Universal Studios Singapore: Your Planning Guide

It is a known fact that Singapore boasts of its beautiful man-made attractions such as unique museums, modern botanical gardens, and luxurious entertainment centers. But there is one more spot in the city that will never fail to bring out the child in you. One of the most-visited destinations and definitely something you should not miss when in Singapore—the Universal Studios Singapore!

It is without a doubt the jolliest and most vibrant place in the city! The best thing about Universal Studios Singapore is the fact that it holds exclusive celebrations that are only accessible for a certain period of time, which could make your visit more worthwhile. Fortunately for me, I had the time of my life at U.S.S. celebrating Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary! The experience nothing short of amazing. It was so much fun and of course, very nostalgic.






Pre Travel Guide


Where to book tickets?


To enjoy a hassle-free booking, I highly recommend that you book your tickets in advance via Klook. Klook is a world-leading booking platform where you can avail travel activities and services efficiently. There is a wide variety of travel services to choose from—from popular attractions to outdoor excursions and local experiences, as well as WIFI and transportation. They also offer good deals for dining experiences!

If you are not yet convinced, here are some more benefits that you can get if you book via Klook:

  • Hassle-free E-Ticket Entry: The best thing about booking through Klook is that you can skip the long lines because Klook has exclusive lanes for those who availed tickets via Klook! Theme parks such as Universal Studios Singapore tends to be jampacked especially during peak season, so it is best to book with Klook in order to save time!
  • Seamless and Safe Booking: Klook provides a very simple and reliable way of booking online. You can purchase services conveniently through your phone and there is no need to print the vouchers! You simply have to present the voucher on your phone in order to gain entry.
  • Best Price Guarantee: Klook offers the cheapest price guaranteed! This means you get to have the VIP treatment at the most affordable price!


Other Options:

  • Walk In: You can also walk in and purchase your tickets at the gate of Universal Studios Singapore. However, brace yourself for the long queues.
  • Website: You may also book your Universal Studios tickets directly from the Resorts World Sentosa website, but take note that the prices are not discounted. I still think Klook has better deals.

untitled  Rates

  • Regular Admission (1 Day Pass) – Php 2,935
    • This pass grants you a one day pass to Universal Studios Singapore! Have a fun-filled day experiencing your favorite rides, shows, and attractions!
  • Express Pass – Php 2,348
    • After purchasing your USS tickets, avail this Express Pass in order to skip the lines to the most awesome rides in the theme park!
  • Sentosa Express Train Ticket – Php 157
    • With this pass, you may board the Sentosa Express and gain access to Sentosa, the State of Fun. Sentosa Island is where Universal Studios Singapore is located and you can get from one side of the island to the other within 8 minutes if you ride the Sentosa Express.
  • USS Transfers – Php 1,252
    • Enjoy convenient transfer services from your hotel in the city to Universal Studios Singapore by availing this pass!
  • USS VIP Tour Experience – Php 10,447
    • With this pass, you can enjoy VIP access to the best rides, attractions. and shows.

untitled   When to visit?

  • During your visit:
    • In order to make the most out of your day, be there as early as possible. I advise that you show up 30 minutes before the theme park opens.
    • Make sure to estimate travel time from your hotel to USS, so you can set your alarm on time, and have enough time to prepare.
  • Before your visit:
    • Try to avoid scheduling your visit on weekdays and holidays as USS gets too crowded during these times.
    • Research ahead of time and consider the weather in Singapore, so you can prepare the right type of clothes to wear. During summer, it can get too hot and it is highly recommended that you bring water containers with you to avoid dehydration, most especially if you are traveling with children.
    • You can also see the USS calendar which is accessible on their website so you can have an idea when are the off-peak days, as well as the blackout dates when huge crowds are expected to be in the theme park.
    • To maximize your visit, you can schedule your trip to the USS when there are events taking place. Always check the calendar for fun and unique festivities! For example, from March 8 until April 28 this year, you can enjoy Sesame Street’s 50th year celebration at Universal Studios Singapore!

samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get there?

  • Tip: Download CityMapper! It is a transport app that will help you roam around Singapore more conveniently! It has information whether you should take the bus, MRT, LRT, cab, or if you should just walk to your destination. It is very helpful and I highly recommend it, especially if it is your first time in the country!
  • By Train: The nearest MRT station is Harbourfront (NE1/CC29). From Harbourfront Station, ride the Sentosa Express and get off Waterfront Station.
  • By Bus: Take the public buses with number RWS8, 188R, 963R. Here’s another tip: Download SG Buses. It has everything you need to know about Singapore’s bus system!
  • By Grab: Download Grab App and book your ride through the app. The fare is around 11-13 SGD.
  • By Taxi: You may also hair a cab from anywhere in the city and it will transfer you directly to Universal Studios Singapore.
  • By Free Shuttle Service: You may avail the free shuttle service voucher that is exclusive for Klook mobile app users. It will conveniently transfer you from your hotel in the city to Universal Studios Singapore.
    • Pick Up Schedule: 9:30 AM, 10:15 AM, 11:00 AM
    • Pick Up Location: HarbourFront MRT Exit D
    • Look out for a bus with the Klook sign, then flash your USS ticket on the Klook app in order to board the bus.


How to Maximize Your Day in USS




Universal Studios Singapore is a huge theme park that is divided into seven areas. There are countless rides and attractions that are available for anyone to enjoy. However, the queues for the rides usually take about an hour before it is your turn. Hence, my ultimate tip for you is to plan ahead and have a list of the rides that you want to prioritize. Don’t worry, I will give you a brief summary of each area in the park. Hopefully, this can be helpful in your planning your trip to USS!



Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 3.12.22 PM.png


  • Hollywood is the main entrance area of USS. This location is inspired by the real Hollywood Boulevard and this area features Hollywood-inspired architecture, as well as the replica of the iconic Walk of Fame!
  • Attractions: Broadway-style theater, Sesame Street Show, Lake Hollywood Spectacular, Turntables, Hollywood China Arcade
  • Favorite Attraction: My most favorite is the Sesame Street Show!!! I was super amazed with the performances and I definitely enjoyed feeling like a child again!


  • This is inspired by the film Madagascar. It has a tropical jungle theme and you can also find the iconic characters such as Alex and Gloria in this area!
  • Attractions: Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round
  • Favorite Attraction: I loved the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round because I am a sucker for carousels! It always reminds me of my childhood!

Far Far Away

  • Far Far Away is my favorite part of USS! It is inspired by the castle in Shrek and it is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic facades in the whole park!
  • Attractions: Shrek 4-D Adventure, Donkey Live, Enchanted Airways, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, Magic Potion Spin
  • Favorite Attraction: Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey was my favorite ride! I enjoyed this roller coaster so much and I like Puss, so there’s that!

Ancient Egypt

  • This part of USS is based on the historical adaptation of Ancient Egypt during the 1930s Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration. This area has jaw-dropping obelisk and pyramids. It also has Pharaoh’s tombs! Creepy in a way, but totally amazing to look at.
  • Attractions: Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, Treasure Hunters
  • Favorite Attraction: I love it when my adrenaline gets pumping so I will go with the Revenge of the Mummy! It is an enclosed roller coaster and it is super dark inside! Totally gives off that vibes from The Mummy!

The Lost World

  • The Lost Words is divided into two more sub areas which are the Waterworld and Jurrasic Park. The Waterworld is basically a stadium where live show performances are held, while the Jurassic Park offers exciting rides.
  • Attractions: Canopy Flyer, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, Amber Rock Climb, Dino-Soarin’
  • Favorite Attraction: Definitely the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure! It is a river rapids ride, but the catch is: there are animatronic dinosaurs everywhere! It adds up to the whole experience!

Sci-Fi City

  • It is basically futuristic-themed, so there are a lot of robots and modern mechanics. This area also houses the terrifying roller coasters!
  • Attractions: Accelerator, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN, Battlestar Galactica: CYLON, Transformers: The Ride 3D
  • Favorite Attraction: I loved the Transformers ride the most! It is a dark ride which gives you a 3D experience. I was so fascinated with the special effects! I would love to try this again sometime!

New York City

  • This location is based on the original New York City during the post-modernization era. It has various landmarks that are often seen in movies. It also has replicas of the famous New York Public Library.
  • Attractions: Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase
  • Favorite Attraction: I most definitely enjoyed the show Lights! Camera! Action! because of the special effects that seemed so real, especially the hurricane!


Shows And Events



If you are fond of live shows and events, do consider the schedule of the activities that take place in Universal Studios Singapore. There are actually a lot of exciting happenings that occur at any particular time, so be sure to research ahead of time so you won’t miss the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Fireworks Spectacular
    • Do not miss an amazing display of fireworks to the tune of the brilliant musical score! Watching the vibrant fireworks display is the perfect way to cap off a day of adventure at USS!
  • Elmo’s TV Time
    • If you loved Sesame Street as a kid, you must not miss this show! The whole gang is complete as they perform comedy skits!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
    • This is hosted by the amazing Steven Spielberg and it has super awesome special effects that looked so real! Do not miss this one and prepare to be blown away by this spectacle!
  • Waterworld
    • This live water show features death-defying stunts and awesome explosions! This is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but still, it is very enjoyable.
  • Shrek 4-D Adventure
    • This is a super fun and child-friendly theater where you can experience spectacular 4D special effects!
  • Donkey Live
    • This is an interactive show that is hosted by Donkey! It’s super funny and the kids would definitely love this!
  • Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade
    • Do not miss this amazing parade that has an amazing line up of characters! It features such amazing Madagascar, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Shrek characters and references!
  • Rhythm Truck
    • Rhythm Truck is a show with live percussion and vocal looping! It is so fun and awesome that you cannot help but join in the fun!
  • Turntables
    • This is an interactive show that takes place on Mel’s Stage. It features the best pop-rock tracks that often mash up to mainstream tunes! This show is super unique which makes it hard to miss!
  • Boop’n Around
    • If you are into tap and musicals, this show is perfect for you! Enjoy an all-singing tap show with Betty and the girls. This happens in the New York City area which completes the wole Broadway vibes!
  • The Dance For The Magic Beans
    • It is an enjoyable show with Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws. If you are visiting USS with children, make sure to catch this show! It’s super fun!
  • Madagascar Boogie!
    • Another show that you should not miss is the Madagascar Boogie! You will be amazed seeing the dancing characters from the film! The kids definitely enjoy this!


What Not To Miss In Universal Studios Singapore:

Sesame Street 50 Years and Counting Celebration


Universal Studios Singapore transformed into a huge party zone! Hollywood Boulevard and New York areas have taken in the whole celebratory vibe. The ambience undoubtedly got extra fun and amazing with all the Sesame Street-themed decorations and attractions! Not only the kids had their fun. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as adults were also able to relate and enjoy the Sesame Street characters and references. Who would not recognize Elmo and Cookie Monster? And not to mention the iconic Big Bird? Right?! Everyone was so pumped seeing the whole gang from the most famous street ever!

WHAT NOT TO MISS?! It’s these!!!


Sesame Street Block Party


Don’t miss the grand celebration on the actual streets of New York zone, particularly at Sting Alley! The Block Party consists of three character experiences.

  • Abby’s Fairy Garden
    Be entertained as Abby helps a friend figure out the best season for growing plants! Abby will magically change the weather with the use of her wand! You are surely in for a lot of amazing and enchanting surprises!
  • Big Bird’s Nest
    Head over to Big Bird’s Nest for a photo opportunity at the home of everyone’s favorite yellow bird! Meet Big Bird himself and forget don’t take lots of photos for remembrance, this chance does not just come at any ordinary day!
  • Oscar’s Rhythm Trash
    Oscar the Grouch and his trash will definitely get you grooving to the freshest beats from the street. It features the Oscar Rhythm Trash show where you will be entertained by a wonderful mash-up of classic Sesame Street songs.


A Walk Down Sesame Street


Located at SS28 (still at the New York zone), A Walk Down Sesame Street features interactive activities, a pop-up store, and fun performances!

  • Bert & Ernie’s Apartment
    Visit the iconic apartment of Bert and Ernie for a wonderful chance to explore and roam around their place! Be amazed at Bert’s bottle cap collection and Ernie’s singing talent! You even get to meet the buzzing little Twiddlebugs!
  • Oscar the Grouch Trash Can Exhibition & Coloring Activity
    Don’t miss the resort-wide exhibition of the trash cans that are creatively decorated by some well-known celebrities, influencers, artists, and students. You may also express your own creativity by decorating your own trash can which you can bring home!
  • Dance with Elmo
    Another chance that you should not miss is the opportunity to dance happily with Elmo, our favorite red character! The experience is so fun and I bet you can’t resist how adorable Elmo is!
  • 123 Stoop Photo Op
    Take your selfies with a brilliant backdrop that will bring back so much memories from childhood! The backdrop is consisted of some of the most iconic episodes of Sesame Street. So much love for this show that has been running for 50 years now!
  • Sesame Street Shopping
    Of course, you cannot just go home without buying exclusive Sesame Street merchandise and souvenirs! Everything is so cute and adorable!
  • Abby’s Magic Wand
    You may also try out Abby’s magic wand! By giving it a good wave, be amazed at how magic will happen right before your eyes! It is really a spectacular and sparkly experience! One that you should not miss.


Sesame Street Birthday Blowout


The great Sesame Street Blowout is happening at Hollywood Boulevard! The whole area has been transformed into a lively and buzzing party zone! Be sure to drop by and celebrate with your favorite Sesame Street characters!

  • Sesame Street Birthday Blowout Zone
    This features the most fun and amazing surprises for everyone! Expect giant birthday gifts, have countless photo opportunities, and meet Sesame Street characters! All these exciting attractions and activities are happening along the streets which adds to the party vibes!
  • Sesame Street Birthday Blowout Show
    There is also an all-new show at New York Zone in celebration of Sesame Street’s 50th Year Celebration. Don’t miss the Sesame Street Birthday Blowout Show which features your favorite characters from the show! Sing and dance with them as everyone welcomes a new neighbor! There is a special reveal of Lily the Tiger from China that will happen during the performance! How exciting!


The Cutest Souvenir Items



You can also purchase Sesame Street merchandise from the shops that are located inside the park. There are stores that decorated and filled with Sesame Street products!

  • Universal Studios Store: This is the main retail store in USS where you can find some Sesame Street apparel and merchandise that are being sold inside.
  • Big Bird’s Emporium: This is the biggest store that is dedicated to Sesame Street in Singapore. It is obviously filled with lots of cute and awesome merchandise such as stuffed toys and clothing!
  • The Brown Derby: A store which is also filled with Sesame Street-themed collectibles, toys, and souvenirs.


Universal After Hours



IMG_1480 2

Contrary to popular belief, theme parks are not only enjoyable by day. The magic does not stop once the sun goes down. As a matter of fact, the fun and enchantment continue even after it gets dark! At Universal Studios Singapore, there is a bunch of activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family at night. Experience a bright and colorful line-up of shows and attractions that are most definitely enjoyed during nighttime.

  • Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade
    • This bright and colorful parade features an amazing line up of characters! Be entertained as your favorite movie characters come to life. It features such amazing Madagascar, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Shrek characters and references!
  • Night Sessions (Live Band)
    • If you love music and jamming, you must not miss this one out. There are live performances and original musical numbers played by local bands.
  • Fireworks Spectacular
    • Watching the vibrant fireworks display is the perfect way to cap off a day of adventure at USS! It features an amazing display of fireworks to the tune of the brilliant musical score! The fireworks display takes place on Saturdays and select public holidays only.



  • Where to book: Klook
  • Operating hours: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily
  • Website: www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore/
  • E-mail: enquiries@rwsentosa.com
  • Social Media: Facebook / IG: Instagram




After my recent visit to Universal Studios Singapore, I realized it is never too late to rekindle with the spirit of the child in you. It is always fun to explore and tour around city attractions, but allotting an entire day just to roam around an amazing theme park such as Universal Studios Singapore is super refreshing. It is a great reminder that as adults, we can still get excited over the little things, laugh over the most simple jokes, and appreciate even the most subtle gestures of kindness—just as how kids do.

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