What My Scoliosis Taught Me In Life

Hi I am Colleen Vidal. And I am diagnosed with Scoliosis. And you know what? I am grateful for this. This is indeed a Blessing in disguise. My condition led me to realizing things that made my life more meaningful and happier.


There Will Always Be Hope- no matter what.

When I was in highschool, I was diagnosed with a 62 degree of curvature called scoliosis. It was that worst already. The physician immediately told me to undergo surgery since there is only a SLIGHT chance of correction if I’d go through Physical Therapy instead. Pero takot ako maoperahan- kasi it’s already in a matter of life and death. So we embraced the slightest hope we can find from undergoing Physical Therapy. But months passed by, and my condition is getting worst. We tried different alternative- consulted to different doctors, went to different countries, basta wag lang ako maoperahan. But at the end, we still HAVE to do it. Tears fell. I was scared. Imagine a major 8 hour operation where your whole back will be opened and a large metal rod will be attached on both sides of your spinal cord by screws, hooks, and/or wires. What’s more is that it costs million/s.

But despite all these, God provided us ways to surpass these challenges. He gave me the courage to undergo this surgery at a young age; gave us the means to pay our hospital bills; gave my family strength to trust Him.

It’s true, even if your days are dark, even if your months are gray, even if your years are lifeless, remember that a future of hope is a promise that never fades. And always be grateful for the challenges, because happiness will never become a feeling until these challenges come along.

Let Nothing Limit YOU

The moment I was operated, I know my abilities will already be limited. Well, imagine my backbone to be fenced by a long metal rod — halos buong katawan ko na ang nakafix dito. Mahirap gumalaw, and you have to be careful with your actions. This also caused me to have difficulty in breathing. Years passed and my back is recovering more and more. But you know what? The fact that I am operated and the fact that I have this metal rod inside my back doesn’t stop me from doing what I want: to travel ADVENTUROUSLY. Yes I still have to be extra careful, but not to the point that I’m limiting myself already. My condition won’t stop me from jumping off the cliff, riding ATVs, diving underwater, hiking high mountains, and traveling the world. My point here is if you’re truly passionate about something, NOTHING even your disability won’t stop you. PAG GUSTO, KAKAYANIN!

You Are (I Am) Beautiful

My scoliosis led me to having a deformed body. My shoulders are uneven (making one side higher than the other) and there’s a bump at my back- parang kuba pero sa isang side lang haha. What’s more is that I have a loooooong scar at my back. Hindi siya maganda tignan. At first, I was ashamed of it. I was into baggy shirts and high waist pants that could cover my back while seeing girls flaunting their perfect bodies. “I guess you’ll have to skip wearing bikinis, then,” my doctor even told me that once. There are countless days that I feel insecure about my body. There’s this tiny voice inside my head telling me that I’m not pretty enough and my body sucks. I fail to realize that who I am from the inside out is what really matters. Nobody is like me, and that’s beautiful. I am beautiful.  Once I accepted my imperfections and be okay with them, the world brought me to wonderful places. My life made so much sense now. My heart felt lighter, beat faster, and lived happier. And day by day, I am falling in love with myself more.

My wish for everyone is to love yourself. Everything about you is beautiful- the sound of your voice, the proportion of your body, the vibrancy in your face. Everything in you is special- the way you laugh a little too loudly, the way you jump to your feet when something excites you, the way you talk like you’re in a hurry, everything!! You are beautiful. You deserve to be happy with yourself and celebrate the body you have. You deserve to fall in love with every cell of your body. And I hope you always remember that.

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