Reminder: This is OUR Home. Take Care Of It.

Psalm 104:24 – How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalm 65:8 – The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.

Let these verses be reminders to us on how beautiful God’s creation is; how perfectly made our Earth is. The trees, the flowers, the skies, the mountains, the oceans- everything is just too magical to behold. The summer’s green, the winter’s white, and the fall’s magnificent paintbrush of colors – all these are made for us. What’s more amazing is that we are ALL blessed to freely enjoy all these things in a heartbeat.



We can step into the ocean, feel the southern hemisphere sun warm our skin, see landmarks we’ve only dreamed about. WE CAN TRAVEL. We can gain experiences from it that even these photos in this post can’t justify its magnificence. It’s going to be indescribable unless you will be there in that very moment, basking in the pure bliss you will feel. We can embrace for moments we’ll never be able to capture in words, no matter how descriptive we can be, there will be places, and experiences we just can’t put into words.

Iba. Iba ang creation ni Lord. And let us continue to travel to appreciate it and be in awe by it’s splendor and beauty.

But come to think of it, will this be as beautiful as this 10 years from now? 50 years from now?


It’s devastating to see several news popping out on social media on how our world is degrading minute by minute. Beaches are polluted with trashes, mountains are getting burned because of irresponsible travelers- the earth is getting KILLED every single day- and we are the ones who are destroying it.

What if?

What if we became more responsible global citizens? What if we became aware of our surroundings and avoid contributing to the pollution? What if we create meaningful interactions between us and the places while creating memorable travel experiences? What if we take responsibility on our impact on this one place that we have to live?

I know, no one person can change the world, but together, we can. We just have to choose to change the world. And it will always start with ourselves.

So let this be a friendly reminder to all of us to take care of our mother earth. Every day is an opportunity for us to do so. So tara, g?


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