Be Whoever You Want To Be With Sun Cellular’s GIGA SURF 99

There’s something I really love about our generation. It’s our ability to discover, to explore, to learn the best way possible. We feel and we believe that absolutely anything is possible. That no matter how big our dream is, it would never be bigger than our ability to reach it. That we have the capability to do whatever we want, BE WHOEVER WE WANT, as if the world is ours for the taking.

Because of this, I am proud to each one of us. And please don’t stop chasing, investing, and pursuing in whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. There are so many opportunities to succeed in ways. And definitely, we could accomplish anything we wanted to achieve.


In fact, what’s amazing is we have support systems around us- just like Sun Cellular‘s new GigaSurf99. Here you are free to be whoever you want to be, and learn more about your self-kept passions online with no restriction or whatsoever! In fact, this promo doesn’t just offer internet data, but also free access to YouTube every day!


About Sun Cellular


I bet most of you are already familiar with Sun Cellular Network. But to those who aren’t sure about Sun, Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. or commercially known as Sun Cellular is one of the country’s top mobile telecommunications company. It offers a wide range of wireless public and private telecommunications services all for your needs!

To know more about their plans / promos:


GigaSurf99 Promo

As sulit as it can be, Gigasurf 99, now includes FREE 1GB data on top of its 2GB data plus free 1 hour of YouTube access daily, as well as unli allnet texts all inclusion valid for 7 days. What’s more is that this is powered by Sun’s newest and widest LTE network! BONGGA RIGHT?



Embrace opportunities to #BeWhoeverYouWantToBe with Sun GigaSurf 99!

Promo Price Keyword Validity Inclusions
GigaSurf 99 P99 Giga99 7 days

2GB mobile data + unli texts to all networks with FREE 1 hour or 1GB streaming access to YouTube daily

Plust FREE 1GB data

To subscribe to Sun GigaSurf 99, text <GIGA99> to 247.

Subscribers can avail of this special promo from June 917, 2018.

#BeWhoeverYouWantToBe #FREEYouTubeEveryDay




Why Choose Sun Cellular’s LTE Service?

Well aside from me encouraging you to avail this service, here are points you can consider to motivate you more on trying their new LTE connection:

  • Practical: People have this perspective that a fast LTE internet connection is expensive. Well, I couldn’t agree- usually fast connection = higher cost. But not with Sun Cellular LTE service. Our hard earned money is valued here!
  • Budget Friendly: For a super cheap rate of P70, you can already get a 1GB open access data, 30 minutes calls to Sun Unlimited texts to all networks for 7 Days!
  • Reliable: Surfing, downloading files, streaming music and videos, and mobile gaming are now made easy as reliable internet connection is offered by this service.
  • Hassle Free: To current Sun Cellular subscribers who already have their old sim cards, Sun made it easy for you to swap your old 36 SIM to a new LTE-ready SIM for free! Just visit any Sun Shop nationwide and they can take care of you!


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