing than in Siargao, Philippines’ surfing capital! One of the most common surfing spot in this island is Cloud 9. Waves here are rocking all year round, and a one-for-the-books experience is definitely guaranteed here!

Again, do take note of the tide times of the waters. Of course, it is best to surf during high tides where the waves can produce quality surf. (Click Magic Seaweed to check updates)

How to get there?
  • It is just a few kilometers away from any accommodation in General Luna. You may drive your motorbike, or take a habal habal for 20 PHP.
  • Surfboard Rental (without instructor:) 250PHP / Hour
  • Surfboard Rental  (with instructor:) 500PHP / Hour

Pacifico Beach



Pacifico Beach is not that known to most tourists. Hence, if you are fond of visiting off the beaten beaches in Siargao, Pacifico Beach is the right one for you! Crowds in this place are a few to non existent- you’ll definitely have your quality time with yourself in here! What’s more is that this place is a total bliss: long strip of white sand, glorious waves from the ocean, and breathtaking view of the vast waters with the palm trees on the other side. You can even surf in this paradise!

How to get there?
  • It is 1.5 hours away from General Luna via motorbike & 20 minutes away from the airport.

 DAY 4 Expenses:

  • Motorbike Rental: 300 PHP / 2 PAX= 150 PHP
  • Motorbike Gas: 40 PHP / 2 PAX = 20 PHP
  • Airport Van: 300 PHP
  • Food: 180 PHP ( 3 meals from the carenderia)
  • T O T A L: 900 PHP


Total Expenses

  • Day 1: 590 PHP
  • Day 2: 460 PHP
  • Day 3: 790 PHP
  • Day 4: 900 PHP
  • Accommodation: 350 PHP x 3 Nights = 1050 PHP
  • T O T A L: 3790 PHP

With a budget of 3790 PHP, you can already explore the beauty of this island- not bad right? In fact, it’s really cheap comparing it to the experience you will be earning from Siargao. Hence, this is now the time to reach your “Yes, I HAVE to go there one day” desire!  So book the flight, open up your afternoon, and just go.

BOOK now!





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  1. OMG! Thank you ang laking tulong nito!! 😊 going to visit siargao next month! Mas na-excite tuloy ako lalo.. 😍 sayang di tayo nagpang abot! More travels ms. Coleen! Godbless you 😊


  2. Hi! Love your blog! 💓 I’m planning to go to siargao rin. Just want to ask about the car rental. Kung saan pwede maginquire about it. 🙂🙂


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