Lub D Hostel: Where To Stay In Siem Reap

When it comes to traveling Southeast Asia, the exquisite city of Siem Reap in Cambodia is usually one of the most coveted destination travelers would want to explore. After all, this city is home of the famous temples of the Angkor region. Travelers all over the world come over to Siem Reap to witness the marvelous ruins of Angkor Wat which were built roughly A.D/ 1113 AND 1150 and is considered as the largest religious monuments ever constructed. Talk about a surreal experience!

That being said, for such an extraordinary expedition in the city, an equally extraordinary accommodation is a must. And when it comes to an extraordinary one but is budget-friendly, well there’s no other than Lub D Hostel!





About Lub D Hostel:

It’s no secret that Lub D Hostel is one of my most favorite hostel to date! I felt as if I was home away from home. The atmosphere, the friendly staff, my comfortable room, its accessible location and its affordable price all made this hostel the perfect one for my Siem Reap adventure!


‘Enter as a guest, Leave as a friend.” Indeed this hostel will magically turn strangers that checked in into good friends. It’s has this friendly atmosphere that alter people’s mood into vibrant ones as every corner is colorfully designed, and that every area in the place gives opportunities for people to mingle. What’s more is that Lub D Hostel daily organize social activities that guarantees a fun and exciting experience with your new found friends!

Largest New Hostel in Siem Reap. You can’t believe the hugeness of this place- considering that it’s a hostel. It doesn’t even look like one! This place is so huge that it accommodates a cool swimming pool right in the middle of its lobby, a common area where chairs, bean bags and hammocks are placed where everyone can hang out, a co-working space, a Grab N Go restaurant serving a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner, a games area and a bar and a relaxation room!

Definitely accessible! Lub D Hostel is perfectly located in the heart of Siem Reap where it’s just a 5 minute walk to the famous Pub Street and a short walk to the Siem Reap river, old market and night market. Moreover, it is also just 20 minutes away from the Airport as is the legendary Angkor Wat.

Address: 7 Makara St, Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Sala Kamreuk City, Siem Reap, Cambodia 17254




Main Features:


Main Lobby:

Lub D Hostel‘s main lobby is beyond vibrant. You can already fill the hostel’s friendly and energetic ambiance the moment you step foot in its lobby. The staff were very welcoming and will immediately greet you with a smile once you arrive. The walls were painted with flamboyant colors, as well as the furniture around. Colorful bean bags and pool chairs are available all around for chilling and relaxing. What complements the whole main lobby is the outdoor pool placed perfectly in its middle. Moreover, what’s awesome about the main lobby is their reception area where tall counters are placed side by side with no dividers in between. Their goal here is to promote a friendly environment between the guests and the staffs- how awesome is that?!






What’s amazing about Lub D Hostel is that they can accommodate travelers of all kind. Whether you’re a backpacker, or a solo traveler, or maybe a couple or a family traveler, this hostel has the perfect room for you!

Junior Room

What I availed in Lub D Hostel is a private 17 sqm. Junior Room as this time I want my vacation to be the most relaxing one. When I backpack countries, I actually prefer staying in a dormitory room since price is cheaper and I get to mingle with people more. But this time, I wanted to invest my money more on leisure but still get to meet new people. And I can say, I really got my money’s worth during my stay! Lub D Hostel‘s Junior Room is A-MAZING!

It is equipped with everything you need! From a King size bed (or 2 large single bed) with the softest plush linen that will let you sink right into it, supplemented by the atmosphere the cool air conditioner and the warm lights bring. They also have a refrigerator and a safety deposit box for your goods and belongings. Moreover, minor personal needs like a hairdryer, flashlights, and a coffee/ tea maker are also provided inside the room. Its private toilet is all-inclusive also. It has a shower that can be adjusted to either cold or hot. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap, as well as towels and toiletries are provided. I must admit, the room may be a bit petite, but boy they’re complete with everything.




  • 17 sq.m.
  • King-size bedroom/ 2-Single bed with private bathroom


  • Free wi-fi internet access
  • Electronic key card access
  • Super comfy sheets, duvet & towels
  • Smart TV
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Safe box
  • Air-condition



Lub D Hostel‘s dormitories are grouped into two: Mixed and Ladies Dorm. They both have the same facilities and amenities. What’s different between them is the gender of the guests in each room. Mixed Dorm consists of both men and women guests, while Ladies Dorm only allows women guests.

The dormitories are spacious! Each is a 50 sqm. massive room that can accommodate up to 10 travelers! The rooms consist of a large comfortable bunk bed that is furnished with a private blackout curtain for privacy, a reading lamp shade, a mini locker and USB plugs. What’s more is that the rooms have a separate dressing area and luggage area that are away from the beds to avoid disturbance to the other guests while the others are packing.

I’d sure try these once I visit Lub D Hostel again the soonest!

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  • 50 sq.m.
  • Each custom made dorm features large comfortable bed.


  • Free wi-fi internet access
  • Electronic key card access
  • Individual locker
  • Dressing area
  • Clean sheet & towels
  • Wash/dryer
  • Air-condition


Shared Bathroom:

Ahhh, their shared bathrooms are one of the best I witnessed on all hostels I visited to date! I love how huge and aesthetic they are. They have numerous toilet and shower cubicles, and enough room to move around the area. Vanity mirrors are the ones that made the whole place so aesthetic! What’s more is that these bathrooms have everything you need: from hair dryers to toiletries, they got them all! And oh, they are A+ clean!





Restaurant & Bar

What I love about their restaurant is the ambiance as it is placed near the main lobby overlooking the pool which makes the dining experience very refreshing. The tables and chairs were very appealing which are in colors blue and white. Voguish Plants are decorated all over that add up to its alluring vibe.

The food were amazing! However the food choices were limited, but still oppresses the variety from breakfast to lunch to dinner meals! Also, their deli bar offers more selection of food and snacks and even juices and shakes! If you’re up to a chill drink, cocktails and beers are also available at your service! This hostel is everything!!







Other Facilities

But wait there’s more! Aside from the elements mentioned above, Lub D Hostel also has facilities that makes their hostel more than an average one!

Events Board
Game Area
Cooldown Room



  • Cooldown Room
    • For those who already checked out but wants to chill while waiting for their flight
  • Game Area
  • Laundry Room
  • Free High Speed Wifi acess in all area
    • THIS IS LEGIT. High speed kung high speed!
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Luggage Storage up to 60 days



Lub D Events

What amazes me about Lub D, aside from its distinguishing properties is their amusing events that happens every day. They are really into living their motto: Everyone leaves as a friend, as these activities are aimed to let people socialize and enjoy each other’s company, hence these activities are surely on heck of a fun experience!


Moreover, Lub D Hostel also offers free or paid tour packages around Siem Reap which will lessen your hassle to finding a tour agency, or planning out your day trip around the city! As for us, we availed the following tours:




Angkor Wat Tour:

We wouldn’t miss exploring the breathtaking temples of Siem Reap, hence we booked our tour with Adventure Travel Co. and traveled to the marvelous Angkor Wat. Imagine exploring the ancient Angkor Wat which was built roughly A.D/ 1113 AND 1150 and is actually considered as the largest religious monuments ever constructed. Talk about a surreal experience!


Lotus Farm Tour:

Another way of exploring Siem Reap is renting a bike from Adventure Travel Co. and drive around the rustic roads of the city. The surroundings of the place is already enough to keep you amazed- the peaceful rice paddies, serene lake, and quiet farmhouses- stunning. What’s more is that you can bike towards the Lotus Farm before the sunset. Believe me the view is spectacular that will leave you speechless.


Siem Reap Walking Tour:

We also tried the city walking tour of Adventure Travel Co. With the help of a tour guide given by the travel agency, we were able to explore temples, structures, and local food around the city! Through this, I was able to appreciate Siem Reap more.



How to Book?

  • Address: 7 Makara St, Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Sala Kamreuk City, Siem Reap, Cambodia 17254
  • Website: Lub D Hostel, Siem Reap
  • Tel: +632541 6358



After my 2 days and 2 nights experience in Lub D Hostel here in Siem Reap, I can proudly say that this hostel is like no other! My Siem Reap experience wouldn’t be this awesome if it wasn’t because of an awesome accommodation like Lub D Hostel! Hence, rating Lub D, I would give them an overall score of 4/5!

You guys have to check -in Lub D Hostel. You will surely LUB-D (love it!)


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