Happy 50K Followers To @ColzVidal (IG)

50,000 followers. Current feeling: BEYOND HAPPY. I seriously feel like hugging everyone in the world right now. I LOVE YOU GUYS. AND I OWE YOU A LOT.

2018-07-11 14.16.16-2

But you know what, 50,000 is just a number. All the follows, likes and the comments I’ve been receiving doesn’t define my life, nor should it be. I don’t aspire to be mega insta famous – my goal and dream is to be the person who shares her journeys to the world, and be everybody’s reminder that LIFE IS GOOD. LIFE IS AWESOME.

In fact, what I’m grateful for is not the quantity of this community, but the quality people that are here- you guys are soooo supporting, kind, loving and full of life- couldn’t ask for a better FAMILY to be around! Besides, I don’t even really think that I have 50,000 ‘followers’ cause I’ve never labeled you that anyways. All single one of you are family who I feel massive responsibility towards to serve and inspire. Kaya please bear with me if minsan madrama, minsan madaldal, minsan sobrang saya- I just really want to be a light that whenever you see me, you’d say “Wow, she’s happy- no matter what” Not for selfish reasons. Not because I want the world to view me with praise and reverence. But because I want to inspire.

Kaya to every 50,000 souls following this account, let this be a reminder that your life is so much more than what social media offers- LIFE IS WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THAT.  I love you from the bottom of my heart. It’s true happiness is only real when shared, and I LOVE sharing my travels with you!

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