Siem Reap Travel Guide: A 4,300 PHP Itinerary

Without a doubt, Siem Reap, Cambodia is one of the most amazing countries to explore if you’re into discovering the richness of a country’s history and culture. From ancient yet majestic temples to incredible and breathtaking landscapes, indeed Siem Reap is one of the most exotic places in the world. What’s more is that this place isn’t just abundant in history and culture, but is also wealthy of amazing people with their priceless smiles, and pure heart. Siem Reap, Cambodia is beyond beautiful.





Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

There are several platforms to score a cheap flight to Siem Reap (e.g. Budget Airlines like Cebu Pacific, Travel search sites like Skyscanner.) Here are some tips:

  • Visit their websites regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their ganaps. (You can also use the “See First” thing on their page to get a higher chance of knowing their promos.)

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get around?

Getting around the town is easy In fact there are a lot of ways for you to explore Siem Reap without any hassle!

  • Walk around: Siem Reap City is a very walkable city. You can get from one point to another point without the use of any vehicle since most of the attractions are close to each other. However, the problem here is that the weather might be too hot which makes it aggravative to walk around.
  • Cycling: You can also rent a bike for a day at around 5 USD. Make sure to ask a city map to serve as a guide, and also to ask locals if you’re on the right track. Worry less since it’s really not that complicated to travel around the town since attractions are very accessible!
  • Tuktuk: To be more immersed on their culture, you can rent a tuktuk for a day , which is actually their local transportation. You can rent it at around 13 USD. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about the directions on how to go to the places, since the tuktuk driver can absolutely take care of you.
  • Car / Van: You can also rent a car with a driver to guide you if you’re more into ultimate convenience.

stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg  Do we need Visa for this country?

For Philippine Passport holders, we don’t have to apply for any visa to Cambodia. Yeay!

money-bag-256.png  How to get Cambodian Riel currency?

You don’t need to exchange your money to Cambodian Riel. Siem Reap accepts US Dollars (USD.)

untitled Money Saving Tips:
  • Buy your meal in local food stalls
    • Restaurants in town are a bit costly especially they are in US Dollars. Hence, I highly suggest you to opt for the cheaper one, which are the local food stalls along the Siem Reap streets (there’s a lot in Pub Street!) Aside from the fact that the food is really cheap, it’s SUPER DELICIOUS! Plus, you also get to experience their local food the local way!
  • Stay in hostels
    • If you’re looking for an affordable accommodation, hostels are the best option! It can totally save you money instead of checking-in in a hotel. Do make sure that the hostel you’re checking in has a good location, one that’s near to a public transportation area or public attraction to also save you money from commuting.
  • If possible, opt to walk than ride
    • Siem Reap is an extremely walkable city. Streets are very friendly to walkers; there are a lot of pedestrian lanes; street signs are available everywhere; you can even access attractions by foot!


Where To Stay?


Travelers all over the world come over to Siem Reap to witness the marvelous ruins of Angkor Wat which were built roughly A.D/ 1113 AND 1150 and is considered as the largest religious monuments ever constructed. Talk about a surreal experience!

That being said, for such an extraordinary expedition in the city, an equally extraordinary accommodation is a must. And when it comes to an extraordinary one but is budget-friendly, well there’s no other than Lub D Hostel!

Price Range:

  • Dorm: 8 USD / 400PHP
  • Junior Room: 36 USD / 1800PHP
  • PS: Price is subject to change- depends on the season

How to book:

Detailed Review: Lub D Hostel: Where To Stay In Siem Reap






We were welcomed by Siem Reap on a peaceful night. Our day isn’t that packed since we just arrived the city, and we wanted to just inhale the gracious vibe of Siem Reap. From the airport, we headed straight to our hostel, the Lub D Hostel. After we checked in, we immediately explored the nearby streets and surprisingly discovered that the famous Pub Street is just a couple of minutes walk away from our hostel! Night life here in Pub Street is superb!! They have everything: from clubs and bars to tyangge (local shops),  from local food to international cuisines, and even exotic ones like spiders and cockroaches, from spas to everything! This welcoming itinerary sure made our day satisfied!

How to get to Siem Reap city from the Airport:

  • By Taxi: You can ride a taxi at a cost of 9- 10 USD which is already good for 4 PAX.
  • By Moto:  Riding a moto will cost around 2 USD, but you can still negotiate the price!
  • By Tuk tuk: If you book a tuktuk in their airport desk, the cost usually is at 9 USD. However, if you access the parking lot outside the airport, or the public road, you can score a tuktuk at a cost of 4- 6 USD. This is also good for 4 PAX.

Total Expense: Day 1:

  • Tuktuk Transfers: 5 USD
  • Food: 2.5 USD
  • T O T A L: 7.5 USD  (375 PHP)





Our first day is dedicated fully to the reason why we are in Siem Reap: to explore Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat Park has a lot of significant archaeological sites- which is approximately over 1000 Temples- all has its unique beauty and worth. Not a day is actually enough for you to visit all these. If you’re like us, who only have a day to explore the park, I highly recommend you to do the Mini Tour which covers the most recognized ones!

Detailed Guide: Siem Reap Travel Guide: Angkor Wat Tour
Tour Price
 Mini Tour ( Angkor Wat, Bayon, etc..) 13 $
 Grand Tour (Neak Poan, Preah Khan, etc..) 15 $
 Grand Tour & Banteay Srei 22 $

money-bag-256.png  Entrance Fees of the Park:

Duration of Ticket Entrance Fees
1 Day 37 $
3 Days 62 $
7 Days 72 $

Total Expense: Day 2:

  • Mini Tour Fee: 13 USD
  • 1 Day Ticket: 37 USD
  • Food: 6 USD
  • T O T A L: 56 USD (2800 PHP)



City Tour


Siem Reap isn’t just beautiful for their marvelous Angkor Wat temples, in fact, the city itself is also great to explore! From breathtaking landscapes to magnificent temples, Siem Reap will absolutely leave you in awe. On our second day, we did a mini walking tour around the town. Surprisingly, you can already access several attractions and appreciate their culture by just walking! Here’s the list of the places we visited:

  • Siem Reap River
  • Preah Prohm Reath Pagoda
  • Royal Crusade for Independence Gardens
  • Pub Street & Old Market

Lotus Farm


We ended our city tour just in time to chase the sunset in Lotus Farm. We rented bikes for 2 USD and drove around the city all the way to the Lotus Farm. I must say that this experience is one the unique ones I had here in Siem Reap. You’ll get to explore the natural landscape of Siem Reap peacefully along narrow dirt road- definitely one for the books! What’s more about this adventure is our stunning destination: the Lotus Farm. My jaw literally dropped the moment I witnessed the view- it was A-MAZING. Wait until you behold the sunset- I was speechless the whole time. Ahhh, Siem Reap is without a doubt a beauty beyond words.

Total Expense: Day 3:

  • Bike Rental: 2 USD
  • Food: 7 USD
  • T O T A L: 8 USD (400 PHP)



  • Day 1 Expense: 7.5 USD
  • Day 2 Expense: 56 USD
  • Day 3 Expense: 8 USD
  • Accommodation: 7 USD / night X 2 nights (dormitory)= 14 USD
  • T O T A L: 85.5 USD (4275 PHP)



Siem Reap is majestic. Traveling to this town is beyond worthy. The temples and the landscapes definitely will sweep your feet off! So what are you waiting for, Yes to Siem Reap? Yes to Adventures!

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