Reasons To Stay In Lub D, Makati


It’s no surprise that Lub D Hostel has always been my favorite hostel to date. From my Lub d Siem Reap experience, to the Phuket and the Bangkok one, I absolutely found home in the road. What’s more amazing is that I had the opportunity to experience their newest branch, and it is just a couple of minutes away from my residence: IT’S JUST IN MAKATI, you guys!

You read it right. Lub D Hostel has already opened their newest brand perfectly lying in the heart of Makati. What’s more is that this hostel is the largest one in the country, as claimed by Lub d! Isn’t this the most amazing?! I can’t wait to share to you my experience in my second home, Lub D Hostel. Read on!






About Lub D Hostel

An absolute home away from home. Lub D Hostel is undeniably an extraordinary hostel like no other! It isn’t just your average tulugan for the night, or just an accommodation during your stay in Manila- Lub D Hostel is more than that. For me, Lub d is HOME. (If I could even stay here forever, I would. This is how I love this place so much)

‘Enter as a guest, Leave as a friend.” Lub D Hostel definitely is living their motto! This hostel will magically turn their guests into good friends. It’s has this friendly atmosphere that alter people’s mood into vibrant ones as every corner is colorfully designed, and that every area in the place gives opportunities for people to mingle.


Accommodation Types:

Mixed Dorm & Ladies Dorm




Lub D Hostel‘s dormitories are incredibly huge! A roomy 36 square meters area that can fit up to 8 travelers. Their dorm beds are spacious and are fully equipped with a personal night light, socket, and USB socket. Moreover, each bed is complemented with a separate locker and a mini clothes rail. These are placed in a distant changing area away from the beds to avoid disturbing the other room guests.

Junior Room



For more privacy, Lub D Hostel has Junior rooms that consists of a King sized bed (or 2 large single beds) with their own private comfort room! The room is undeniably eye pleasing! It has this simple and refreshing atmosphere where everything is deliberated in bright colors; white, yellow and blue. Plush linen, and alluringly soft pillows will definitely supplement your overnight experience in this room!


Barkada Room (Family or Group)



Barkada Room is the newest feature of Lub D Hostel across all Lub d branches! Aimed to embrace Filipino culture, this room is absolutely perfect for pinoys who usually prefer to travel in groups (with family or barkada!) The room highlights a high ceiling duplex with a king sized bed (or 2 large single beds) and an additional 2 single beds. My favorite part in this room is its mini 2nd floor where these 2 additional single beds are located! It also has its own private comfort room, yeay!




Grab & Go

A restaurant bar that is literally a grab and go, as you can simply grab food and have it take away-ed. They also serve breakfast meals that are available all-day! Believe me, their food is scrumptious!

Co-working Space

There is also an area where you can have your time for work peacefully!

Game Area


What’s more fun about this hostel is they have games to keep you entertained during your whole stay! Board games, and foosball will be our thing!


Reasons To Stay In Lub D Hostel, Makati

1. Atmosphere


What I love the most about Lub d, Makati is its atmosphere! It has this colorful, vibrant and outgoing vibe that you’ll instantly feel once you stepped in the hostel. The guards and the staffs will greet you with the frendliest smile and will keep you accommodated from the very first moment you enter the hostel until you leave. The surroundings are filled with bright and colorful embellishments supplemented by the spacious area and high ceilings. It will give you that lavish yet friendly sense by just looking through the hostel’s setting. Moreover, the bubbly atmosphere of Lub D Hostel still extends to its dormitories and private rooms!


2.  Because of their tagline: ‘Enter as a guest, Leave as a friend.”


As mentioned earlier, Lub D Hostel definitely is living their motto! This hostel will magically turn their guests into good friends and will indeed bestow memorable memories to everyone. From the atmosphere (see point 1.) to their activities, Lub d hostel truly aims to connect every single guests together! In fact, Lub D Hostel organizes everyday events that makes their guests mingle withe each other and eventually make new friends! This is what makes Lub d hostel special. And like I told you, this hostel is more than just an ordinary one. It’s The Lub d Hostel Experience…


3. Budget Friendly Without Compromising Comfort

At an introductory rate of 540 PHP, you can already have an amazing Lub D Hostel experience! Pretty cheap right? (Believe me, 540 PHP for a Lub d experience is BEYOND WORTHY!) What’s more is that no matter how budget-friendly this hostel is, they will never compromise the comfort of all their guests! From the lobby itself, you can already be embraced by the Lub d’s authentic comfort as accommodating staff will instantly assist you with everything- from your luggages to fast check in process! Of course, this is extended to the coziness your room offers- may it be a dormitory, a junior room, or a barkada room! Everything you need is at your reach in your room! Dormitories are fully equipped with a personal night light, socket, and USB socket, complemented with their own lockers and clothes rail. Their public toilet are hella clean! You can even stay inside the whole day as everything is also provided: from the basic toiletries and availability of shampoo and bath gel inside the shower area to hair iron and blowers, from the number of sockets to vanity mirrors and oh not to mention the non-stop music inside the shower room, what more can you ask for!  Junior Rooms and Barkada rooms, on the other hand are provided with their own private toilet equipped with the basic toiletries as well and a hair dryer. Yep, you don’t have to bring so much stuff as Lub d hostel provided everything you need! Talk about absolute comfort.


4. Accessible Location

Lub D Hostel perfectly lies in the heart of Poblacion, Makati where a lot of establishments are within the reach easily. It is a walk away from several nightlife, top restaurants & shopping malls! Check out the map below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 5.33.15 PM.png


5. Open To All Types Of Traveler



Whether you’re with your family craving for a staycation, or a solo traveler in need of a budget accommodation, or you’re with a group of friends who just wants a unique bonding getaway, Lub D Hostel is perfect for you. This is amazing about this hostel- it caters to every type of traveler! So what are you waiting for? G NA?


How to Book?

  • Address: 7833 Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City 1210
  • Website: Lub D Hostel, Makati
  • Tel: +632541 6358



After my 2 days and 2 nights experience in Lub D Hostel here in Makati, I can proudly say that this hostel is like no other! My staycation experience wouldn’t be this awesome if it wasn’t because of an awesome accommodation like Lub D Hostel! Hence, rating Lub D, I would give them an overall score of 4/5!

You guys have to check -in Lub D Hostel. You will surely LUB-D (love it!)


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