All of us have this dream of exploring Europe. It is always on the top of every travel bucket list. To see the iconic landmarks in person, to experience the culture and cuisines, to hop on a cross-country train, to admire the beauty of every country that you can tick off your list. It brings such bliss, just thinking about it. It always excites me how there are still so many places left in the world for me to discover.

As for me, it has always been my lifelong dream to go to Europe. So when I finally had the opportunity to go to my dream continent and travel around the countries that I want to explore, it felt like it wasn’t real. For a budget traveler like me who started exploring the provinces of our home country until slowly ticking off Asian destinations, it’s hard not to get emotional about it. It may seem like a long way down the road when you think about it at first. But I learned that in time, everything will fall into place. Indeed, nothing is impossible and dreams do come true!

But before the ultimate dream experience, there had to be some tedious planning involved. When you think about it, planning your dream trip could be a little intimidating and overwhelming. With all the planning involved–from securing your visa and preparing itineraries to budget costing all the way down to booking your accommodation. However, don’t be afraid. These are all just the first steps that lead to an experience worth remembering for life. So, don’t let the hassle of planning intimidate you. You see, the key is to just prepare. The more prepared you are, the greater your chance of having a successful trip. In this article, I will try to equip you with everything you need to know about planning your trip to Europe! Are you ready? You better be! Because we are claiming it: You are going to Europe soon!







Pre Travel Guide

Europe is one of the biggest continent of the world. There are so much countries to visit, so much cities to explore, and a two way trip is not enough to travel around all these. Hence, as for this trip, we chose most of our dream destinations. We took the Berlin, Germany – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paris, France – Rome, Italy route.


stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg  VISA

Before anything else, you must secure a Schengen visa first. For the step by step procedure and guidelines, click here: 

A Step By Step Guide On Getting A Schengen Visa Through The German Embassy

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg FLIGHTS

Here are the points you need to consider:

  • BOOK EARLY: Book flights as early as possible because prices go higher as the departure date becomes nearer.
  • THERE ARE NO DIRECT FLIGHTS FROM PHILIPPINES: There are a lot of airlines offering flights to Europe, but there’s no direct flight from Manila nor Cebu. You have to stop for a layover before accessing Europe.
  • Consider MULTI-CITY FLIGHTS: Direct flights are much more expensive. So you might want to opt for flights with stopovers. It’s also a great way to explore a bit of the layover city. Keep in mind the cities that you want to explore so you can save on time and expenses as well. As for me, I booked a multi-city ticket: Manila – Singapore – Berlin. Then we roamed around the rest of Europe for the next few weeks (Amsterdam-Paris-Rome). As for our trip back to Manila, we took another multi-city flight which takes on the Berlin – Singapore – Manila route. Long haul flights can be a bit tedious sometimes, so I am really glad we decided to go for the multi-city flights. The best part was, I still got to explore Singapore before heading home. But more on that later.
  • FOR CHEAPEST FARES: You can book through Value Alliance.



Value Alliance is an airline alliance that consists of low-cost carriers including Cebu Pacific and Scoot, among others. The alliance allows passengers to book flights with all of its eight carriers and enables passengers to create itineraries across the region through a single booking. It definitely makes booking flights so easy and efficient! Value Alliance is the fourth largest airline alliance in terms of passengers, flights, destinations, combined fleet and members. The combined carriers collectively serve more than 160 destinations, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

As for our flights, we took a flight from Manila to Singapore via Cebu Pacific. We had a 3 hour layover then took a flight from Singapore to Berlin via Scoot! The first flight with Cebu Pacific was such a smooth and swift experience. We ordered the inflight meal, took a very short nap, and before we realize it, we are about to land in Singapore! During our flight with Scoot, I also felt that the flight was very easy and trouble-free. Since Scoot is a budget airline, it is not that luxurious compared to other airlines so expect that its features are pretty basic but all are functional and clean. What I liked about the first leg of our trip was how we had an evening flight so the 12 hours just flew in pretty quick! I was just asleep the entire time!

We also took the Berlin – Singapore – Manila multi-city flight via Value Alliance. Flying from our last destination, which was Rome, we took a flight to Berlin and continued our trip from Berlin to Manila. We went on little exploration during our Singapore stopover before heading back to Manila. Honestly, it was way more cost-effective on our end. Instead of flying from Rome to Manila directly, which would cost us around 28, 601 PHP each, we decided to fly from Rome to Berlin (which only costs 2500 PHP for the basic fare) then took another flight with layover from Berlin to Manila (which was only 15,327 PHP basic fare). But then again, this depends on your travel dates and other circumstances. Overall, flights with value alliance were all trouble-free and convenient.


77b94a5ca91d20947b7dbfd94955b5e0_house-outline-clipart-clipart-house-outline-free-clipart_558-595.png  ACCOMMODATION

For every trip, one of the most costly expenses comes from booking accommodations. Assuming that you are traveling on a budget, you have to be wise when it comes to booking your accommodations in order to cut back on expenses. To ensure that you get to book a budget-friendly yet vacation-worthy accommodation, research thoroughly.  Make sure it’s cost-effective. Don’t just go for the cheapest ones. There may be a catch in there somewhere. For one, you have to get an accommodation that has an accessible location because transportation around the city can be pretty expensive as well. So if you book an accommodation that is smartly located, you can reduce costs on transportation, too. It is important to research the location. Some hotels/inns are located very far from the city center and in some locations, your security can be compromised as well. 

Here are my recommended accommodations:

  • Berlin: All In Hostel
    • Price: 1200PHP / 2 PAX
    • Location: It’s just 1.48 km away from the East Side Gallery and 4.78 km away from the Berlin Wall. Some other popular nearby landmarks within a 5 km radius are Alexanderplatz (3.24 km), Museum Island (3.72 km), Pergamonmuseum Museum (4.15 km), Brandenburg Gate (5.33 km), The Reichstag Building (5.53 km), and Memorial of the Berlin Wall (5.21km).
    • Review: Great value for money! It’s really affordable and since we only needed a place to stay at night, this hostel is good enough for us.
  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
    • Price: 2620PHP / 2 PAX
    • Location: The hostel is just 560 meters away from Sloterdijk Metro Station and 810 meters away from De Vlugtlaan Metro Station. A lot of attractions are also a few kilometers away. Water Mill 1200 Roe is 1.21 km away, Anne Frank House is just 3.64 km, The Jordaan is 3.5 km away, while the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam are both about 4 km away.
    • Review: I love it. From the location to the customer service and facilities. Everything has been excellent for me. I had a great stay at Amsterdam Teleport Hotel.
  • Paris: iBis Budget Paris Porte De Bagnolet
    • Price: 2572 PHP/ 3 PAX 
    • Location: Gare Routière Internationale de Paris-Gallieni Bus Station and Gallieni Metro Station are just 180 meters away from the hotel. Porte de Bagnolet Metro Station is only 780 meters away while Saint-Fargeau Metro Station is about 1.13 km away. Some attractions nearby are Notre Dame, Louvre Museum, Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre, Jardin du Luxembourg, and Musee d’Orsay. The Champs-Elysees Avenue, Arc de Triomphe, and Eiffel Tower are about 8-9 km away from the hotel.
    • Review: The room was basic and it’s pretty decent for a place to stay for the night. What I loved about it is how near it was to the bus/train station. It’s really convenient.
  • Rome: B&B Trinity in Rome
    • Price: 1300 / 2 pax
    • Location: The Colosseum and Roman Forum are just a kilometer away. While the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona are about 2 kilometers away from the accommodation. If you’re heading to the Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica is just 4 kilometers away.
    • Review: SUPER LOVE THE LOCATION! It’s just a 15 min walk to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. There are a lot of decent restaurants nearby and a metro station as well. The room was quite spacious for its price.


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  INTER COUNTRY TRANSFERS

As you can see, our trip consists of a number of visits in countries around Europe. There are lots of options that you can utilize in order to travel from one country/city to another – trains, planes, buses or trams. Make sure to book ahead of time, since fares get higher when the travel dates are nearer. Note- the earlier, the better. Research as well which mode of transportation will be more efficient for your route.

What I did is use to compare the fares for trains, planes, and bus rides. It is one of the most reliable platforms that you can use for every Euro trip.

Here’s a sample of trips booked via

  • Berlin to Amsterdam: 28 EUR, Bus via BlablaBus (21:50- 7:10; 9h 20 mins)
  • Amsterdam to Paris: 25 EUR, Bus via BlablaBus (23:45 – 6:10; 6h 25 mins)
  • Paris to Rome: 38 EUR, Flight via RyanAir (20:55 – 22:55; 2h)
  • Rome to Berlin: 44 EUR, Flight via RyanAir (21:50 – 23:55, 2h)


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  TRANSFERS WITHIN THE CITY

There are plenty of ways to go around the city. You can walk or take the tram or even use a bike to explore! However, what we usually do is take the trains and trams since these are the most convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving options. While it isn’t always the cheapest mode of transportation, it is usually the most convenient and comfortable. All you have to do is wait for the train will pick you up in the center of the city and drop you off in the next city center.

Google Maps will be your best friend. This is true! The app can provide everything you need to know in terms of navigation and the spots that you can find within the area. Anywhere you want to go, just search it in the app and it will give you specific directions. It will even provide a timeline on your estimated arrival. It will also give you the fastest routes and the schedules of the modes of transportation that you can take.

Save TIME & Money through an ALL DAY PASS CARD: All the cities we visited has an all-day pass that includes unlimited use of public transportation (buses, trams, trains) for at least 24 hours. We usually buy one especially when we know we will be using public transportation extensively. You can prebook it online to save time and money. As a guide for you, here are the rates of the all-day passes for each city we visited:

  •  Berlin: 1300 PHP (2 DAYS)
    • Where to buy: KLOOK
    • Inclusive of: Unlimited transportation around Berlin AND Potsdam for 48 hours!
    • TIP: Claim it in the airport when you arrive from your flight from Manila / Singapore.
  • Amsterdam:  450 PHP (1 DAY)
    • Where to buy: KLOOK
    • Inclusive of: Unlimited public transportation access to all GVB transports (trams, buses, and metros) day or night. You can also choose between 1-7 days of unlimited access!
  • Paris: Paris Visit: 13.2 EUR (1 DAY)
    • Where to buy: Paris Official Website
    • Inclusive of: Unlimited travel on the bus, metro, tramway and RER networks in Paris and its suburbs.
    • Note: This is valid from the first day it is used to the end of the last day of the pass chosen (1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days). The day begins at 5.30am and finishes at 5.30am the following day.
  • Rome: 1584 PHP (2 days)
    • Where to buy: KLOOK
    • Inclusive of: Free admission to 1 or 2 participating museum/archaeological sites of your choice in The Eternal City. Free airport transfers and public transport for 2 days.


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png  TOURS

My tip is that you take the free city tours. One of the great things about Europe is that you can find free walking tours in all the major cities. They can be a great way to see the city attractions and appreciate history without spending any money. Europe is full of so many iconic landmarks, beautiful architecture, museums rich in culture and history. However, if you have limited budget and time, you can spend the day appreciating the exteriors without availing admission tickets. If you do want to go inside museums or other places that require entrance fees, I suggest you book a ticket online so you can skip the long queues. Most of these popular places are packed with tourists even on an ordinary day. If you try to walk in, the queue will only eat up so much of your time in a day. As for me, I only bought tickets (with no guides) to landmarks that I wanted to see like the Louvre Museum in Paris. Having a guided tour is an additional expense so what I did is I discreetly joined some group tours.

Book HASSLE-FREE Tours: For easy and hassle-free tours and transfers, you can book everything via Klook! It has everything you need from the unlimited transportation passes to private chartered cars, as well as admission tickets and guided tours!



Here’s a tip: INTERNET IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you are always connected wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about getting around. Since Google Maps will be your guide at all times, having an internet connection is necessary. Make sure you have a connection all throughout the trip so if worse comes to worst, you won’t get lost helpless in a foreign country. I booked a pocket wifi through Tep Wireless. It costs 9.95 USD per day which already includes 3GB of 4G data speed and travel adapter. It is very portable. Plus, the connection is fast and reliable. You can also connect up to 5 devices at a time which makes it totally worth it. I did not have to worry about being disconnected during the trip!




10 Days Itinerary

For our complete itinerary full details and expenses, refer to the attached file:




Like me, you can also make a quick layover at the most beautiful airport in the world! It has everything you need and more! As a matter of fact, you can spend an entire day or night at the airport without running out of things to do! You may also explore around the city for a bit while waiting for your next flight.

Read more about my Singapore layover experience here.




Our point of entry for our Euro trip was Berlin which I believe is an incredible city to kickstart such an unforgettable journey around Europe. Germany is such a huge and diverse country full of countless hotspots and attractions. Berlin is Germany’s capital and the largest city in the country. During the few days I spent there, I was mesmerized at all the beautiful architecture I was fortunate enough to see in person. The buildings in the city are rich in history and culture. I cannot help but stare in awe and amazement every time. If you have more time to spare, I recommend you to explore more cities in Germany like Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hamburg. There’s so much to discover! Whether you are backpacking, traveling on a mid-range budget, or having a luxurious vacation, traveling around Germany is such a wonderful travel experience.




  • Transportation: We used the All Day Pass which costs PHP 1,300. You may book your passes here.
  • Tours: If you’re on a budget, you may just go on walking tours which are basically free. If you want to get inside the attractions, book you 3-day Berlin Pass here. You can access over 50 top attractions, tours, and museums.
  • Food: You can get a filling meal for 4 EUR. If you get easily full with big serving meals, you can also find kebabs and pizzas for under 5.50 EUR.


DAY 1: Walking Tour

  • Arrival in Berlin
  • Check in at the Hotel
  • Brunch
  • Start Walking tour in Berlin:
    • How to get there? The Brandenburg Gate is located in the western part of Berlin’s city center. The closest U-bahn station is Brandenburg Gate.
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map.
    • Places to Visit:
      • Brandenburg Gate
      • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and Information Centre
      • Fuhrerbunker
      • Potsdamer Platz
      • The Berlin Wall
      • Topography of Terror
      • Checkpoint Charlie
      • LUNCH – Hasir (meals less than 4.5 EUR)
      • Gendarmenmarkt
      • St. Hedwig’s Catholic Cathedral
      • Bebelplatz
  • Dinner
  • Sleep

Day 2: Potsdam Tour

  • Travel from Berlin to Potsdam via public transport
    • How to get to Potsdam: From Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof), take the S-Bahn S7 train to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, the terminal station. The trip takes about 40 minutes and arrives in 10 to 30-minute intervals  We used the All Day Pass which costs PHP 1,300. You may book your passes here.
  • Arrive in Potsdam Main Station (Potsdam Hauptbahnhof)
  • Start Tour; Places to Visit
    • Castle of Babelsberg
    • Marble Palace
    • Russian Village and Dutch Quarter
    • Cecilienhof Palace
    • Bridge of Spies 
    • Sanssouci Park and Palace
  • Travel back to Berlin
  • Dinner

Day 3: Walking Tour & Travel to Amsterdam

  • Brunch
  • Start Walking tour in Berlin:
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map.
    • Places to Visit:
      • Impressive Pergamon Museum

      • Neues Museum

      • Berlin Cathedral

      • Marx-Engels Forum

      • Alexanderplatz

      • Berlin TV Tower

      • Haus des Lehrers ( Alexanderplatz 9 )

  • Travel from Berlin Amsterdam
    • How to get there? Take the bus via BlablaBus. It costs 28 EUR and it will take about 9 hours and 20 minutes. We took the 21:50- 7:10 schedule.




When people think of exploring Netherlands, the first thing that automatically comes to mind is Amsterdam. It is most well-known for the tulips and windmills, the iconic canals, the famous museums, and the famous red lights. And for some people like me who is such a big fan of romantic novels/films, it was such a treat to finally explore the city where Gus and Hazel spent the most memorable time of their lives! (Hello, fellow TFIOS fans!) If you’re planning for a Euro trip soon, you should not miss Amsterdam. The vast flower gardens and the scenic farmlands, coupled with the Instagram-worthy windmills and pretty houses are all a sight to behold!



  • Transfer to Accommodation: The most convenient way to get to your hotel is by taking a taxi. You may also download and use the GVB app to help you figure out which mode of transportation is the best one to take based on your location.
  • Accommodation: Find an accommodation that has a good location like Ibis Amsterdam Centre. Rates start at 71 EUR per night.
  • Transportation: We used the All Day Pass which costs PHP 446. You may book your passes here.
  • Tours: If you’re on a budget, you may just go on walking tours which are basically free. If you want to get inside the attractions, book the Holland Pass here. You can access over 100 most popular attractions and museums including Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum.
  • Food: Affordable meals at fast food chains cost around 7 EUR per meal. Restaurant meals average around 7-25 EUR 


Day 4: Walking Tour

  • Arrival in Amsterdam
  • Check In
  • Start Walking Tour:
    • How to get there? From the Amsterdam Central Station, you may walk or ride a bike to the Amsterdam Canal.
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map.
    • Places to Visit:
      • Royal Palace of Amsterdam
      • Dam Square
      • Amsterdam Canal
      • Rijksmuseum
      • Van Gogh Museum

Day 5: Countryside Tour

  • Travel from Amsterdam to Zandaam Schans (Countryside)
    • How to get there? Just head to Amsterdam Central Station. You’ll see it right away as it’s in the city center and within walking distance. Take Bus 391 to Zandaam/Zaanse Schans. It departs from Platform E, located outside. Get off at the last stop on the route. The trip takes less than an hour.
  • Start the countryside tour (10 EUR Entrance)
  • Go back to Amsterdam and travel to Paris: Amsterdam to Paris: 25 EUR, Bus via BlablaBus (23:45 – 6:10; 6h 25 mins)



Paris. How can I even start! It is every girl’s dream to see the Eiffel Tower in person! Don’t even get me started at how dreamy the city is at night. Paris is a city that you will fall in love deeper with each day. Aside from the iconic tower, the most popular city of France also boasts of the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe among countless other beautiful attractions. Each day spent in Paris is such a magical experience. The food is great, the music and the vibe, as well as the fashion. With so much to see and do in Paris, it’s hard to narrow it down to a specific shortlist. The key is to focus on the places that you really want to visit. Do what you think can make your travel experience memorable. It does not matter which itinerary you’ve got prepared because however you decide to experience Paris, the city truly does stay with you even after you leave.

NOTE: You may enter most museums in Paris for free every first Sunday of the month so if you want, you may take advantage of this. Don’t forget to check on the respective websites of your preferred museums or attractions if they are indeed included in the list of establishments that offer free entrance on the first Sundays of each month.




  • Transfer to Accommodation: If you prefer convenient transfers, you may take a taxi to your hotel. You may also book through the app Heetch.
  • Accommodation: Find an accommodation that has a good location like Hotel Grenelle. Rates start at 70 EUR per night.
  • Transportation: Get Visite TravelCard which costs PHP 775. You may book your passes here.
  • Tours: If you’re on a budget, you may just go on walking tours which are basically free. If you want to get inside the attractions and musuems, book the Paris City Tour Pass or the Paris Musuem Pass.
  • Food: If you dine in restaurants, expect to pay between 7-25 EUR per meal. Don’t forget to try pizza and pasta.


Day 6:

  • Arrival in Paris
  • Check In
  • Start Walking Tour
    • How to get there? The nearest metro stations to Arc de Triomphe are Charles de Gaulle Etoile – Line 1 (yellow), Charles de Gaulle Etoile – Line 2 (blue), and Charles de Gaulle Etoile – Line 6 (green-blue). From your hotel, you can take the taxi, bus, or train to Arc de Triomphe, which will be your starting point.
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map.
    • Places To Visit:
      • Arc de Triomphe
      • Champs Elysees
      • Place de la Concorde
      • Jardin de Tuileries
      • Louvre – Start Louvre Tour: 980 PHP
  • Dinner

Day 7:

  • Start before sunrise
  • Start Walking Tour
    • How to get there?  The closest Paris Metro station to the Eiffel Tower is Champ de Mars / Tour Eiffel on line RER C. Other Metro stations close to the Eiffel Tower include Ecole Militaire on Line 8, and Bir-Hakeim on Line 6.
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map.
    • Places to Visit:
      • Eiffel Tower 
      • Trocadéro Gardens
      • Louvre Museum 
      • Pont Neuf
      • Hôtel de Ville
      • Le Marais
  • Proceed to Montmartre
    • How to get there? Take the train and exit at Anvers (line 2 Porte Dauphine-Nation). From the metro station, go along rue Steinkerque and you will arrive directly at the foot of the Sacré Coeur Basilica.
    • Places To Visit
      • Sinking House of Montmartre
      • Sacré-Cœur Basilica
      • Montmartre Streets
  • Flight from Paris to Rome: 38 EUR, Flight via RyanAir (20:55 – 22:55; 2h)




Rome is a city of beauty and charm. Stepping foot on Rome feels like stepping back in time. It provides such a unique experience. It’s like experiencing history in a modern city. Imagine walking down a street and stumbling upon ruins next to modern buildings. Aside from the history, it is also home to such great food! The top 3 that you should not miss are the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Vatican City. Italy offers great food, beautiful countryside, and rich history that makes your visit a worthy and memorable travel experience. If you have more time to spare, you should also check out some other parts of the country like Milan, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany, and Venice.





  • Transfer to Accommodation: For convenient transfers, you may take the taxi to your hotel. If you are coming from the airport, the Rome Airport hotel shuttle also offers door to door option between the airport and any hotel located in central Rome. You may also take the bus and check on the timetable through the app called Roma.
  • Accommodation:  Find an accommodation with good location like the B&B Trinity. Rates start at 23 EUR per night.
  • Transportation: Get a Roma Pass which costs PHP 1,562. You may book your passes here.
  • Tours: Most of the attractions in Rome are FREE. However, if you want to get inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, you may avail of your admission pass here.
  • Food: Most restaurant meals cost around 7-15 per person. Fast food will cost 9 EUR for a value meal.


Day 7:

  • Arrival in Rome
  • Check In
  • Sleep

Day 8:

  • Wake up early and start before sunrise.
  • Start Walking Tour
    • How to get there?  Termini Station is the main hub for public transport in the center of Rome. It is also 2 metro stops away from Colosseum.
  • Dinner

Day 9:

  • Wake up early and start before sunrise.
  • Start Walking Tour
    • How to get there?  From the Tremini Station, you may take a taxi or if you’re up for it, you can also walk for about 2 kilometers.
    • How to go around: You may refer to this map. 
    • Places to Visit:
      • Trevi Fountain 
      • Galleria Sciarra
      • Spanish Steps
      • Piazza del Popolo
      • Pantheon



For our trip back to Manila, we took another multi-city flight which takes on the Berlin – Singapore – Manila route. Flying from our last destination, which was Rome, we took a flight to Berlin and continued our trip from Berlin to Manila. Long haul flights can be a bit tedious sometimes, so I am really glad we decided to go for the multi-city flights. The best part was, I still got to explore Singapore before heading home. It was way more cost effective on our end. Instead of flying from Rome to Manila directly, which would cost us around 28, 601 PHP each, we decided to fly from Rome to Berlin (which only costs 2500 PHP for the basic fare) then took another flight with layover from Berlin to Manila (which was only 15,327 PHP basic fare ). But then again, this depends on your travel dates and other circumstances. Overall, flights with value alliance were all trouble-free and convenient.

Day 10:

  • 21:50 – 23:55: Flight from Rome to Berlin via RyanAir
  • 9:40 (Next Day): Flight from Berlin to Manila





Here’s our expenses for the entire trip. Although it is indeed more pricey than my usual out of the country trips to Asia, the total amount of our expenses is not too bad after all. Take note that the amount stated above is based on how we manage our budget. In the end, the expenses really depend on the type of traveler you are. How you plan your itinerary, your accommodation preferences, your food options, and your choice of transportation will ultimately affect your expenses. If you are a budget traveler, it is best to opt for hostels and commuting over mid-range hotels and private transfers. You can also find fast food chains around the city, so if you’re not much of a foodie, you can always count on the fast food restaurants for your budget meals.



The entire trip has been so magical for me. It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. There’s something about European cities that make you fall in love with each place. Europe will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so grateful that what was once just a dream has already turned into reality. For you who’s reading this, IT IS POSSIBLE.  Don’t get intimidated by the impression that you need to be insanely wealthy in order to afford your dream Euro trip. If you are brave enough to dream, you are capable enough to achieve it. All it takes is the right planning and a little more hustle. At the right time, you can make it happen. Believe it. Claim it.

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