Coron, Palawan Travel Guide: A 7,400 PHP Itinerary

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s what I felt the moment my feet stepped into the paradise of Coron, Palawan.

The heart-catching long strip of pure, white shores, calming emerald green waves, fresh air, blue skies, the awe-inspiring landscapes and the friendly locals will all get you off your feet in just a heartbeat! PS: This is a warning. You might get attached with this dreamland, just like I did.

Stuffing with glorious elements that give rise into an exquisite paradise, Coron is definitely a place that is more than worthy to be visited. Its unfathomable beauty magnifying its powdery sand, charming sea, turquoise and light-green waters and scenic limestone formations that surround its picturesque beauty- not to mention their profound underwater world, Coron is mind-blowing. This tropical paradise is indeed a piece of heaven on earth that everyone could fall in love with!

Yes, among all 7,500 islands in the Philippines, Coron is one of the best.






Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

1200px-Cebu_Pacific_Logo-2016Click here to BOOK

There are several platforms to score a cheap flight to Coron, Palawan (e.g. Budget Airlines like Cebu Pacific, Travel search sites like Skyscanner.) Here are some tips:

  • Visit their websites regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their ganaps. (You can also use the “See First” thing on their page to get a higher chance of knowing their promos.)

untitled Where to get cheap tours?


Based on my experience, I highly recommend you to book discounted tours for your trip in Coron from KLOOK to enjoy a hassle-free way of exploring the island. Doing the DIY way might be hassle for you- your vacation has to be the most relaxing as possible, hence, booking a tour is better. Don’t worry, as most of my suggested tours from KLOOK are reasonable and are within the fair market value + of course, has your money’s worth!

Recommended Tours:

  • Island Hopping Tours (See Details after this section:)
    • Ultimate Tour: Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pescados, Marine Park/Skeleton Wreck, Coral Garden, Smith Beach, CYC Beach: 1600PHP
    • Tour A: CYC beach, Coral Garden, Atwayan Beach, Hidden Lagoon, Quin Reef, Kayangan Lake: 1110PHP
    • Tour B: Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, Reef Garden: 1300PHP
    • Tour C (Malcapuya Island): Malcapuya Island, Bulog Dos, Banana Island: 1950PHP
    • Tour D: Bulog Dos Island, Pass Island, Lusong Coral Garden, Lusong Gun Boat Shipwreck: 1650PHP
  • Coron City Tour: Mt Tapyas View Deck, Maquinit Hotspring, Public Market, Town Plaza, Lualhati Park, Souvenir Shops, St. Augustine Church, Cashew Harvest: 1000PHP

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get around?

Getting around Coron is never a hassle. There are several means of transportation around the island that will let you get from Point A to Point B. What’s awesome about these transportation is that it will not cost you a lot, and at the same time will give you that probinsya or island life vibe while riding the vehicle!

  • Tricycle: These are the main mode of transportation around the town of Coron: Cost is at 10 PHP – 20 PHP / PAX if you’re going from Point A to Point B within the town.
    • Hire a tricycle (City Tour): You can charter a tricycle for a day to take you around the town’s attraction for 600 PHP.
    • Contact: Roland- 09976537898
  • Rent A Motorbike: 600-800 PHP
  • Hire A Boat: If you’re doing a Do-it-yourself tour around the islands of Coron, you can hire a boat for the island hopping tour easily.

77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png Where to stay?

I highly suggest you to book an accommodation in Coron, where everything is accessible (e.g. restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.) There are plenty of accommodations available around the town of Coron: from hostels to high-end ones, from accommodations with a pool in it, or those nearby the main road, anything!

To search for accommodation that’s fit with your preference, check Coron Villas for spacious accommodations to retreat to after a long day.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.00.58 PM.png

As a budget traveler, I chose one of the cheapest accommodation I found: Sharon’s Guesthouse

  • Name of Accommodation: Sharon’s Guesthouse
  • Rate: 1,200 PHP/ Room / 2 PAX = 600 PHP/ PAX / DAY
  • Access: 11 minutes walk to the Public Market; 900 m away from Mt. Tapyas
  • Expectations: Don’t expect that this guesthouse is a classy one. The ambiance is very reasonable comparing it to its cheap price.
    • Pros: Cheap & Clean. The place is huge as well. The room is well maintained, and the bed sheets are smooth and hygienic.
    • Cons: Water gets weak at some times. It has 4 rooms, but only has one public toilet.



(Via Klook)


DAY 1 – Arrival; City Tour

We were welcomed by Coron on a glorious morning. Our day isn’t that packed since we just arrived the city, and we wanted to just inhale the gracious vibe of the town. From the airport, we headed straight to our accommodation to check in. After we checked in, we immediately explored the nearby hot spring, The Maquinit Hot Spring, and chased the Sunset in Mt. Tapyas. This welcoming itinerary sure made our day satisfied!


  • How to get to Coron Town from the Airport: Ride a van to Coron Towon. Cost is at 150 PHP
  • How to get to Maquinit Hot Spring: Hire a tricycle driver that will take you to Maquinit Hot Spring: 400 PHP (Roundtrip)
    • Contact Number of Tricycle Number: Roland- 09976537898
    • Travel TimeL 20 Minutes
  • How to get to Mt. Tapyas: You can either proceed directly to Mt. Tapyas after Maquinit Hot Spring. But if you opt to come from the town, you can ride a tricycle for 10 PHP / way.
    • Travel Time: 5 Minutes from Accommodation

If you also want to explore more of the town’s sights, you can book a Town Tour from Klook to take you around the attractions: Book Here.


  • Tricycle RT Ride to Maquinit Hot Spring: 400 PHP/ 4 PAX = 100 PHP
  • Maquinit Hot Spring Entrance Fee: 200 PHP
  • Mt. Tapyas Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Tricycle RT Ride to Mt Tapyas: 20 PHP
  • Food: 200 PHP (Local Carenderia)
  • T O T A L: 520 PHP



DAY 2 –   Coron Island and Lakes Tour (Tour A)

To start off our Coron’s island hopping adventure, we embraced a day stuffed with a combination of chilling by the beach and snorkelling in the underwater world of the island. It was all pure bliss. The beaches, CYC Beach and Atwayan Beach, were indecipherably jaw-dropping- with its pure white sand and its cool, crystal clear waters. I can’t help myself but be marvelled by its beauty. NAKAKALULA YUNG GANDA. Aside from the beach, its underwater world left me speechless. Me snorkling at the Coral Garden and Quin Reef is like me living my mermaid dreams. The turquoise and light-green waters are all perfectly placed in their own kind of heaven. It was beyond magical. Moreover, this tour won’t be complete if it wasn;t because of the Hidden Lagoon and the Kayangan Lake, which is actually the cleanest lake in the country. Both of them were breathtaking! The turquoise clear waters were unfathomable, which are supplemented by the spectacular towering limestone formations.






To Book this tour: Coron Island and Lakes Tour (Tour A)


  • 7:00AM: Hotel pick up
  • CYC beach
  • Coral Garden
  • 12:00PM: Picnic Lunch at Atwayan Beach
  • Hidden Lagoon
  • Quin Reef
  • Kayangan Lake
  • 5:00PM: Hotel drop off


  • Tour A Package Fee: 1100 PHP
  • Dinner: 100 PHP (Local Carenderia)
  • T O T A L: 1200 PHP



DAY 3 –  Barakuda Lake (Tour B)

A day of island hopping activity happened yesterday is absolutely not enough to satisfy our Coron experience. We crave for more, thus we booked another island hopping tour from Klook. This time, we ticked off some of Coron’s best spots- Barracuda Lake for a soothing dip in the turquoise clear waters where its temperature dramatically change from time to time; Skeleton Wreck for a one-for-the-books snorkelling activity where you can witness a sunken warship; Twin Lagoon for a breath taking experience with the lagoons’ staggering limestone cliffs and astounding clear waters; Reef Garden for another extraordinary snorkelling experience, witnessing a splendid marine life under waters; and finally, the Banol Beach for your perfect picnic lunch! What else could I ask for?





To Book this tour: Coron Barracuda Lake and Lagoons


  • 7:00am Hotel pick up
  • Barracuda Lake
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • 12:00pm Picnic lunch at Banol Beach
  • Twin Lagoon
  • Reef Garden
  • 5:00pm hotel drop off


  • Tour B Package Fee: 1300 PHP
  • Food: 80 PHP (Dinner; Local Carenderia)
  • T O T A L: 1380 PHP



Important Note for Day 2 & 3: Tour A & Tour B

Coron Ultimate Tour

If you’re into exploring the islands in a faster yet cheaper way, here’s a travel hack for you. There’s actually a tour package that combines Tour A (Day 1) and Tour B (Day 2) in one day. Meaning, you’ll get to explore the islands covered by both Tour A and Tour B in one seating. Here are the Pros and Cons:



Cheaper (by 800 PHP)

Tour A + Tour B = 2,400 PHP

Ultimate Tour = 1,600 PHP

Fast Phased Tour (You might not fully maximize the islands)
Saves up Time Barracuda Lake and Hidden Lagoon are not included in the tour

To Book this tour: Ultimate Tour


  • 8:00am hotel pick up
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Twin Lagoon
  • Siete Pescados
  • Marine Park/Skeleton Wreck
  • Coral Garden
  • 12:30pm lunch at Smith Beach
  • CYC Beach
  • 4:00pm hotel drop off



DAY 4 –  Malcapuya Island (Tour C)

This day is dedicated to the most beautiful island in Coron, Malcapuya Island. Imagine a paradise blessed with white sand and emerald green waters. An island that is so untouched you couldn’t imagine how surreal it is. Yep, it will totally sweep your feet off the ground in a heartbeat. The dynamic atmosphere of the island is something to crave for especially when you are in need of a soul search. No wonder this island is one of the best beach Philippines have! It was tranquil at its best.



To Book this tour: Malcapuya Island Day Trip


  • 7:00am hotel pick up
  • 8:30am arrival Malcapuya Island
  • Free time/snorkeling at Malcapuya Island
  • 12:00pm picnic lunch
  • 3:00pm depart for Coron Town
  • 4:00pm hotel drop off


  • Tour Package Fee: 1950 PHP
  • Food: 150 PHP
  • T O T A L: 2200 PHP



Additional: Calauit Safari and Beach Tour

We actually had an additional day dedicated to this tour. But to tell you honestly, if you want to spend less and you’re into traveling Coron in a budget way, I suggest you skip this tour instead. But on the other hand, Calauit Safari and Beach Tour, is without a doubt, a unique experience as you don’t just get to visit an ordinary safari, but you will also get to interact with the animals and feed them! Moreover, you’ll also have the privilege to meet exotic and local animals such as the Calamian deer, estuarine crocodile, the Palawan bearcat and the Palawan spiny anteater.

This tour also includes a beach trip to North Cay or Pamilacan Island after the Calauit Safari Tour. Here you can bask around the powdery white sand and clear blue waters while enjoying the warm sun and fresh sea breeze of the paradise of Coron, Palawan!

Conversely, the downside with this tour is its cost, which is at 3000 PHP. Personally speaking, it’s pricey comparing it to the experience you will gain from the tour. Hence, as said earlier, if you’re budget conscious with your Coron trip, you can skip this and proceed to the other more important tours.




To Book this tour: Calauit Safari and Beach Tour


  • 7:00am hotel pick up
  • Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary
  • 11:00am boat ride to North Cay or Pamilacan Island
  • 12:00pm picnic lunch
  • 4:00pm hotel drop off



Total Expenses

  • Day 1: 520 PHP
    • Tricycle RT Ride to Maquinit Hot Spring: 400 PHP/ 4 PAX = 100 PHP
    • Maquinit Hot Spring Entrance Fee: 200 PHP
    • Mt. Tapyas Entrance Fee: FREE
    • Tricycle RT Ride to Mt Tapyas: 20 PHP
    • Food: 200 PHP (Local Carenderia)
  • Day 2: 1200 PHP
    • Tour A Package Fee: 1100 PHP
    • Dinner: 100 PHP (Local Carenderia)
  • Day 3: 1380 PHP
    • Tour B Package Fee: 1300 PHP
    • Food: 80 PHP (Dinner; Local Carenderia)
  • Day 4: 2200 PHP
    • Tour Package Fee: 1950 PHP
    • Food: 150 PHP
  • RT Van to/from Airport & Coron Town: 300 PHP
  • 3 Nights Accommodation: 600 PHP x 3 = 1800 PHP
  • T O T A L: 7400 PHP

With a budget of 7400 PHP, you can already explore the beauty of this island- not bad right? Well, I must admit, Coron is not a place for (total) budget travelers. The costs around are pretty expensive. However, comparing it to the experience you will be earning from Coron, the expenses is worth it. Hence, this is now the time to reach your “Yes, I HAVE to go there one day” desire!  So book the flight, say yes to adventures, and just go.

BOOK now!


Do-It-Yourself Tour

If you opt to do a DIY Tour yourself, you will need to book with Calamian Toursit Boat Association which is located near Lualhati Park. They offer different tours around Coron as well with standardized rates. The rates depends on the size of the boat- which can be good for 2- 4 pax, 5-8 pax, 9-15 pax. You can check the rates on Pinay Solo Backpacker’s Blog.

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