Baler, Aurora Travel Guide: A 3,000 PHP Itinerary

Imagine women traveling freely; with no limitations, no judgements, no danger, no restraint. What a concept. We, women, often get doubted with our abilities to travel liberally. We face far more issues traveling alone than men do. We always get that figure that in order for us to travel, women has to be with someone just for them to be secured.

But let me tell you this: we, women, can travel, and we will travel- anytime and anywhere we want- without needing anyone. No matter how the society bring us down, we will never stop pursuing what our hearts shout. Yes, we will go see the world. We will chase freedom.

So to every women who is reading this, YOU ARE CAPABLE OF REACHING YOUR HEART’S DESIRE. You may want to explore countries by countries, learn different cultures, meet new people, tick off a number of provinces in the country, you can do it. You may want to disengage from everything, do soul searching, experience everything you can out of life, girl, GO FOR IT!

It’s okay to feel nervous and worried, especially if you’ll be traveling solo. I also have that feeling whenever I travel especially during the early times. But WE ARE STRONGER than our fear. DIBA?! So ano g? 






One province I would personally recommend you to explore is BALER, AURORA. It’s a couple of hours away from the city, and is ultimately breathtaking. I would also like to grab this opportunity to shoutout these strong & independent girls that I met during my Baler trip. These girls challenged me to grab more opportunities to travel (solo) and always say yes to adventures. You girls are the happiest!




Why We Can Explore Baler





Girls, pack your bags now! Baler is here to welcome us, strong women! Yes, you read it right: BALER is the ONE for every one of us. And this place is waiting for us with wide arms open! Here are reasons why Baler is the perfect one for us:


For women who are anxious to travel far, no worries since Baler is just A 6 HOUR BUS away from Manila. Sleep ka lang sa bus, pag-gising mo, Baler na! Plus the bus companies that offer Baler service have good reviews too!

Safe + Easy to get around

You can explore around whenever and wherever you want! Attractions are very accessible; the tricycle drivers are very accommodating and friendly ; the roads to the places are smooth and secured.

Friendly Locals

What I love the most about Baler is its super duper truper friendly locals! Everyone smiles and greets you hey! If you need help on something, they are willing to help you without a cost! Ahhh, love you locals!

Chill Vibe + Breathtaking

Baler doesn’t need tourist attractions to make you feel satisfied for your trip. It is the atmosphere and genuineness of the place that will your trip more than worthy. So hey, embrace the spontaneity this place offers, and be open to be lost.


Pre Travel Guide


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get to Baler?

  • Direct Trip From Manila (Cubao Terminal):
    • There are two bus types that are available:
      • Genesis Bus: The cheaper and longer option. Travel time is at around 6- 7 hours and drives through a few bus stops. Bus Fare: 550 PHP
      • Joy Bus: The comfortable option. Travel time is at around 5- 6 hours non-stop. The seats are more comfortable supplemented by blankets, pillows and snacks. Bus Fare: 750 PHP
  • Cutting Trip (If ever direct buses to/from Baler are fully booked):
    • You can ride a bus bound to Cabanatuan, and from Cabanatuan, there are vans available that can take you to Baler.
    • Total travel time is at around 6 hours.

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get around?

Getting around Baler is never a hassle. There are several means of transportation around the area that will let you get from Point A to Point B. What’s awesome about these transportation is that it will not cost you a lot, and at the same time will give you that probinsya or island life vibe while exploring around!

  • Rent A Motorbike: 400- 500 PHP
    • Just approach The Circle Hostel for rents.
  • Rent A Tricycle: 500 PHP- Half Day / 800 PHP- Whole Day
    • One Way Tricyle Trip (from point A to point B): 10- 15PHP


Where To Stay?


To have your trip in Baler fully maximized, I personally recommend you to stay in The Circle Hostel. This hostel is not only perfect for budget travelers and backpackers, but is also ideal for us, female wanderers.





“THERE ARE NO STRANGERS”  Indeed this hostel will magically turn strangers that checked in into good friends (or better- family!) It’s has this friendly atmosphere that alters people’s mood into vibrant ones! The vibe is so homey and laidback that it wondrously creates an instant connection among the guests.

Eco Friendly. What I love the most about The Circle Hostel is that it isn’t just your ordinary hostel. It is an eco friendly one!! Ahh indeed, The Circle Hostel has my all-out support on this! Imagine, they are into promoting ecological sustainability through eliminating non-biodegradable trash by adapting segregation system having a separate trash bins for non biodegradable and biodegradable ones, and re-using recycled plastic bottles that can be used as building material.

Perfect for Solo (Female) Traveler. The Circle Hostel has a safe environment. The staff are very accommodating and friendly. You can ask them anything you want and they will take care of you! Moreover, the hostel also offers dorm rooms exclusive for girls to those who aren’t comfortable sleeping with men in the same room.

More information about Circle Hostel:

  • Rate:
    • 1300 PHP: Cuddle Room
      • Comes with a queen sized bed and mosquito net.
    • 1300 PHP: Buddy Room
      • Comes with a bunk bed for 2 with a mosquito net and privacy curtains.
    • 450 PHP: Hammocks
    • 550 PHP: Bunk beds
    • 150 PHP: Day Tour
  • Cozy common areas
  • Hot and Cold showers
  • Chill vibe
  • Comfy Hammocks
  • Banana and Bread Breakfast
  • Friendly staff
  • Board Racks
  • Half-pipe

How to Book?


2D/ 1N Itinerary


Baler is all about being chill and spontaneous. Kaya kuha ko sa’yo, ditch the itinerary. Just go with the flow. Enjoy the laidback vibe. Baler is so much more than visiting the “instagrammable” places, or the popular attractions! It’s more than the places to visit– it’s the culture, the atmosphere, the experience itself.  This place is more than what you see in the photos of this blog, it’s more than just a famous place to spend your weekend, and most especially, it’s more than being just a tourist destination. Let yourself be lost of Baler’s beauty.



But, of course, if you’re into following an organized Itinerary, here’s a suggestion:



Dicasalarin Cove






Imagine a beach with alluring white, powdery sand, tricolored turquoise clear water, complimented by the place’s stunning landscape- indeed, Dicasalarin Cove is the kind of place that will definitely take your heart away. The view, the warm sun, the fresh sea breeze, ahhhhhh, everything was perfect. And guess what, crowds in the island are thin to non- existent. It was so peaceful and pristine. Silence and tranquility are next to none. You’ll absolutely want to keep the island all to yourself.

In order for you to access Dicasalarin Cove, you must hire a habal-habal since tricycle can’t entry the beach due to the steep road going there. Don’t worry, habal-habal are available at the tricycle drop-off point!

  • Opening hours: 8am-5pm
  • Entrance Fee: 300 PHP
  • Habal-habal ride: 200- 300 PHP / 2 PAX roundtrip

Aniao Rock Formations and Lukso-Lukso Islets



After spending half a day in the breathtaking Dicasalarin Cove, we still managed to have a sidetrip to Aniao Rock Formations and Lukso-Lukso Islets. Here you can witness rock formations that form three islets that are just pleasing to the eyes. During low tide, you can also view a number of sea shells peacefully lying on its pallid coarse sand.

If you have more time, you can also have a side trip to Diguisit Falls which is very near from this area.

  • Entrance Fee: P20 per head


  • Food: 200 PHP (3 Meals; Tip: You can cook your own food in The Circle Hostel)
  • Tricycle Tour: 800 PHP/ 4 Pax = 200 PHP
  • Entrance Fees:
    • Dicasalarin Cove: 300 PHP
    • Aniao Rock Formations and Lukso-Lukso Islets: 20 PHP
  • Habal Habal Ride: 300 PHP / 2 Pax= 150 PHP
  • T O T A L: 870 PHP


DAY 2:

Sabang Beach






You wouldn’t leave Baler without trying to surf right?! Well, what better place to try surfing than in Baler, Philippines’ surfing capital! One of the most common surfing spot in this place is Sabang Beach. Waves here are rocking all year round, and a one-for-the-books experience is definitely guaranteed here!

Again, do take note of the tide times of the waters. Of course, it is best to surf during high tides where the waves can produce quality surf.

  • Where to Rent: Circle Hostel has a number of instructor to refer!
  • Surfboard Rental+ Instructor: 350 PHP / Hour
  • Surfboard Rental Only: 200 PHP / Hour ; 800 PHP / Day


  • Food: 150 PHP (Breakfast is free from The Circle Hostel)
  • Surfboard Rental & Instructor Fee: 350 PHP
  • T O T A L: 500 PHP


Other Tourist Spots To Visit:

  • Baler Museum
  • Ampere Beach
  • PAGASA Viewpoint
  • Aurora House
  • Baler Church
  • Hanging Bridge


MAD TRAVEL PH: Travel With A Cause






What better way to spend the opportunity you have to travel Baler is travel with a cause. You see, traveling is not just about exploring places and satisfying your own desires- it can do so much more, especially towards the people and communities around. Gratefully, we have MAD Travel PH to help us with that!

To give you a brief background about MAD Travel PH: MAD stands for Making A Difference. This is a social enterprise who’s goal is sustainable social tourism through offering tours and treks to the public and introducing them to the local communities in the area. Through this immersion, people will get to be more aware of the social condition in the local area and inspire them to make a difference.

Aurora Tribes & Treks

MAD Travel PH have weekly tours to 3 destinations: Zambales, La Union and Aurora. Of course, we opted the Aurora tour. It was one satisfying & heart-warming trip!

We trekked through the lush forests and humbling rivers in one of the last few rainforests in the Philippines, encountering Altas, the local tribes in Aurora. After a fulfilling trek, we finally witnessed the Alethea falls over the Diteki river.

After the trek, we had the opportunity to interact with the local tribes, the Altas, and get to know their own story. Indeed, this experience was nourishing.

How to Join:

  • Rate: 1,500 PHP
    • Inclusive of:
      • Lunch and Snacks
      • Transfers within Aurora
      • Activities mentioned in the itinerary

Book via The Circle Hostel:

The Circe Hostel are in partnership with MAD Travel, hence you can book from them:


07:00am Breakfast (served at hostel)
07:30am Depart for Diteki, San Luis (Jeep)
08:20am Hike to Diyaboboo river Althea swimming area
09:20am Arrival and swimming
12:00nn Lunch & Storytelling with the Alta Tribe
02:00pm Village Tour & Planting
 03:00pm Herbal Medicine with Tita Pilit
04:00pm Cacao Farm Tour
04:30pm End of Tour / Free Time


Total Expenses


  • Day 1: 870 PHP
  • Day 2: 500 PHP
  • Circle Hostel Accommodation: 550 PHP
  • Bus Ride (Roundtrip): 1100 PHP
  • TOTAL: 3020 PHP


Important Reminders:


  • Leave only footprints.Throw your trash in the proper garbage bag.
  • Say No to Plastics
    • Say no to plastic bags, use your own bag.
    • Reuse your plastic water bottle.
  • Respect people and their local cultures.
    • Show respect to the local customs and traditions of the people around.

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