Here’s Why You Should Visit Palawan Soon

The holidays are just around the corner, the year is coming to a close, and without even realizing it, summer season is upon us again. Not that we have to wait for summer to hit the beach. You know very well that as a tropical country, we have all the excuses and the right reasons to plan summer getaways any time of the year! So with all the promos coming up, it’s about time we start planning our next summer destination. And while we’re at it, why not consider Palawan for your next getaway?

Palawan has everything you would ever need in a vacation and more. Abundant in island hopping destinations, white-sand shores, turquoise blue waters, shipwrecks, natural hidden gems, man-made attractions. Name it, Palawan has got it.



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Why is Palawan one of the best islands?

Palawan is the fifth-largest island in the Philippines and is located along the northwest coast of the island. Although it is considered to be still developing and more traditional location, which makes it a tourist magnet is those jungle mountains, white sandy beaches, and abundant wildlife. Hundreds and thousands of tourists book flights to Palawan online to reach Palawan, which is looked upon as one of the best islands.

What makes Palawan one of the most beautiful islands in the world?  Well, you have to be here to judge for yourself. There are several cheapest Jetstar flights that one can avail of and plan a trip to this amazing island that enjoys the coveted top spot among the list of beautiful islands by most influential travel magazines. Well, read on to learn as to what makes Palawan one of the most popular among tourists.

Why Palawan isn’t short of admirers?

The little-known island was first described by the famous French oceanographer as the most beautiful place on the earth. The Philippine archipelago of Palawan comprises of thousands of surrounding small islets. The thin, long island feels like paradise from end to end, no matter where you go and what you do. There are mountains, beaches, caves, and jungles, and a lot more going on in Palawan.

  • The palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs, and hidden lagoons of Palawan indeed give it that unparalleled beauty and charm. Get an itinerary designed based on your choices, and you can get as adventurous as you want or just as lazy.
  • Palawan is relatively unspoiled, and here you can have some areas entirely to yourself. You can enjoy a great vacation in complete privacy and solitude if you desire.
  • Travelers love the authentic experience they get when they celebrate Filipino culture with the locals. They join them in the parades and wear colorful costumes during the annual Baragatan festival.
  • The romantic paradise with stunning waters is home to Unesco World Heritage Site, the five-mile-long underground Puerto Princesa Subterranean River with crystal-clear turquoise waters. Cruise through the archipelago to see those unbelievable seascapes and otherworldly shapes that rise from the sea.
  • Take guided boat tours of Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park that boasts of an underground cave system. Look at those natural rock formations that loom in every direction and were shaped by dissolving limestone.
  • Palawan is also loved as it is a bird-watchers paradise, and bird lovers can look for more than 600 species of birds. Underground River National Park holds Palawan’s endemic birds, and the major attraction is Peacock-Pheasant.
  • Enjoy wildlife walk and spot local wildlife such as a Palawan flying fox or Monitor lizards or the blue-grey Tabon scrub fowl. Do not forget to take your camera along to capture those incredible images in your lens.
  • Hike to the highest point on the island, Mt English, under expert guides. The hike takes you through local villages, paddy fields, and carabaos. The thrilling adventures of hiking and jungle trekking is a must for the trekking enthusiasts and adventurers.
  • It is the Palawan’s rustic authenticity that sets it apart, because of those marvelous and well-appointed white sand beaches and resorts. You can look forward to the best accommodation on the island with stylish and luxurious resorts to pick from on the idyllic archipelago.
  • Learn to kite surf with a professional or swim with giant hawksbill sea turtles or go went fishing for snapper and grouper. Choices are endless here in Palawan.

Now that you know what makes Palawan the single most stunning place on the planet, why not plan a trip there soon?

One thought on “Here’s Why You Should Visit Palawan Soon

  1. Palawan always holds a special place in my heart, prolly my safe haven whenever I feel im lost. Your post made me miss my safe haven more 😂 love this!


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