Appreciation Post: All Of You Are Family

*long post ahead*

Way back 2016, I was nothing but a passionate traveler who wanted to see and explore different sides of the world; I was nothing but just a person who deeply wants to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest. But eventually my deep love for travel led me to being a blogger, as I wanted to share this intense love to the world. I wanted to let them experience what I always experience from traveling. I want them to be happier than me whenever I explore and discover places beyond limits. And because of that, I AM NOW HERE.

I’m here reaching my dreams bit by bit. I’m here pursuing my passions gradually. I get to travel more and more, and loving the world to a greater extent. These led me to the desire of wanting to inspire people progressively MORE. And I’m thankful to the Lord for providing me opportunities to fulfill my desire to inspire.


It was one random night where I get to meet some of my readers from Bacolod and get to bond with them. I must admit, to say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I NEVER EXPECTED to meet these large number of person on an unplanned dinner restaurant. The stories and the laughs we all shared was indeed priceless. (Hi bebes, miss ko na kayo!)




Another huge opportunity to reach out to more people. I was invited by Klook to be one of the speakers on their first travel workshop, and boy, it was so NAKAKAKABA LIKE OA. Just to set your expectations, it was my first time to talk on public. Never have I ever had a lecture/ speech in front of a huge crowd. Pero LUMAVAN. Although there were times that I stutter and get uneasy, all went well. And what’s more is that, I met more of my readers!




What’s satisfying here is NOT the fact that you have “followers” and that they adore you on some point- IT’S DEFINITELY NOT THAT. I see this as fulfilling since this means that my desire to inspire people is fruitful, and that I AM REALLY touching people’s heart. Nakakataba ng puso, SOBRA.

To me, all of you guys are family- even if we didn’t meet yet. You are NEVER a follower or fans- if that’s what others labeled. We are all equal who shares the same dreams and passion in life: and that is to travel. You AND Me are MORE than your likes / comments on my post, and more than just the selfies we took for Instagram. I hope WE ALL have a deeper connection- and not just on a social media basis.

But then again, THANK YOU. These opportunities to reach more people wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t because of every single one of you. So together let’s inspire each other, Ha?

I hope to meet you guys in the future. I would love to know you on a deeper level and to hear your stories in life. I love you all.


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