Tired Of Life And So I Travel

150 shades darker- but HAPPIER.

I know, I’ve been MIA for more than a month on blogging, and I must admit, NAMISS KO KAYO. (Real talk. I may not know you guys personally, but interacting with you on this platform means a lot to me na!)

Anyway, the days i was off were the days I left Manila and took a breather from the stress this city was giving me: work, people around me, family, career, responsibilities, relationships, etc. Ramdam ko yung pagod na hindi nagagawa ng isang tulog na pahinga- that pagod na hindi mo alam san mo nahugot. Yes, I may look genuinely happy on my photos, but I am still a normal person who gets to be UN-okay at times and feel lost.

Because of this, I randomly booked a one way ticket flight to Bacolod without any plans. Brought my office laptop and a 10kg bag with me and embraced what spontaneity can offer me.

Apparently this spontaneity I embraces made me end up exploring a lot of places: Bacolod, South and North Cebu, Coron, Romblon, Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido. Met new friends and gained so much experiences! All in a span of ONE MONTH. And whenever I look back, I feel beyond grateful.


My point here is- pag pagod, magpahinga. WALANG SUSUKO. Walang bibitaw. If you’re frustrated with life, take a breather and have a break. That break doesn’t necessarily mean you should also book a random ticket to somewhere. You can spend a weekend doing what you’re passionate about- may it be painting, or reading a boo. Then after that break…. LABAN ulit. So here I am going back to Manila again and facing my responsibilities- this time Im stronger and more ready!

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